Cloud Computing Projects

Cloud computing leverages different intelligence services to the users ranging from small to large scale. It is furnished with unique characteristics to provide a scalable and efficient paradigm for delivering on-demand resources and applications. This page is about the new Cloud Computing Projects with their upcoming research areas!!!

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) springs out a massive amount of heterogeneous services with varying features to support user needs. Based on their own needs, the user can select the services and avail at free of cost or pay-as-you-go.  

What is Cloud Computing Overview?

As an easy definition, cloud computing is the technology of producing and distributing information computing services to end-user(s). Here, the end-user (individual/corporate) can take advantage of the service based on their personal needs. On the whole, the service providers give flexible and fast resources through the web regardless of the economic scale. 

For instance: Resources – storage, software, servers, analytics, databases, intelligence, and networking

As we all discussed, cloud computing is the art of delivering services to users. These services are classified under any of these below service models. It is categorized as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

  • Three Service Models
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
      • Ability to use computing resources (network, storage, processing)
      • Provision to install and execute the any kind of software (application / OS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
      • Ability to develop the own application through supporting tools, programming languages, modules, packages and libraries (offered by providers)
      • Also enable deployment of customized applications on cloud infrastructure
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
      • Ability to access the provider’s services / applications in cloud environment for client purpose

Next, we can see the deployment models which define the virtual environment where the services are deployed or Next, we can see the deployment models which define the virtual environment where the services are deployed or accessed. Here, each model has unique functionalities to serve users. Moreover, the cost of the cloud infrastructure depends on these models.

  • Four Deployment Models
    • Public Cloud
      • Open to all for general public usage
    • Private Cloud
      • Offer stand-alone cloud infrastructure for private organization who handling huge information with multiple clients
    • Hybrid Cloud
      • Framework of two or more different clouds (For instance: private + public)
      • Combined together through proprietary or standardized mechanisms
      • Enable application sharing among heterogeneous clouds
    • Community Cloud
      • Offer a service particular community or set of people in an organization to share concerns

We are well-established with experts to offer modern cloud services and applications. With an intention to We are well-established with experts to offer modern cloud services and applications. With an intention to provide the best up-to-date research, our resource team thoroughly studying on present cloud designs, methodologies, and technologies. For illustration purposes, we have given some Real-time Cloud Computing Projects model as examples.

What are the Examples of Cloud Computing?

  • Mobile Information Systems
  • Web-based Applications / Systems
  • Healthcare Monitoring Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Friendly and Adaptive User Interfaces (UI)

Taxonomy of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Platforms

  • ApacheStratos
    • Programming Languages – PHP and Java
    • Services – MySQL and Tomcat
  • Cloud Foundry
    • Programming Languages – Go, Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, Play and PHP
    • Services – MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • HPE Helion Stackato
    • Programming Languages – PHP, Clojure, Ruby, Go, Node.js, Java, Python, Groovy, Scala and Perl
    • Services – MongoDB, nginx, PostgreSQL, Apache, MySQL and JBoss
  • OpenShift Origin
    • Programming Languages – Java, PHP, Perl, Node,js, Ruby, Python and Vert.x
    • Services – Jenkins, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Tomcat (JBoss EWS)

For your benefit, here our research team has suggested the following important ideas for the innovative Cloud Computing Projects. We are glad to say that we are deep-rooted with a highly professional resource team to support you in both the research and development phases. In addition, we also extend our support to the writer’s team to aid in manuscript writing and Paper publication.

Top 5 Latest Cloud Computing Projects

Top 5 Research Topics for Cloud Computing Projects

  • Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment
  • Cloud based Quality of Service
  • Cloud Service-Level Agreements (Cloud-SLA)
  • Hi-Tech Cloud Security Solution
  • Cloud Application Performance Management (Cloud-APM)

From the above-specified topics, here we have picked out “Task scheduling” for explaining in detail. Since it is an evergreen issue in cloud computing over the long term and still looking for advancements for better performance. In general, it manages the requests of tasks for allocating a specific resource to execute the process effectively. In the case of task dependencies, scheduling is the major operation accomplished in resource management. So, there are various mechanisms designed to handle the scheduling of tasks.

While modelling the scheduling algorithm, it is necessary to make sure that the proposed algorithms are well-defined to answer the following questions, 

  • TQ1. What are the techniques used for cloud task scheduling?
  • TQ2. Are the cloud environs distributed for task scheduling?
  • TQ3. In what way the task scheduling methods are examined?
  • TQ4. What are the QoS metrics exist in task scheduling assessment?
  • TQ5. How the task scheduling approaches are classified in cloud computing?

Moreover, we have spotted out the important open research issues that are currently present in the task scheduling process.

Open Research Issues in Task Scheduling

  • Energy efficiency
    • Create impact on data monitoring field due to the integration and miniaturization
  • Load balancing
    • In mixed cloud, balancing the load is the major challenge while performing multi-resources tasks without affecting resource utilization
    • It is essential to accurately estimate the power and energy usage for executing the task and manage the load accordingly
    • One more things is violating the SLA also leads to inefficient load balancing
  • Replica-based Task Scheduling
    • Enhancement of load balancing by minimizing the bandwidth and network delay
    • Improve the System robustness and security through caching significant replicas in appropriate data centers
    • Main Operations: replica selection, creation, and placement / replacement
  • Reliability
    • It is most important feature to activate the fault tolerance in the event of task scheduling
    • Also, the sophisticated cloud system surely assure the readiness and dependability of data

Task Scheduling Mechanisms in Cloud Computing Projects

  • Mobile Cloud
    • QoS- Aware (GA and LP)
    • Energy-Aware (PSO, Max-Min)
  • Single-Cloud
    • Multi-Objective (GA and PSO)
    • Energy-Aware (Greedy and GA)
    • Cost-Aware (GA and Fuzzy)
    • QoS-Aware (GA and GSO)
  • Multi-Cloud
    • Multi-Objective (Tabu and Max-Min)
    • QoS-Aware (ACO, Min-Max and PSO)
    • Cost-Aware (Multi-Agent and PSO)

As a matter of fact, CloudSim toolkit and MATLAB are widely used to simulate the cloud environment.Further, we also highlighted the significant parameters used for Cloud Computing Projects evaluation. These parameters are classified into two categories: Cloud Performance Metrics and Cloud Service Metrics and are given as follows.

  • Performance Metrics in Cloud
    • QoS Parameters
      • Response Time
      • Up Time
      • CPU Load
      • Latency
    • Pricing Policy Parameters
      • MaxNumApplications
      • Base Charge
      • FreeNumApplications
      • Trial Period
      • Cost
  • Cloud Service Parameters
    • Cost – Service price
    • Location – Physical location of server to give services
    • Service Parameters – Fundamental service attributes
      • Type
      • Version
      • Name
      • And Many More
    • Resource Parameters – Resource oriented service attributes
      • Bandwidth
      • Memory Volume
      • Storage Size
      • And more
    • Few metrics may create impact on Qos of Individual or PaaS

As mentioned earlier, we are passionate to serve in every step of your research career to create a masterpiece research cloud computing projects. So, make a bond with us to complete your research journey in spite of challenges.

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