Communication Project Topics

Some of the communication project topics that are innovative and obtrusive are written by our researchers. We share ideas and topics that matches your interest. Get all your work done successfully under one roof from   In the domain of wireless communication, there are several project topics progressing in current years. We offer few project topics in wireless communication which you might examine as intriguing:

  1. Design and Analysis of 5G Networks:
  • The effectiveness of 5G networks has to be examined.
  • Generally, on 5G network effectiveness, investigate the influence of various modulation and coding plans.
  1. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs):
  • Data gathering approaches in WSNs.
  • Energy-effective routing protocols in WSNs.
  • Safety limitations and approaches in WSNs.
  1. IoT and Wireless Communication:
  • Deployment of IoT protocols beyond wireless networks.
  • By means of progressive wireless communication approaches, improve IoT protection.
  • Utilize wireless communication for IoT-related smart home automation.
  1. Cognitive Radio Networks:
  • Typically, in cognitive radio networks, employ spectrum sensing approaches.
  • In cognitive radio networks, carry out resource allocation and management.
  • Safety problems in cognitive radio networks.
  1. Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs):
  • For VANETs, it offers communication protocols.
  • By means of wireless communication, improve security applications in VANETs.
  • In urban platforms, carry out performance analysis of VANETs.
  1. Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs):
  • Model and execution of WBANs for healthcare tracking.
  • For WBANs, it provides energy-effective communication protocols.
  • Safety and confidentiality limitations in WBANs.
  1. Massive MIMO Systems:
  • In various platforms, carry out performance analysis of massive MIMO frameworks.
  • In massive MIMO models, employ beamforming approaches.
  • Employ software-defined radios for deployment of massive MIMO frameworks.
  1. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT):
  • For smart city applications, carry out deployment and performance analysis of NB-IoT.
  • With other IoT communication mechanisms, compare NB-IoT.
  • Focus on examining safety factors of NB-IoT.
  1. Wireless Mesh Networks:
  • In wireless mesh networks, employ routing protocols.
  • Typically, in various settings, carry out performance analysis of wireless mesh networks.
  • In disaster management, examine applications of wireless mesh networks.
  1. Visible Light Communication (VLC):
  • Model and deployment of VLC frameworks.
  • With conventional RF interaction, carry out performance comparison of VLC.
  • Implementations of VLC in indoor navigation and interaction.

What are the current research topics in wireless communication?

Wireless communication has been determined as a fast growing field in recent years. We offer few of the prominent regions:

  1. 6G Wireless Communication:
  • Ultra-low latency and ultra-reliable communication.
  • Holographic interaction and augmented reality.
  • Terahertz (THz) interaction.
  • Combination of AI/ML in 6G networks for enhancement and management.
  1. Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output):
  • Hardware deployment and realistic limitations of massive MIMO.
  • Spectral effectiveness and energy effectiveness in massive MIMO frameworks.
  • Progressive beamforming approaches.
  1. Cognitive Radio Networks:
  • Safety limitations in cognitive radio networks.
  • Spectrum sensing and sharing approaches.
  • Machine learning techniques for cognitive radio.
  1. IoT and 5G Integration:
  • Fog computing and edge computing in IoT.
  • Consistency and scalability of IoT devices in 5G networks.
  • Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) for IoT.
  1. Machine Learning and AI in Wireless Communication:
  • Smart spectrum management.
  • AI-based network management and resource allocation.
  • Utilize AI for predictive maintenance and anomaly identification.
  1. Visible Light Communication (VLC):
  • Employ VLC for indoor localization and navigation.
  • With previous RF communication frameworks, aim to combine VLC.
  • Utilize VLC for high-momentum data transmission.
  1. Wireless Security:
  • Intrusion detection and prevention in wireless networks.
  • Quantum key distribution for wireless safety.
  • For safe wireless communication, make use of the blockchain mechanism.
  1. Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) and V2X Communication:
  • Safety and confidentiality in VANETs.
  • Cooperative driving and automated vehicle interaction.
  • V2X interaction protocols and principles.
  1. Energy Harvesting and Green Communication:
  • Decreasing the carbon footprint of wireless networks.
  • Energy-effective methods and protocols.
  • Gathering environment energy for wireless sensor networks.
  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV):
  • For adaptable service implementation, make use of virtualized network architecture.
  • Application of NFV and SDN in 5G and over.
  • Utilize SDN for dynamic network slicing.
  1. Quantum Communication:
  • Realistic deployment of quantum communication models.
  • Quantum key distribution protocols.
  • Quantum entanglement in wireless networks.
  1. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Drones:
  • UAV- assisted IoT networks.
  • UAV-related wireless communication broadcasts.
  • Swarm intelligence and interaction in drone networks.
Communication Project Proposal Topics

Communication Project Ideas

Read the Communication Project Ideas that are worked by us , get yours done at an affordable cost. For more help contact our support desk for immediate solution.

  1. Wireless communications empowered by reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: Model-based vs model-free channel estimation
  2. Hybrid precoding design for secure smart-grid enabled MIMO wireless communications in Industry 5.0
  3. Mirror-symmetric double-negative metamaterial resonator with polarization insensitivity and tunable sandwiched structure for multiband wireless communications
  4. Multitask learning-based secure transmission for reconfigurable intelligent surface-aided wireless communications
  5. A survey on UAV-assisted wireless communications: Recent advances and future trends
  6. Alternative expressions of the PDF and CDF for Gamma, η−μ and κ−μ shadowed distributions with applications in wireless communications
  7. Cooperative jamming aided securing wireless communications without CSI of eavesdroppers
  8. Toward intelligent wireless communications: Deep learning – based physical layer technologies
  9. Outage probability of multiple-IRS-assisted SISO wireless communications over Rician fading
  10. The effect of lamppost scatterers on direction finding by cylindrical arrays of dipoles intended for smart antenna application in wireless communications
  11. Wireless powered hybrid backscatter-active communications with hardware impairments
  12. A survey of maritime communications: From the wireless channel measurements and modeling perspective
  13. Power and delay optimization based uplink resource allocation for wireless networks with device-to-device communications
  14. Performance analysis and experimental verification of SPAD receivers without photon counting for optical wireless communications
  15. Joint Modulations of Electromagnetic Waves and Digital Signals on a Single Metasurface Platform to Reach Programmable Wireless Communications
  16. Metasurface-based THz reflectarray antenna with vortex multiplexing and beam-steering capabilities for future wireless communications
  17. Analysis of a Miniaturized Hexagonal Sierpinski Gasket fractal microstrip antenna for modern wireless communications
  18. Orthogonal vector based transmission method for security enhancement and PDL elimination in dual-polarized wireless communications
  19. Performance analysis of optical wireless communications with aperture averaging over exponentiated Weibull turbulence with pointing error
  20. Petahertz communication: Harmonizing optical spectra for wireless communications

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