Google Scholar Thesis Topics

If you are interested in discovering the finest Google Scholar Thesis Topics, we invite you to examine our efforts. Our team of exceptional researchers covers a wide range of fields and offers original topics. We have compiled a selection of intriguing Google Scholar Thesis Topics in diverse research domains, where we provide valuable tips and ideas for scholars to achieve success.


  1. Trends of Climatic Change in the Last 5 Years: Currently, in what way the climate has emerged and its significance on different sections must be examined.
  2. Measures to Prevent Bullying at Schools: Our work investigates efficient tactics to address bullying and develop a secure school setting.


  1. Influence of Immigration on Crime Statistics: It is approachable to explore the connections among crime rates and immigration trends.
  2. The Relationship between Innovation and Fiscal Decentralization: In this research domain, we investigate in what way technology impacts fiscal principles at a decentralized stage.


  1. Analysis of Customer Retention in E-Commerce Businesses: For keeping customer loyalty in online retail, it is significant to research some tactics.
  2. Impact of Economic Downturns on Business Positioning: During economic hardships, we must comprehend how industries are flexible with their tactics.

Computer Science

  1. Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Over the Past Ten Years: In this domain, we analyze the advancements and its influence of AI innovations in different sections.
  2. Improving Computer Data Security: In order to improve the security of information in computer frameworks, we explore efficient techniques.

Healthcare and Nursing

  1. Digital Era Adaptation in Nursing: It is appreciable to assess in what way the nursing actions have emerged with technical developments.
  2. New Developments in Childhood Cancer Treatment: In treating pediatric cancer, we mainly investigate current improvements.


  1. The Impact of Social Media on Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): How the purpose of social media impacts persons with ASD, must be researched.
  2. Role of Play Therapy in Children with ADHD: In the psychology field, we analyze the efficiency of play therapy for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Environmental Science

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health in Low-Income Communities: Among the complicated or sensitive peoples, we examine in what way the variation of climate influences mental health.
  2. Climate Change Effects on Coastal Fishing Communities: It is significant to investigate the effect of ecological variations on the livelihoods of coastal fishermen.

How do I choose a topic for MPhil?

Generally, for an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) thesis, selecting a topic encompasses a sequence of thoughtful aspects to assure that your work is attainable as well as significant. The following are the instructions that support you across the entire procedure:

  1. Identify Your Interests: It is advisable to begin by examining regions that you have an effective curiosity or interest about. The study procedure can be more inspiring and motivating, due to the involvement in topics that you identify as interesting.
  2. Review Existing Literature: In your region of passion, it is appreciable to carry out a complete review of previous study. This stage assists you to find issues in the recent expertise that you might solve in your study.
  3. Consider the Scope: You must make sure that the topic is not very short or wide. For a wide range of research, the topic that is too short might not include sufficient information or sources, while the topic that is too wide is challenging and complicated to handle.
  4. Assess Feasibility: The real-time factors of your study must be determined. Assure whether you have permission to use required materials, information, and equipment to carry out your research? The time limit must be considered, and within that you should finish your study.
  5. Consult with Advisors: It is significant to share your concepts and thoughts with your educational professionals or experts. Based on their expertise, they offer beneficial perceptions, recommend materials, and assist you to enhance your topic.
  6. Alignment with Academic Goals: You must examine in what way this study could dedicate to your upcoming concepts. Make sure that your MPhil topic meets with your educational and professional aims.
  7. Originality: The process of identifying extensively unexplored topics is considered as a very difficult one. During this phase, your technique to the concept must dedicate novel viewpoints or provide new perceptions to the research domain.
  8. Research Methodology: To carry out your study, it is approachable to think about the techniques that you will employ. By making use of these approaches, you must assure that the selected topic will be investigated in an efficient manner.
  9. Potential for Contribution: The main goal of your research should be including benefits to previous literature. The topic must be selected in such a way that it has the capacity to essentially dedicate to the discipline.
  10. Ethical Considerations: You must ensure that there must not be an increase of any moral issues by your research topic. Whenever any complicated regions are encompassed in your research, it is appreciable to make sure that you have essential acceptance and procedures.
Google Scholar Research Topics

Google Scholar Research Paper Topics

Have a look at the recent Google Scholar Research Paper Topics that we have provided for scholars, for all areas we share original topics that fantasises the readers.

  1. Design of a special family of optical CDMA address codes for fully asynchronous data communications
  2. Information-theoretic limits on coherent nonlinear optical-fiber communication
  3. A novel WDM-CDMA optical fiber communication system with asynchronous despreading technology
  4. Experimental Comparison of Modulation Techniques for LED-based Underwater Optical Wireless Communications
  5. Free-Space Optical Fiber Communication System for Rail-Guided Vehicles Using OFDM Modulation
  6. Training Sequence-Based Chromatic Dispersion Estimation With Ultra-Low Sampling Rate for Optical Fiber Communication Systems
  7. The First 0.14-dB/km Loss Optical Fiber and its Impact on Submarine Transmission
  8. Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Assisted by Optical Communication Techniques
  9. Mitigating the signal distortion in multilevel Manchester based optical communications systems using optical equalization technique
  10. Bi-directional passive optical network for CDMA personal communication service
  11. Investigation of turbulence effect on the free space optical link for ground-to-train communications
  12. 150 m/500 Mbps Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Enabled by Sensitive Detection and the Combination of Receiver-Side Partial Response Shaping and TCM Technology
  13. A Hybrid Stabilization Approach for Deep-Space Optical Communications Terminals
  14. Adaptive PMD compensation using DPSO algorithm for high-speed optical fibre communication systems
  15. Impact of Crosstalk on Indoor WDM Optical Wireless Communication Systems
  16. Influence of channel correlation on the scintillation performance of receiver diversity systems for free-space optical communications
  17. A Blur Equalization Method for Screen-to-Camera Based Optical Camera Communications
  18. High Power Optical Amplifiers for Free-Space Communication Systems
  19. Performance Analysis of Optical Communication System for Various Filtering Operations Using MIMO FSO System under Fog Condition
  20. Analysis of the effect of haze on free space optical communication in the Malaysian environment

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