How to choose a research topic?

If we are struggling to choose the topic for our research work we can use the ideas discussed below for choosing a best topic for our research work. It takes almost 3 to 4 years to complete the PhD study. The 3 to 4 years is a long time period but when we understand the process and work with full force properly then we can complete the work within the desired short time itself.

We all have the mentality of finding a suitable research topic but instead of finding we can develop a research topic on our own. Many PhD Students and scholars faces a lot of struggles while selecting the research topic.

When we go for the search of finding the research topic we can make use of several sites to go through for our research work and those sites we can use to refer standard research works based on the recent years are IEEE, ACM, Scopus, Web of science, Sage, Frontiers Media, Springer Healthcare, University of Chicago Press, Brill, Palgrave, Scientific Research Publishing, MIT Press and etc.,

Significance of selecting the right research topic:

More than everything it is important about yourself and your selection of the topic should be more the best because you are going to work with that topic for the next few years. We should feel satisfied with your topic and always have a motivation within us for pursuing the process in the better way.

Choosing the right research topic is one of the most important things in the career of the PhD Scholars or Students. We can outsource out our knowledge and distinct quality of work through the research. For all these we should need proper approach and dedication for the research work. More than everything we should be self-motivated and determined in fully finishing the research work from the scratch.

A Research topic should be:

  • Original
  • Inventive and intriguing
  • Recent and timely
  • Suit your specific interests
  • Ignite your curiosity for research

There are several basic stages in selecting the topic for our Research work.

  1. Read on topics based on the area of interest

When we keep on reading on several topics based on our area of interest where we find some spark at some instant to know it deeper. When deeply knowing about the topic we should feel that this particular thing will work out and can be processed as the PhD work.

We might start to implement our PhD work after selecting the topic and our work should set as an example for the future workers .We can also attract many researchers with our work once we get to work with our area of interest and this make sense in setting a bench mark.

We should make sure that our work should be done with the futuristic scope and should give additive information to the information seekers. Reading and identifying the right notation can bring novelty in the research nature.

  1. Reading available recent articles

Reading and going through the informations that are mentioned in the recent year’s articles will help us to get enough idea in choosing the topic for the research and we can also analyse the quality of implementing the research in this particular topic.

  • By reading variety of research works we can choose an appropriate topic for the research.
  • By being completely immersed in the research topics we can find out a unique term and so we can work in implementing that specific term.
  • While concentrating on the particular topic we should be strong enough to ensure that how we can accomplish in this particular research work.
  • We should challenge ourselves to meet out the success rate.
  • Research topic should be up to the current date and not a repeated one.
  1. Self-questioning on the recent topics

While reading we may have so many questions within us. We can list out those questions based on the purpose and work direction. By doing this kind of process we can easily find out the relevant topic for the research. The answers that we get from studying and questioning the recent topics will strengthen our knowledge in that specific area of study.

Consider the following questions: why, who, what, where, and when:

  • WHYdid you choose the topic?
  • Why there is a debate regarding the topic?
  • Why is this topic affecting this specific location?
  • WHOare the sources of information on this topic?
  • Who might publish information about it?
  • Who is affected by the topic?
  • WHATare the most important questions about this topic?
  • What interests you about it?
  • What do you know about the organizations or institutions that are connected with the topic?
  • What opinion do you have in this certain problem?
  • WHEREdoes your topic matter most: at the local, national or international level?
  • Where is the organisation or the institutions that are specifying this piece of problem?
  • Where we would consider the wide range of subjects and view point?
  • WHENis/was your topic important?
  • When did the current issue start?
  • When did people start accepting certain changes of evolution?
  1. Strategies for searching research topic
  • When we conduct searching on topics for the research it is not much important about the result rather it should have the appropriate terms and keywords relevant to our expected topic.
  • In order to get the relevant results we should have a plan and construct a search string. The search string consists of keywords and some important scientific terms.
  • Scrutinising the important topics from the outsourcing of essential terms in the review article.
  • Ensure that the topics resemble the keywords.
  • Sometimes the topic must not contain the necessary materials. It is better to check the availability of the materials.

The research should be able to create interest among all the other researchers and upcoming research students. The research work that we do should create an impact among all the other people out there reading our research work.

We might have certain expectations when we search for some innovative content in the research work likewise, people who read our research work should also get the same spirit of fishing new thing in our work.

By following all these we can find out the best title for our research topic and we can give out full interest in pursuing the undertaken research work.

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