How to write literature review in thesis?

To write a literature review of the thesis we should understand that how a thesis should be. A thesis requires extensive research and an exhaustive exploration of the chosen topic precisely for almost one whole chapter.

It involves developing deeply into the existing literature, critically analysing previous studies, and offering an extensive review of relevant theories, methodologies, or experiments.

The scope of a thesis is broader, aiming to cover various aspects of the chosen field. A thesis demands original research and substantial contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the field. It requires students to identify a research gap, formulate research questions, and conduct extensive investigations to fill that gap.

A thesis should provide novel insights, theories, or methodologies that contribute to the advancement of the field. For example, a thesis in computer science may involve developing a new algorithm or software application to solve a complex problem.

The audience for a thesis is typically limited to the academic community, including the student’s advisors, faculty members, and fellow researchers. The evaluation focuses on the originality, quality, and depth of the research conducted.

A thesis is typically longer in length compared to a research paper. It requires a more extensive investigation and analysis, resulting in a higher word count. The time frame to complete a thesis is also longer.

The extended length and timeframe allow students to engage in thorough research, conduct experiments, gather data, and provide a comprehensive analysis of the chosen topic.

A thesis requires a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of a subject, often involving extensive literature review, data collection, and analysis. It typically covers a broader scope within the chosen field, aiming to provide a holistic understanding of the topic and its various aspects.

A thesis often requires a more extensive examination of theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and relevant literature, presenting a well-rounded analysis.

Tips to write literature review for thesis:

  • We should do a thorough review of the sources in our field that are relevant to our thesis topic.
  • We have to make sure that our gathered sources are reliable and in high-quality.
  • We have to take detailed notes and maintain an organized list of our sources.
  • We should cover a wide variety of viewpoints using the keywords of our concept.
  • We should list the data based on the hierarchy among the existing methods.
  • We should make sure our literature review chapter has a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • We have to use quotes sparingly.

A literature review critically evaluates and synthesizes existing research and scholarly publications on a specific topic or research question. The goal of the literature review in a thesis is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of knowledge on the topic, identify gaps in the literature, and highlight areas for future research.

 A well-conducted literature review is an essential component of research because it helps to establish the research context, justify the need for the study, and guide the development of research questions. The literature review of our thesis is a very significant part of our paper.

 It provides readers with an understanding of previously published research in relation to our topic. It also highlights where our research fits into the existing literature. In other words, it provides valuable context for our readers about the field as a whole and the specific topic that we have chosen to cover in our thesis.

A literature review does not only summarize what has been written about a topic already but it also offers a critical analysis of the existing literature. Literature reviews can take different forms depending on what type of research that we are doing and in which field our is about.

Literature reviews are a key part of the majority of academic theses, and can even be written as huge article in the analysis of the gathered informations using various references of research papers.

We as an author should be able to offer our analysis or findings on what has been written already. A literature review, however, should not just be a description of what has been written or a set of summaries.

The idea of reviewing and analysing all the research that has been done on a topic can highlight the importance of the work however, the task is easier. This is also a vital step in performing the work necessary to write a good thesis.

 As we prepare and write our literature review, we will select and filter which sources are relevant to our work and which are not by analysing the data that we had gathered for writing the literature review for our thesis.

As we review the literature, we will develop a clear understanding of the work that has come before our work in the existing. This will enable us to write about it in such a way that we clearly demonstrate how we arrived at our own thesis statement by reading and going through all kinds of information related to our thesis.

A literature review for a thesis research paper should be in one separate chapter with the elaborate details of the existing solutions at the recent years. A literature review should contain an introduction, main body, and conclusion in one complete chapter. The introduction will explain:

  • The type of literature review that we had performed
  • Why we have chosen to perform that type of literature review.
  • Our criteria for selecting sources

Our research thesis main body will be the actual literature review. In our conclusion, we will summarize the major arguments that we have highlighted in our literature review and centralise our own research work among them.

The conclusion of the literature review should explain why our research study is necessary and what gap in the literature it fulfils to lead smoothly into our next thesis chapter. The detailed study of the existing solutions on our topic of research in thesis helps us to give a better literature review chapter in our thesis.

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