How to write synopsis for PhD?

The synopsis of the PhD research work will bring the information about the research that we are going to conduct. We are able to frame a good synopsis if we have the proper plan to pursue our research work in PhD.

We are just going to provide the necessary brief details about our research process in our synopsis writing. The information that are discussed below will give us an idea on how to frame the research synopsis.

Introduction summary:

  • In the introduction of the synopsis we have to write about the general information that are related to our research. We have to write the purpose of our research in the introduction.
  • We need to mention writing the important reason for which we are conducting research work in the PhD.
  • By reading the purpose of our research that we wrote in our introduction will make the readers understand what kind of contribution this PhD research is going provide in the research field.
  • The research synopsis must highlight the general information of the scope that our research will be providing and the benefits that the research field will be getting from our research.
  • We have to write on how we are going to process our research work and provide the idea about the success rate that our research will provide at the end of the research.

Deciding topic:

  • We need to bring out the information that we have gathered form our area of interest by deeply going through the research field and understanding right from the fundamental stage to till the today’s existing.
  • From the research journals or the research articles we have to get enough knowledge by reading them in order to conduct research.
  • We have to decide the appropriate topic for our research and we have to start gathering the information that is related to our research topic.
  • Our research topic itself should provide the information about the research that we are going to conduct for our PhD.

Analyses literature:

  • Analysis the literature refers to the observing of the literature that are related to our research topic from the recent year’s research journals.
  • The research journals have to be taken from the reputed sites like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Hindawi, Sage, Sci, Scopus, MDPI, etc..,
  • From the research journals we have to read and identify what kind of solution that the existing literature is providing to the research field.
  • We need to read the research journal carefully and collect all the possible data that is in relevant to our research topic.
  • The research journals that we are referring will be helpful for us throughout our research journey in various aspects for preceding the research.

Finding problem:

  • From the analyzed literature we should be able to go through the insufficient information and the gaps of the literature by stating them as the problem.
  • From the stated problem we need to consider one specific problem for the purpose of conducting our research in order to bring out the effective solution for the analyzed problem.
  • The selected problem is denoted as the problem statement and they should be able to provide the appropriate solution to overcome the gaps in the literature of the existing research.
  • The problem statement that we have mentioned in our synopsis must bring satisfaction among the readers and so the readers should have the curiosity to know the result for the problem statement.

Bringing solution:

  • The problem statement that we are going to work in our research has to be provided with the solution at the end of our research work.
  • We have to find the algorithm that we are going to use in our research to bring the solution for the problem statement.
  • We must have the surety to provide the expected solution using the algorithm that we have chosen to implement in our research work.
  • The chosen algorithm should provide the innovative solution in the research field so as to bring the novelty in the existing research field of our corresponding research work.
  • The solution that we mentioned here is considered as the expected solution. The readers should feel that we are going to explore some new findings in our research work.

Working process:

  • The method and algorithm that we are going to write in our synopsis have to be finalized and mentioned in our synopsis.
  • The methods that we have mentioned in our synopsis have to provide the expected outcome for the problem that we are working in our research work.
  • We have to write the methods that we are going to follow in our research work to bring the result and solution for our research work.
  • We have to mention the algorithm and elaborate on how the chosen algorithm will be useful in providing the solution for the research process.

Overall architecture:

  • The overall architecture is also called as the flow diagram and it is used to describe our research methodology that we follow for the research process.
  • Some of the readers are able to easily connect with the data that we have mentioned in our overall architecture rather than reading the entire synopsis.
  • We must ensure to draw the information in a clear way so as to describe the methods that we are going to follow to conduct our research process.
  • The sketched research flow diagram has to be more informative and effective in the way to provide the overall information of the research in a clear way.

Quality reference listing:

  • In our synopsis it is necessary for us to write the name of the reference journals or the reference articles that we referred.
  • We have to bring all the important research journals that we have cited in our synopsis as we have referred data from them.
  • The research journal that we have attached in our synopsis consists of the needed information with good quality and so we shall use them for our reference purpose in future when required.
  • The lists of these references are mentioned for the purpose of proof reading so as to specify only the original information in the research synopsis.

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