Natural Language Processing NLP Research Proposal

The term NLP refers to the Natural Language Processing that uses speech and the text data are being integrated for classification of its nature. The NLP approach empowers the smart approaches to effortlessly execute various NLP tasks such as text parsing, POS tagging, and automated translations. Hence, this article is useful for you in creating an intelligent approach for NLP tasks with good performance.

“A good NLP research proposal requires the benchmark datasets, effective problems; novel solutions and different scenarios based performance measures evaluation”

At the end of this article, you will be familiar with the fields of NLP research areas and proposal writing. You may not aware of the importance of proposal writing. In fact, it is the key component of research that displays the broad overview of the determined research. Stay tuned with the article to master the NLP research proposal.  We additionally covered this article with the eminent aspects of the NLP. Here, we have started the article with the basics of the NLP. Shall we sail in the same boat? Come let’s have the section.

What are the basics of NLP?

  • Natural language processing techniques handle the human languages effortlessly
  • It collects multilingual  text data from social media, emails & articles
  • Initially it tokenizes the sentences, classifies the texts & analyzes the emotions
  • Also deals with question answering, extracting meaning, text parsing, text corrections

In fact, NLP is the combination of Artificial Intelligence, computer science to evaluate the various languages that are being interacted with the computers by human beings. In a matter of fact, NLP is a popular and useful research area to be sure. Doing researches on this concept will yield fruitful results.

Generally, every technology is facing several issues in practical. Similar to the statement, NLP is also facing so many issues in its processes. In the following, we are going to list out the biggest issues that are faced by the NLP for the ease of your understanding. Come let us try to understand them with crystal clear points.

NLP Research Proposal

What is the Biggest Issue of NLP?

  • Continuous Conversations
  • Ambiguity & False-positives
  • Phrases/ Words with Different Meaning
  • Instinctive Preconceptions
  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Infinite Development Time

The foregoing passage has conveyed to you the spontaneous issues that arise in the NLP process. However, we can overcome these issues by integrating various types of learning algorithms into the NLP technology. Besides, hunting down these kinds of issues is an effortless task done by our technical team because they are highly proficient in NLP and other technologies. This is possible by combining various techniques and methodologies. Now we can see the different types of learning algorithms used in the NLP.

Different Types of Learning Algorithms in NLP

  • On the Job Learning
    • It is the subset of the curriculum learning
    • Interacts with the human in an open environ
    • Identifies the new learning tasks and gets adapt
  • Online Learning
    • Samples are presented in a chronological order
    • Learning task streaming is continuous in nature
  • Curriculum Learning
    • Expressive training example arrangements
    • If it fails complexity will arise
  • Meta-Learning
    • Datasets acclimates with the new tasks
    • Generic knowledge learning
  • Multi-Task Learning
    • Tasks improvements by sharing parameters
    • Multi-task learning simultaneously
  • Transfer Learning
    • Client to server knowledge transferring
    • It improves the target’s performance

The listed 6 above are the major learning algorithms that are utilized in natural language processing. On the other hand, these algorithms are applied in the numerous models of the NLP. We know that adding the list of models would impact better here. To make you more understand we have also mentioned the types of NLP models. Shall we jump into that? Let’s tune together!!!

Types of NLP Models

  • NLG
    • Pre-Trained Model
    • SC-GPT & GPT2
    • Transfer-Transfo
    • Supervised Learning
    • Meta NLG
    • SC-LSTM
  • NLU
    • Pre-Trained Model
    • BERT
    • Supervised Learning
    • Slot-gated
    • BiRNN & HMM
    • CRF & RNN-LSTM
  • End to End
    • Retrieval
    • Semantic Reranking
    • Dialog BABI
    • Explicit Method
    • BoseNet
    • Decouple & HTG
  • Policy
    • Word Level
    • LaRL & HDSA
    • Multi-agent
    • MADPL & Iterative
    • Model-based
    • Switch DDQ & D2Q
    • Model-free
    • PPO & ACR
    • Reinforce & DQN

The preceding passage has covered the task-oriented dialogue systems models with their subsections. As this article is titled with the name of NLP research proposal, here we are going to envelop the upcoming passages with the same.

‘Research proposal writing is one of the important processes is to be done after the research completion’

Let’s have further explanations in the succeeding sections,

What is meant by Research Proposal?

  • Determined researches’ brief and clear summarization is known as the proposal
  • It covers the background of the research study & states significant technical improvements
  • Ensures the chance to reveal one’s perspectives  & helps to deal with complexities

This is the simplest overview of the research proposal. We hope that this would be more helpful to you. We know that you are eagerly waiting for the writing procedure section of the NLP research proposal. In fact, we are here to educate you hence we have covered the immediate passage with the proposal writing procedure in NLP Thesis for your better understanding.

How to Write the Research Proposal in Detail?

  • Research Title
    • Title must be crisp and cover the overall research
  • Research Abstract
    • Consisted of clear statements of the issue addressing
    • Highlights the proposed ideas and the performance obtained
  • Research Area Overview
    • Highlights the research background with the current state of preliminaries
  • Research Questions & Answers
    • Points out the main & sub-questions with answering techniques
  • Research Methodologies
    • Clarifies in which analyses are done with their outcomes
    • Methods neither in the form of surveys nor experiments
  • Research Significance
    • Elucidates the utmost importance of the research
  • Research Bibliography
    • Identification of pertinent areas according to the research subject

This is how a typical research proposal is to be written. If you are facing any challenges in framing a proposal, you can undoubtedly approach our technical team. While doing PhD, MPhil and MS you need to do work on the research proposals. Generally, it needs an expert’s assistance in the relevant areas. In fact, various students and scholars from all over the world are availing of our innovative ideas and thesis writing guidance from our technical team.

Our crew consisted of multi-talented resources. Additionally, they are capable of handling all the necessary technical and non-technical tasks. They are having enough knowledge in writing the NLP research proposals.

In the subsequent passage, we wanted to point out to you the current NLP research proposal topics for your reference. In fact, these are some of the projects dealt with by our expert teams. Shall we have that section? If yes, stay tuned with us.

Current Research Proposal Topics in NLP

  • Social Media Analysis for Emotion (Tweets)
    • Acquisition of  Tweets from Server
    • Identification of  Tweet Emotions
  • Summarization of Text (Counters)
    • Creation of  Word Frequency Counter
    • Evaluation of  Sentence F1 Scores
    • Text Summary of Data
  • Predictions of Hotel Reviews (+ or -)
    • Cleaning of Text Data using NLTK
    • Prototypes of BoW
    • Classify by Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • Detection – Spam Mail (Messages)
    • Exploration & Processing Data
    • Training & Testing Datasets
    • Classify by Random Forest & Support Vector Machine (SVM)

In the foregoing passage, we deliberately mentioned to you the NLP research proposal topics. The application of the tools in these areas will benefit us with the best results in the determined approaches. In fact, they are freely available in the market. We can deploy the various top-notch tools into the NLP processes. Yes, we are going to let you know the tools in the following passage.

Best Open Source NLP Tools

  • Quanteda
    • R based Text Data Quantitative Analyzing Package
  • Text2vec
    • Text Analysis Framework thorough API
  • GATE
    • Based on Text Engineering Architecture
  • Tidytext
    • Dplyr, Ggplot2, & Tidy Text Mining Tools
  • Apache Lucene
    • Improved Information Retrieval Library
  • Apache OpenNLP
    • Uses Machine Learning Toolbox
  • AllenNLP
    • Research Toolkit  of NLP- Apache 2.0
  • Flair
    • State-of-the-art Framework
    • Information Extraction-MIT
  • PyTorch-Transformers
    • State-of-the-art & Pre-trained Models Toolkit
  • SpaCy
    • Python-based library
  • Standard CoreNLP
    • Extensible Annotation Pipeline
  • Natural Language Toolkit
    • Datasets, Python Modules & Tutorials

These are the 14 best tools being used for content labeling, topic recognition, emotion analysis, and text preprocessing & so on. We hope that this section would be very useful to the ones who are excitedly awaited for these sections.  Apart from this, it is important to have knowledge of the best datasets used in the NLP projects/researches. Our technical team also enumerated the details of the datasets for your better understanding.

Top 5 Interesting Natural Language Processing Project Ideas

Best Datasets for NLP Projects

  • MUC 7
    • Named Entity Recognition
  • Corpus of Holy Quran
    • MA & Part of Speech Tagging
  • Penn Tree Bank
    • Part of Speech Tagging
  • IRL Japanese
    • Named Entity Recognition
  • Brown Corpus & Wall Street Journal
    • Part of Speech Tagging
  • News Corpus
    • Part of Speech Tagging
  • UPenn Chinese Tree Bank
    • Text Segmentation
  • ANERCrop
    • Named Entity Recognition
  • ORCHID Corpus
    • Text Segmentation

POS stands for the Parts of Speech. In the end, we have discussed all the essential details regarding the NLP concepts. If you are exhilarated to know more information about the NLP research proposals then feel free to approach us Natural Language Processing Thesis. We will let you the entire techniques and facts comprised in the NLP technology. Your success is our main objective ever.

“Let’s begin your successful research voyages by holding our hands”

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