Big data can be described as large datasets that are complex to functioning in conventional software applications. Big data research refers to the large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and other insights. Big data analytics is possible to analyze the data and gather the results from it. Big data analytics helps to identify the new techniques and harness their data. Reach out this space if you searching for interesting Novel ideas to formulate PhD Research Proposal in Big Data Analytics.

The method of analyzing and processing the high volume data is a multifaceted challenge in the overview of big data. Here, we have highlighted some of the research essentials in big data projects.

Novel PhD Research Proposal in Big Data analytics

Fundamentals of Big Data

  • Case studies coverage
    • Stock data financial analysis
    • Clickstream analytics
    • Delay optimization with airline data
    • Text analytics using Twitter
  • Big data processing
    • Java MapReduce programming and R syntax
    • RHadoop integration
    • Pig
    • Hive
    • MapReduce
    • HBase
    • Flume
    • Sqoop
    • HDFS
  • Advanced analytics
    • Dashboards
    • BI focused
    • Reporting
  • Basic analytics
    • Data analysis exploratory
  • Statistical concepts
    • Statistics description
  • Technologies and tools
    • Tableau
    • R
    • Apache Hadoop & distribution of Cloudera

These are major research essentials in big data analytics, which makes your research more innovative and interesting with some significant research protocols and algorithms. Hence, our separate team of experts in big data analytics will guide you to pick the apt research needs for your PhD research proposal in big data analytics. Furthermore, they indicate some of the best research models in big data analytics in the following.

What are the uses of big data models?

  • Making the most significant vision of data
  • Data storage, distribution, accumulation

Moreover, we are too conscious to organize your PhD research so you get perfect research work from us with the usage of novel algorithms and protocols. Here, we listed some necessary and significant big data models for your reference. In addition, it is useful for the research scholars in their further research in big data analytics.

What are the major tasks of big data models?

  • Virtualization
    • Independent data storage and inspecting the data from a unique and adequate place
  • Federation
    • Data from several systems are contested and being similar by generating a model through the virtual database
  • Propagation
    • Data is copied and relocated from one place to another using the leveraging
  • Consolidation
    • It is used to merge the data from several sources and that resulted in a single consolidated datastore


  • Scale-up
    • The algorithm structure is based on architecture awareness
    • Resources are used effectively
  • Scale-out
    • Characteristically acquired higher data latency
    • Several resources are used to allocate the workload as similar

What is the biggest problem with big data?

           The data is required for analysing the process and to develop the decision-making operations. In addition, there are several research issues in the contemporary field of big data analytics. The research issues include the elements from various sources such as data validation, data quality, data accumulation, data storage, and lack of research experts in data science.

           Each and every research area has some research issues as similar big data analytics has some and they are listed below.

Research Issues of Big Data Analytics

  • Security gaps
    • Monitoring data security is the complex task
    • The encrypted data should be stored appropriately
  • Inaccurate and low-quality data
    • Duplicate data
      • Data is counted twice
    • Inaccurate data
      • Inappropriate information about data
    • Missing data
      • In the database some data are missing such as name, email and etc.
    • Inconsistent formatting
      • The components are modified but it takes too much time for the progress
  • The constant change in data
    • The data entered in datasets are continuously altering because the details about customers have to be changed often.
  • Processing large datasets
    • Processing high volume data sets is a complex task
    • The 3Vs of big data is used in this data processing
      • Volume – quantity of data
      • Variety – Designs of data such as videos, images and etc.
      • Velocity – Rate for the production of novel data

Which Big Data Technology is in Demand?

  • Spark
    • It is based on the storage boards and it functions through HDFS and it is the memory computation
    • HDFS is the cost-efficient storage while compared to others such as cloud vendors
  • Hadoop
    • It has the capability for the functions of storage and management
    • It functions the high-performance commodity hardware
    • It is based on the open-source distributed file system
  • Hive
    • It is based on the database capability
    • The query execution process is done by MapReduce
    • SQL, EasyETL, HiveQL languages are used for this process
  • HBase
    • It functions to assist the region servers when they are failover
    • Supports in the configurable sharding of tables
  • NoSQL
    • Fault-tolerant
    • High-performance key-value pair database
    • Multiple data center
    • ACID operations
    • Flexible schema design
  • Cassandra
    • Long structured performance in the column index
    • R & Oracle R Enterprise
    • It is the programming language for statistical analysis

Despite the above-listed big data technologies, there are few more databases in big data analytics. If you like to pick big data analytics as your PhD research area, we are the right platform for that. We and our research professionals offer you the finest research guidance and dedicated works on PhD research proposal in big data analytics.

What are the open-source big data databases?

  • FlockDB
    • It is one of the Twitter databases
    • It supports the functions of reading and writing at huge speed
    • It is used to store social graphs and the OS is independent
  • OrientDB
    • It is based on a NoSQL database and it has the capability to warehouse more than 100,000 documents within a seconds
    • With the assistance of fast indexes and ACID transactions, it paired with the documents and graph databases
  • CouchDB
    • It is used to store JSON documents and it is purposeful through the JavaScript
    • The operations systems are OS X, Windows, Android, Linux
  • Neo4j
    • It is one of the world finest graph databases
    • Companies can purchase the novel and advanced Neo for better performance
    • Operating systems are Linux and Windows
  • MongoDB
    • It is created to support the humongous databases
    • It is based on the document orientation
    • The operations systems are OS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux
  • HBase
    • It is the non-relational data store for Hadoop 
    • The operations systems are OS independent

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Latest Dissertation Ideas in Big Data

  • Privacy and security analysis through Blockchain technology
  • Big data analysis in deep learning
  • Computing resources
  • Geo distributed data processing and management
  • Scalable computing
  • Data analytics, visualization, and exploration
  • Data analysis in healthcare
Top 5 Big Data Dissertation Ideas for Research Scholars

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