Research Proposal on Cyber Security

Defining Cyber Security?

            Cybersecurity is made up of several security technologies and predefined policies to guarantee the safety measures for network, hardware, and software. These measures prevent data attacks and threats from unauthenticated users. And, it assures to provide data integrity, privacy, accessibility, and trust

This article presents you with current topics of Research Proposal on Cyber Security with their key areas!!!

In an organization, two prime security types are embedded to protect their sensitive information. They are physical and cybersecurity. These two technologies create security creates a shield over the organization’s data to prevent illegal users. In this, cybersecurity deals with intelligent online cyber-attacks.

Research Proposal on Cyber Security Guidance

In fact, information/network security is recognized as part of cybersecurity.  Overall, it is the best protective technology to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Furthermore, it is also popularly known for security risk control. Now, we can see about the few major issues that are prolonged for the long-term to meet the best solving solutions.

What are some problems with cyber security?

  • Reliability
    • Unauthenticated database / port scan
    • Installing malware through web penetration for data alteration
    • Compromise the system from remote location
    • Illegal access over the network records and perform forging operation
  • Accessibility
    • Flooding attack to create numerous requests over a server
    • Intentionally troublemaking a server rooms to get the resource freely
    • Ransomware attacks on sensitive data to stop the access
    • Denial of Service / Distributed DoS attack to create more traffic to block the access
  • Privacy
    • Man-in-the-middle / eavesdrop attack on data conversation
    • Mount the malware / spyware on a network
    • Breach the encrypted data

Important 3 Terms of Cyber Security

Now, we can see the significant terminologies used in cybersecurity. While performing any operations in cyber-attacks, these three terms need to focus more. Though these terms may look similar, it has different nature and computing processes.  The three terms as follows,  

  • Risk
    • It is an ability of creating harm to the system while threat uses the vulnerability
    • For more clarity, it is formulated as threat x vulnerability which is the launch point to the cybersecurity
  • Threat
    • It is an activity to create harmful things to either individual or whole organization / company
    • It is classified as intentional, unintentional and natural threats
    • It includes several threat evaluation techniques for better interpretation
  • Vulnerability
    • From the background context of the cyber system, it is addressed as the applications errors or hardware defectiveness
    • Now, it is popularly known as the susceptibility / defenselessness nature of the system
    • Further, it may affect the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication) triad

As a matter of fact, our research team is comprised of a colossal collection of distinct research areas for Research Proposal on Cyber Security. We are ready to give you more unknown interesting facts on those areas. For your reference, here we have listed key enabling technologies in cybersecurity.

Key Technologies of Cyber Security

  • Cloud Evidence Rescue System in Cyber Forensic
  • Medical IoT in D2D Wireless Networks
  • Vulnerability on Self-Organizing Social Networks
  • Integrated Cyber Systems (cross-platform safety and firewalls)
  • Autonomous Vehicles Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Potential Radicalization on Social Website Content
  • Insider and Outsider Threat Detection

What are insider threats in cyber security?

Essentially, insider threat is one of the risks in cybersecurity caused by the node in the same network.  For instance: data theft in the company is caused by the employee itself. The kind of threat can be originated from old/current employees or associated partners. Since these persons already have limited / whole rights to access company data but trying to perform illegal activities. Here, we have given you the process involved in detecting insider threats,

  • Verify the integrity of the file to analyze whether the file is compromised or not. For instance: boot / system files
  • Examine the content of the file to figure out the abnormal patterns hide inside the file. For instance: virus signatures
  • Spot the files and directories to check they were place in placed in different locations

Insider Threat Indicators in Cyber Security

Based on certain indicators also, we can detect the insider threat. These indicators address the abnormal activities in the network. For instance, the employee has a grudge but pretends to normal; it may indicate the foul game. Here we have given three common indicators to track the inside threats:

  • Traffic Size – Transmission of voluminous data in the network
  • Events at Strange Timing – Identify the abnormal actions in the network (like mid-night timings)
  • Nature of Events – Attempt to gain access to rare network resources / services

Next, we can see significant countermeasures to prevent insider threats. The below-specified countermeasures are just the sample for your information. Beyond this, our developers have come across numerous best solutions. Still, now, we are tirelessly working on up-to-date different security mechanisms to build research proposal on cyber security.

How to protect insider threats?

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Analyze the data at all the aspects (rest in servers, motion in network, storage in cloud and terminals)
  • Monitor Database Events
    • Screen the entire storage systems to auto-generate alerts on policy abuses. For instance: warehouses, data center, relational databases, and mainframes
  • User Activities Inspection
    • Inspect the user behavior through learning for identifying and warning security risks
  • Data Encode and Masking
    • Complicate the private data by disguising / encoding so that even if the hackers trace the data, it will be not useful anymore
  • Access Control and Administration
    • Silently observes the legitimate user intent in accessing the data for detecting abnormal activities
  • Alert Ranking
    • Rank the security events based on the their threat severity on using combined ML and AI technologies
  • Data Detection and Classification
    • Disclose the data size, background, locality in the cloud
  • Database Firewall Protection
    • Check and assess the known attacks / susceptibilities and while processing it prevent other threats and SQL injection

Furthermore, our research team has given you the latest cybersecurity research topics that we are currently ongoing. Based on the active scholars’ demand, we have recommended the following research Cybersecurity master project ideas.

Best Research Proposal Topics in Cyber Security

  • Cyber Anti-forensic Technologies 
  • Biometrics based Cyber Physical System
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Development of Automated Defense System
  • Improvement Cyber Intelligence based Bio-inspired Models
  • Analysis of Correlations in Objects Mobility
  • Intruders Identification using Bio-inspired Algorithm
  • Evaluation of Different Cyber-defense Models
  • Design Bio-inspired Models for Network Security
  • Behavioral Analysis for Bio-authentication
  • Security Enrichment using ML and Blockchain Techniques
  • Challenges in Network Forensics and Traffic Analysis
  • Data Hiding and Logic-based Assets Theft (watermarking and steganography)
  • Threat Detection and Classification
  • Enhancement of Cybersecurity using Adaptation Approaches
  • Cyber Threat Prediction using  Multi Technologies (ANN, Genetic and Evolutionary)

As you know well, PhD is nothing but the original research contribution to the interesting research field. For instance: cybersecurity, WSN, Cloud computing, AI, and more. The most important factors that you have to hold till the end of the research are the contribution and originality of the contribution. Next, we can see the research proposal on Cyber Security in detail with its significance and major phases.

Outline of Research Proposal on Cyber Security

            In general, research is the data-assisted scientific investigation of the specific problem, which is conducted in chronological order to critically solve the problem by perfect solution. Aresearch proposal is defined as the intelligent approach find particular unknown facts with acceptable evidence in a well-organized manner. In this, it includes a time-scheduled plan, objectives, and structured format to describe the handpicked research questions and their appropriate answer. Here, we have given you few primary key features of the best proposal

Major Parts of Research Proposal

  • Mention the research need and importance with contribution
  • Address the research hole by referring recent relevant papers
  • Clearly denote the problem statement in two or three sentences
  • Describe the effective measures against proposed problem through methodologies

Now, we can how our research writing service helps you to create quality excellence proposal writing. We have a special team of writers who are technically strong in converting the actual research plan into the systematized proposal. Below, we have specified what makes our best from others in all the aspects of the proposal writing.

PhD Research Proposal on Cyber Security

How to write the best PhD proposal writing?

  • Problem Statement
    • Describe the problem in crystal clear way which is theoretical proven but practically not evidently proven
  • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Frame the objectives of research which need to experimentally accomplished
    • If the objectives are clearly depicted to readers the it is easy for them to catch the flow of research
  • Research Questions / Hypothesis
    • Take a stand on problem and rise all applicable research questions to accomplish the objectives
    • Perform statistics-based verification on premises
  • Literature Survey
    • Describe the research state to conduct further study
    • Provide background information through relevant research papers
    • Point out the other papers’ contribution, advantages and drawbacks
    • Contribute detailed survey over recent methods
  • Methodologies
    • Core part of the proposal
    • Must to give sufficient information on proposed techniques / algorithms
    • Ensure the flow of methodologies being used
    • Evidently tackle the problem through best-fitting solutions

To sum up, if you need the best Research Proposal on Cyber Security, then contact our team. Certainly, we are pleased to lend our hands to give you the fullest support in the whole research journey. Our ultimate goal is to meet your research expectation in all aspects.

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