If you’re looking for exciting AI research questions or research topics, you’ve come to the exact place! Here we’ve collected the latest trending research topics on artificial intelligence, research questions, and project ideas. Formulating a clear and brief research questions is very crucial being the world’s leading concern we are assisting more than 500+ scholars each year by our huge team.

Some research questions sample across different subfields are:


  1. What are the key limits of current machine learning algorithms in attaining general intelligence?
  2. How can AI systems be calculated to better understand and read human emotions?

Machine Learning

  1. Can unsupervised learning techniques be better to match the predictive power of supervised learning?
  2. State the effective techniques for handling class imbalance in machine learning?

Natural Language Processing

  1. In what ways machine translation algorithms be better to comprehend and translate idiomatic and cultural expressions effectively?
  2. Can automated summarization tools capture the nuanced arguments in legal or scientific documents?

Computer Vision

  1. What advancements are wanted in computer vision algorithms for real-time object recognition in cluttered and dynamic environments?
  2. How can machine learning progress the correctness and efficiency of medical image diagnostics?


  1. How can multi-agent systems in robotics be synchronized for complex tasks?
  2. What are the technical encounters while developing tactile sensors for robots that can mimic the human sense of touch?


  1. Can AI algorithms predict patient readmissions or complications after surgery with high accuracy?
  2. How can machine learning improve personalized medicine by predicting individual responses to treatments?

Data Privacy

  1. Can federated learning be used to build machine learning models without negotiating user privacy?
  2. How active are current differential privacy methods in protecting individual data in large-scale datasets?


  1. What role can AI play in optimizing supply chain logistics?
  2. Can AI techniques improve real-time anomaly detection in cybersecurity?

Explainability and Interpretability

  1. How can interpretability be combined into deep learning models without compromising their performance?
  2. What are the best methods to visually represent complex machine learning models to non-expert users?


  1. How real are AI-driven educational platforms in improving learning outcomes?
  2. Can AI be used to sense and adjust to different learning styles in a classroom setting?

The above listed questions are just a basics for a widespread research work. The aim of our research paper is to provide with a broad research guideline for scholars and giving on time delivery of research work. Research issues, topics and ideas will be shared by our leading PhD experts, contact for further support.

Top 7 Challenges in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

  1. Computing Power
  2. Trust Deficit
  3. Limited Knowledge
  4. Human-level
  5. Data Privacy and Security
  6. The Bias Problem
  7. Data Scarcity
Research challenges and Projects about Artificial Intelligence

Research Topics and Ideas in Artificial Intelligence

Without much confusion, let’s explore 20 Artificial Intelligence projects that you can build. Our research experts suggest you novel project ideas in case if you are new to the AI. Tailored research work on AI can be carried out in a genuine way by our writers.

  1. A universal modular actor formalism for artificial intelligence
  2. Artificial intelligence techniques for photovoltaic applications: A review
  3. Using artificial intelligence to augment human intelligence
  4. Towards a standard for identifying and managing bias in artificial intelligence
  5. Towards transparency by design for artificial intelligence
  6. The next decade in AI: four steps towards robust artificial intelligence
  7. AI in CAI: An artificial-intelligence approach to computer-assisted instruction
  8. Responsible artificial intelligence: how to develop and use AI in a responsible way
  9. Artificial intelligence in psychological practice: Current and future applications and implications.
  10. Program good ethics into artificial intelligence
  11. What this computer needs is a physician: humanism and artificial intelligence
  12. Recruitment through artificial intelligence: a conceptual study
  13. Possibilities and apprehensions in the landscape of artificial intelligence in education
  14. Artificial intelligence in radiation oncology
  15. Made-up minds: a constructivist approach to artificial intelligence
  16. Artificial intelligence in business: State of the art and future research agenda
  17. Multi-agent systems: an introduction to distributed artificial intelligence
  18. The emergence of artificial intelligence: How automation is changing auditing
  19. Understanding the role of artificial intelligence in personalized engagement marketing
  20. Robot-proof: higher education in the age of artificial intelligence

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