Robotics and artificial intelligence projects

Are you obsessive about robotics and eager to outshine in this exciting field? Look no further! serves as an ultimate guide for your robotics projects and ideas, we develop tailored projects for all categories. Here we have collected list of innovative and exciting Robotics and Artificial Intelligence projects Ideas from basic level to advanced level, let us explore the World of Robotics.

Basic Level

  • Line Succeeding Robot: A robot will be developed to track a line or path by using simple machine learning algorithms.
  • Voice-Commanded Robot: Through voice commands a robot will be developed to perform basic tasks (like moving forward, backward, turning).
  • Gesture-Controlled Robot: Simple machine learning algorithms is used to identify hand gestures to control a robot’s movement.
  • Mechanized Pet Feeder: This is a simple robotics project where the feeder plans and measures are exact through a machine learning algorithm to adapt pet’s eating habits.

Intermediate Level

  • Object Categorization Robot: A robot will be furnished with a camera to sort objects based on colour, size, or shape by applying machine learning for image recognition.
  • Health Monitoring Robot: Sensors will be implemented on robots to monitor health metrics like temperature, heartbeat, etc., and use machine learning algorithms to predict health anomalies.
  • Search and Rescue Robot: To navigate among a maze or debris and find objects or people we make use of a mixture of sensors and pathfinding algorithms.
  • Home Automation Robot: Home automation tasks such as plant watering, vacuum cleaning, etc., which is based on predictive algorithms.

Advanced Level

  • Independent Drone Navigation: Develop a drone that can navigate among obstacles freely here we will develop a drone by using reinforcement learning to improve its navigational capabilities.
  • Human-Robot Collaboration: To help humans in errands like assembly line production, using advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques for object recognition and task planning.
  • Emotion Recognition Robot: We make use of cutting-edge machine learning techniques like neural networks to recognize human emotions through facial expressions, voice tonality, and body language, and let the robot respond accordingly.
  • Robot Swarm Coordination: To allow multiple robots to work in coordination, simulating behaviours like flocking, foraging, or exploration by its studying algorithms. It involves multi-agent reinforcement learning.

Cutting-Edge Projects

  • AI-driven Prosthetic Limbs: Herew we will merge AI algorithms to make prosthetic limbs which can adapt numerous terrains and adjust for optimal energy use.
  • Self-learning Robotic Arms: To perform complex tasks like painting or assembling a product autonomously here we execute reinforcement learning algorithms to teach a robotic arm.
  • Surgical Robots: One can carry out AI algorithms for image and sensor data processing to support in a hard surgical procedure.
  • Humanoid Robots with Conversational AI: A humanoid robot is built that not only imitates human movements but can also occupy in conversations using advanced NLP algorithms. offers array of project ideas for Robotics and AI. Scholars can attain skills and knowledge by working on these projects under our guidance and support, by exceling in their robotics journey. By seeking right guidance and frequent updation of techniques and resources provided by our technical developer’s scholars can follow their passion for robotics and AI on a rewarding career path.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Ideas

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Project and Thesis Topics

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  • Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence in industry 4.0–a literature review
  • A Study of Management to Develop Adaptable AI-enabled Robots toward Inclusive Society
  • Towards Open and Expandable Cognitive AI Architectures for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Human-Robot Collaborative Learning
  • Design and Implementation of Automatic Robot for Floating Solar Panel Cleaning System using AI Technique
  • Telerobot task planning and reasoning: integration of AI, geometric reasoning and robotic systems
  • Open-Source Educational Platform for FPGA Accelerated AI in Robotics
  • Robot, AI and Service Automation (RAISA) in Airports: the Case of South Korea
  • Human Action Recognition of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Edge-AI
  • AI Therapist Realizing Expert Verbal Cues for Effective Robot-Assisted Gait Training
  • Harnessing the Power of Smart and Connected Health to Tackle COVID-19: IoT, AI, Robotics, and Blockchain for a Better World
  • Artificial Intelligence based Self-Driving Car using Robotic Model
  • Research on Aromatherapy Relieving Anxiety of Menopausal Women and Introducing Artificial Intelligence and Robot Arms
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Sector: A Descriptive Bibliometric Analysis and Future Research Directions
  • Method of Robotic Process Automation in Software Testing Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence in safety-relevant embedded systems – on autonomous robotic surgery
  • Fire extinguishing model by robots of artificial intelligence based on ABM
  • Monitoring and Facilitating Students Programming Skill Development using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)–A Case Study
  • The Unique Challenges of Teaching Artificial Intelligence Systems to Mechatronics and Robotics Students
  • Selected Topics of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
  • Simulating reliability of the robotic system software on the basis of artificial intelligence

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