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For all disciplines we concentrate effective Scientific Manuscript Writing Services that can be customized as per your brief. We propose a unique problem statement that attracts the readers. Round the clock support will be given at time to clarify your needs.  The following are few of the main regions and related journals that you might identify motivating for your research:

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Specifically, in communications and networking applications, the “IEEE Transactions on Machine Learning in Communications and Networking” concentrates on machine learning and AI techniques developments.
  2. Renewable Energy: With the enormous applications and creativities in principles and innovation, this region remains to be an important research domain.
  3. Cyber-Physical Systems: Among computational components and real-time procedures, the “IEEE Transactions on Industrial Cyber- Physical Systems” investigates the incorporation and communication. The Cyber-Physical Systems is determined as developing research discipline.
  4. NextGen Communications and Networking: This domain comprises the latest interaction technologies, networking protocols and systems. It is also considered as an emerging domain.
  5. Systems engineering: The multidisciplinary factors of system engineering, encompassing equipment, methodologies, protocols, and implemented engineering factors for complicated frameworks are indicated in “IEEE Open Journal of System Engineering”.
  6. Localization and Navigation Systems: Localization and monitoring frameworks-based exploration are presented in the “IEEE Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation” journal. In the period of smart devices and IoT, the above specified models play a crucial role.
  7. AgriFood Technology: Perceptions in what way innovation is developing food production and farming, is offered in “IEEE Transactions on AgriFood Electronics” journal. For sustainability, this technology is examined as a region of rising significance.

How do you write an academic proposal?

In numerous domains specifically for students and researchers who require to suggest a thesis, dissertation, or research work, writing an academic proposal is considered as an essential perception. The following are the few guidelines that assist us while writing an interesting educational proposal:

  1. Understand the Requirements
  • Guidelines: We must know about certain directions that are offered by our department, university, or sponsoring body based on structure, size and content.
  1. Define Your Topic
  • Topic Selection: It is advisable to select a topic that is engaging, reliable, and related. A topic must dedicate a few novel approaches or solve a gap in previous research.
  1. Write an Engaging Title
  • Title: A brief and explanatory title must be developed that offers an explicit sign of our suggested study.
  1. Draft the Introduction
  • Background and Rationale: In our proposal, we introduce our topic, offer information about the background, and mention the justification for our research. The reason why the topic is significant and beneficial to research must be described.
  • Problem Statement: It is significant to explicitly explain the research query or issue of our proposal that aims to solve.
  1. Review of Literature
  • Existing Research: To present our interpretation of the topic, we outline previous studies that are related. It is better to emphasize drawbacks or gaps that our research intends to solve.
  1. State the Objectives
  • Research Objectives: We certainly summarize the aim or focus of our research. What do we expect to attain?
  1. Describe Your Methodology
  • Research Methods: To carry out our research, we explain the techniques that we will employ. The information on data gathering, analysis methods, and any equipment or tools required must also be encompassed.
  • Feasibility: It is beneficial to describe why these techniques are reliable and suitable for our research objectives.
  1. Implications and Contribution
  • Research Significance: The possible significance and dedication of our research must be explained. How will it develop skills in the domain?
  1. Outline a Timeline
  • Timeline: Summarizing the main events or incidents and time limits, we offer an assessed timeframe for our research.
  1. Budget (If Applicable)
  • Budget: It is approachable to encompass a budget summarizing any expenses that are related with our study, like travel, tools, or sources.
  1. Conclude Your Proposal
  • Summary: We conclude with an outline that supports the importance of our research and its possible dedication.
  1. References
  • Citations: In a proper educational format, it is better to involve a reference list mentioning all the materials that we have discussed in our proposal.
  1. Edit and Proofread
  • Review Your Work: To assure clearness, accuracy, and consistency, we meticulously edit and proofread our proposal. We consider spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  1. Seek Feedback
  • Feedback: To analyze our proposal, it is significant to maintain advisors, peers, or staff. They offer beneficial review, which is useful to alter our proposal.
  1. Finalize and Submit
  • Finalize: Depending on the obtained reviews, we make essential alterations or modifications. We assure that our proposal aligns with every mentioned necessity and direction.
  • Submission: Within the specified time limit, we submit our proposal.

Hints for a Strong Proposal

  • Clarity and Precision: Our writing must be certain and accurate. In our research techniques and focus, it is better to neglect the unclear or uncertainty.
  • Alignment: It is approachable to make sure that all the components of our proposal are arranged in proper order and assist one another, from introduction to objectives and methodology sections.
  • Adherence to Guidelines: We always follow the offered instructions. This encompasses structure, number of wordings, and necessities of content.
Scientific Manuscript Writing Assistance

Scientific Manuscript Writing Guidance

Have a look at the topics for which we assist Scientific Manuscript Writing Guidance, the targeted goal of your research objective will be achieved by suing trending methodologies. Our skilled writers will take your paper until publication by our extensive experience we will achieve success for your paper.

  1. Intelligent Test System on the Power Battery of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  2. An Optimization Strategy for Distribution Network Reconfiguration Considering Integration of Electric Vehicles
  3. Development of an integrated wireless communication system for connecting electric vehicles to the power grid
  4. A Heterogeneous Network for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Communication
  5. A modified GWO technique based fractional order PID controller with derivative filter coefficient for AGC of power systems with plug in electric vehicles
  6. A new control strategy of Doubly-fed Induction Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  7. Control of a battery/supercapacitor hybrid energy storage system for electric vehicles Steering Reference Acceleration Generation Strategy for a Multi-axis Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle
  8. A neural network model of electric differential system for electric vehicle
  9. Hybridization of Supercapacitor and Battery for Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles
  10. Location Selection of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on Improved Immune Algorithm
  11. Simulation and Monitoring of a Microgrid with Electric Vehicles and Controllable Loads
  12. Sensorless Vehicle Position Detection in Electric Vehicle by Logistic Estimation Function of Mutual Inductance
  13. Evaluation of a current source active power filter to reduce the dc bus capacitor in a hybrid electric vehicle traction drive
  14. Hybrid MPPT Solar-Wind Electric Vehicle With Automatic Battery Switching
  15. Predicting Electric Vehicle impacts on residential distribution networks with Distributed Generation
  16. Modular bidirectional DC-DC converter for hybrid/electric vehicles with variable-frequency interleaved soft-switching
  17. An adaptive equivalent consumption minimization strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicle based on Fuzzy PI
  18. Incomplete data in smart grid: Treatment of missing values in electric vehicle charging data
  19. High Bandwidth On-Board DC Voltage and Current Measurements of the Main Inverter of an Electric Vehicle
  20. A novel dead time compensation circuit for improved PWM inverter operation in brushless motor drive systems for electric vehicles

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