Types of Network Simulator

What is meant by network simulator? Network simulation is the execution of the actual behaviour of a computer network with the use of specific features to analyze the recorded information and communicated data. There are several network simulators are used for simulating and analysing the network behaviours.  This article suggests information about the different types of network simulators that can be useful for advanced networks.

3 Leading Network Simulators


QualNet is a dissemination and interconnection-based network simulator which uses large networks that can be modelled and simulated with strong traffic. It contains 4 modules presented below,

  • Model Setup Tool for Qualnet Scenario Designer
  • Visualization and Analysis Tool for Qualnet- Animator
  • Protocol Skeleton Tool for Qualnet Protocol Designer
  • Debugging Tool for Square Packet Tracer

These tools handle more than 1000 nodes that run on different systems and environments.


Netsim is obtainable both in mercantile and educational versions particularly used to develop and simulate different network protocols such as Ethernet, Internet protocol suite, ATM controller. Netsim enables a comparative study on Ethernet networks.  The outcome of comparative position of network power stations, a rational signal handling modeling, exchange of deferral techniques, and collision detection and management processes can also be examined. The foremost power of Netsim is that the module can be performed on different operating systems.

Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET)

  It is a diplomatic event, object-riveting, universal backbone best network simulator. It is used by the overall development environment for simulation, specification, and comparative analysis of system and data communication frameworks. 

OPNET uses a layered architecture in which each layer represents the various characteristics of the entire system, which is investigated. The highest layer includes the network model in which the topology is addressed. The next layer is the connection or node layer used to explain how the data flows in a model and finally, the third layer is called the process editor which manages control flow in a model.

OPNET has different tools and modules which are OPNET prototype, execution engine, and system library, and investigation tools.   It is often used by the networking industry for evaluating the performance and assessment of LAN and WAN networks. Especially it has an analysis tool that is integrated for the need of presenting output data and synthesizing. 

Advantages of OPNET

The most important strengths of OPNET include an extensive model library, modular model construction, detailed modeling information, user-supportive GUI, and visualization of simulation output. Some unique ideas can be implemented using types of network simulator that emerging in the current days also. 

Latest Research Ideas using Network Simulators  

  • Channel allocation
  • Resource Management
  • Packet Transmission modeling
  • MAC layers / Cross-Layer Design 
  • Protocols of OSI layers

There is a list of Free open source software (FOSS) available in the market. The most popular ones are described below,

Types of Network simulator

Open Source Different Types of Network Simulators List 


           It is a parallel simulator based on a library that is deployed on wireless mobile networks. It can be developed under the PARSEC (Parallel Simulation Environment for Complex System) Language interface. PARSEC is parallel programming that is enhanced from the C language. GloMoSim is the most adaptable simulator particularly used by research experts to manage more than 1000 nodes on a wide area network. 

  We offer many problems with solutions in this domain which will be simulated with different types of network simulator. This is because of having highly potential faculties to guide students in a friendly manner. PARSEC returns comparative results about several protocols that work on wireless networks. 

  Scalability is the prime power of GloMoSim which helps to execute nearly 1000 nodes on more than one machine simultaneously. But it is However, GloMoSim is bound only to wireless networks.


Peer-to-Peer Realm (P2PRealm) is based on Java mainly utilized by neural networks to achieve optimization during the network simulation. It includes 4 essential building blocks 

  • P2P network
  • Algorithms 
  • Input/output interface
  • Neural network optimization

To provide neural network outputs and examine the networks of P2P, P2PRealm is widely used. The significant merit of P2PRealm is its potentiality to optimize P2P networks efficiently. But P2P networks remain under research. 


Building blocks are used to create a modular situated simulator that manipulates distinct events which are known as OMNet++. 

The modules of OMNet++ is divided into 2 types which are described below,

  • Simple modules – it is exercised to represent the algorithms and indicates the behavior of event arrivals including the creation of events and response on events.
  • Compound modules – Grouping of many simple modules into one and communicating with one another

 The primary qualities of OMNeT++ incorporate GUI, object reviewers for zooming into elements level, and at the time of simulation, it shows the condition of every element, design of modules and reflection, setup, and point by point execution of modules and their conventions.

    Despite these benefits, OMNeT++ executes slowly because of the wide simulation run and burning of large memory. 

GTNetS (Georgia Tech Network Simulator)

          With the use of GTNetS we can develop simulation models starting from moderate to wide-scale. The frameworks which are created on GTNetS can be quickly upgraded to aid new object-oriented-based networking approaches. One of the main robustness characteristics of GTNetS is that it is closely identical to the hardware of a real network. Hence a little bit of network knowledge is sufficient to create and simulate the model. 


        NS-2 is perhaps the most generally utilized network simulator. It is based on an object-oriented network simulator that handles distinct events. It was originally intended by the network research group for imitating routing techniques, protocols of TCP/IP, and multicasting. 

For command and setup tasks, NS-2 employs OTcl as an interface that is written in C++. The scripts of OTcl are executed to build and manage the simulation platform such as constructing a simulation framework and running various simulation models.

Current Trending Topics using Network Simulators 

  • Development of QoS-aware data center network via reinforcement learning
  • Achieve Latency Reduction in 5G VANETs by the use of Scheduling Protocols
  • Design of effective Congestion Control architecture using IoT wireless sensors 
  • Creation of revolutionary Robotics Controllers through the utilization of Simulators established on neural networks
  • Comparative analysis on Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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