Wind turbine simulator

What are wind turbine?

            Wind turbines are power generation component from the source of wind. Simulation process is suitable for mechatronics and embedding computer systems to increase the speed of latest wind turbines. The method called “design by model” is useful to give a halve development time for challenging mechatronic systems and wind turbines.

“This article is specially designed for students and Ph.D., scholars who are doing their projects based on Wind turbine simulator. Additionally, we include plenty of novel ideas for wind turbine projects. Are you ready to learn this article? Let’s check it!”

Benefit of Wind turbines

  • Wind turbines are mainly used in conversion of energy from kinetic wind energy into electrical power.
  • Used to replace the grid power cost by maintaining the electricity by wind turbines generated power.

            The above point insists the use of wind turbines. In general, turbine contains some of the sub components like blades and rotors. Rotors act as a generator for wind turbines. We hope these points are understandable for you. Continuously, we are moving to the subsequent topics that is Modules, Plugins and Important Class and its purpose of Wind turbine simulators.

Wind Turbine Module

  • Aerodynamics simulation module
    • This module is designated from AWSM and it is useful to minimize the uncertainty count with compared to widely used method of blade-element-momentum.

Wind turbine simulator plugin

  • Check generator power
    • This is mainly used for generate the speed of turbines. Power and RPM speed generator are the final result of this plugin.

Classes for Wind Turbine Simulation

  • Select_Turbine_Systems(WT_Config_Name,WT_Configs)
    • Purpose of this class is to select the configuration parameter and configuration wind turbines for turbine system.
  • Generate_Sim_Settings(param_vals,param_name,rtp)
    • First we create the list of parameter for this class. Then it calls the Generate_Sim_Settings using parameters.

So, before said sections are important to know when you study about Wind turbine Simulators. That’s why our experts provided this valuable information’s for you. Then the upcoming passage contains some list of fundamentals which is used for the wind turbine simulator. Are you ready to know those points? Let’s we start!

Installation of Wind Turbine Simulation

  • Simscape tool
    • To assemble the required components to the schematic with Simulink platform for quickly create a physical system model.
  • Programming Languages
    • Matlab (Script)
  • Supported operating system: Windows Server 2019
    • RAM recommended: 4GB per core is recommended and 8GB for representing Polyspace
    • Processor Minimum: AMD x86-64 processor and Any Intel
  • Version
    • Matlab R2019a
  • TCP/IP protocol
    • This protocol mainly used for communication interface.
    • Various kinds of modules can be synchronised for better communication of networks.
    • Using the combination of simulation methods we can able to model and simulate 2.5MW wind turbines.

Research Ideas of Wind Turbine

  • Mechanical applicationMulti-blade wind mills are used for the purpose of water pumping
    • Multi-agent system (MAS)
      • Used in deigning activities of wind turbines
    • Wind turbine control and monitoring
      • To monitor and control the speed of wind turbines
      • Generating electricity
      • Digital wind farm
    • Wind power electric system
      • Generate the electric power from the kinetic wind source

Simulation Parameters for Wind Turbine

  • Feedback Noise (e.g.(0, 0.5)m/s)
    • Rotational Inertia (e.g. 100,00 kg m2)
    • Wind Velocity (e.g. 10 m/s (avg))
    • Damping Coefficient (e.g. 1 kg m2/s)
    • Swept Radius (e.g. 40m)

These are some fundamentals of wind turbine simulator. Our experts are frequently using these tools in our regular projects. So, handling of these processes is very simple for our experts. The subsequent passage discusses some subject wise modules and process syntax for wind turbine simulator.

Wind turbine simulator modules

  • Coefficient Cp
    • In this module, output power of the turbine is in the form mechanical energy it can be converted into wind power.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG)
    • Permanent magnets are providing the magnetization and soft start for rotors when it does not get significant loss.

Simulation Steps for Small wind turbine setup

  • Initiate the simulation platform and open Matlab
  • To build a Simulink module for wind turbines based on PMSG and torque control.
  • This model is directly connected with generator no use of gearbox.
  • Use three phase PWM rectifier for providing DC load current.
  • Running the process of simulation and evaluate it.

These are the steps to set the small wind turbine simulation. If you consider, any simulation process that are all having unique syntax for it. So, clear knowledge of that kind of syntax is mandatory to build an efficient project. Eventually, we are offering step by step explanation of your projects. Frequently, we will move on to the next section which may contain algorithm, research area and some advantages of wind turbine simulator.

Algorithms for Wind Turbine Simulation

  • Renewable energy-aware load balancing routing algorithm
    • This depends on BGP based routing among ASs.
    • This algorithm can be considered the entire possible path for routing with its attributes then it will choose the optimal path.
    • It is always suitable for all of the renewable energy sources and we can able to change the weight of the attributes.
  • Extended Pattern Search (EPS)
    • Specially designed for multi-agent system activities.
    • It provides the various objectives and architecture of this algorithm, which is easily adaptable.
    • So, agents can be easily added, modified, removed and manipulated

Wind Turbine Performance Parameters

  • Size and shape of turbine
  • Turbine speed
  • Rotor blade pitch angle
  • Rotor blade tilt

The aforesaid points are useful for getting more clearance about wind turbine simulator. Definitely, there is no doubt it can increase your project interest based on this field. The following section consists of the major two functions of wind turbine simulation.

Major 2 Functions of Wind Turbine Simulator

  • Mechanical dynamic
    • This process is useful to analyse the communication between grid systems and wind turbines because blades are connected with drive train.
  • Electromechanical transient
    • It is one of the studies for wind power simulation process.
    • Main purpose of this process to analyse the electrical transition characteristics of wind turbines.

General steps for wind turbine simulation

  • Start the simulation process
  • To understand the operations and region of wind turbines. It is useful for develop the controlling algorithms.
  • After that the model can be deployed.
  • Save the file with slx extension and run and simulate this file.
  • Stop the simulation process

From this passage you can get some idea about some major steps in wind turbines. To summarize, we move on to the next section that is some performance metrics of wind turbines and recent project ideas in wind turbine simulator.

Wind Turbine Comparison Metrics

  • Low voltage ride
  • Grid fault

Recent Wind Turbine Project Ideas

  • To optimize the blade design for wind turbine simulator
  • To perform model and simulation for wind energy
  • Build wind turbine with fixed pitch angle
  • Developing new wind turbine simulation model  
  • Perform aero elastic simulation for wind turbines

We hope this page is support for your project and useful to gain your basic knowledge about wind turbine simulator. Eagerly, we are offering online guidance for all kind of projects with affordable prices. Apart from this, we are having plenty of novel ideas for you future projects. We are working 24/7 continuously. So, you can contact us at any time.

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