Top 15+ Big Data Dissertation Topics

The term big data refers to the technology which processes a huge amount of data in various formats within a fraction of seconds. Big data handles the research domains by means of managing their data loads. Big data dissertation helps to convey the perceptions on the proposed research problems. It is also known as the new generation technology which could compatible with high-speed data acquisitions, storage, and analytics. From this article, you will come to know the big data dissertation topics with their relevant justifications”

In general, dissertation writing is one of the irreplaceable parts of the research. A well-drafted dissertation helps you to point out the issues and solutions of the researched area to the other opponents. Our technical team has framed this article with the introduction of big data fundamentals to make you understand. At the end of this article, you are going to become a master in the areas of dissertation topics without any doubts. Shall we move on to the upcoming areas? Let’s move to get into the article.

Top 5 Interesting Big Data Dissertation Topics

Fundamentals of Big Data

  • Big Data “Applications”
    • Pattern Analytics
    • Sentiment Analysis
  • Big Data “Methodologies”
    • Clustering
    • Block Modeling
    • Association Rule Mining
    • Partitioning Nodes 
  • Big Data “Feature Extraction Tools”
    • Cassandra & Oozie
    • Hbase & JAQL
    • Mahout & Hadoop
    • Hive & Middleware
    • Pig & MapReduce
  • Big Data “Resources”
    • Geographical based Sources
      • Demographical Data 
      • Social Media Data
      • Multimedia Data
    • Real-time based Sources
      • Crime Incidents
      • Financial Reports
      • Telephone Histories
      • Network Location Data
      • Observation Logs

The above listed are the aspects that are getting comprised in the fundamentals of big data. Big data is the technology to progress a huge amount of data with homogeneity by numerous concepts. Big data applications can be deployed in any of the fields to achieve extreme results in the determined areas of research/projects. In the subsequent areas, we mentioned to you the pipeline architecture of the big data for the ease of your understanding.

Big data progresses the unstructured data and normalizes the same in the human-readable formats. Our technical crew is very much sure about every concept of big data technology. Now let us move on to the next phase. Are you interested in stepping into the next section? Come we will learn together.

Pipeline Architecture for Big Data 

  • Acquisition of Big Data
    • Data Warranty 
    • Data Types
    • Data Size
  • Preprocessing & Storing Big Data
    • Data Cleaning  
    • Meta Data Managing
    • Raw & Normalized Logs Storage
  • Analyzing Big Data
    • Prescriptive & Descriptive
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Learning & AI
    • Statistical Data Mining
  • Exploration of Big Data
    • Decision Support Methods
    • Visualized Dashboards
    • Alerting & Reporting Systems

This is how the big data architecture is built in real-time. Generally, manual working with a massive amount of data leads to too much time ingestions. Besides, you need to get familiar with the big data technical concepts to exclude these limitations. Usually, it needs experts’ pieces of advice to learn the eminent and crucial edges of those overlays. 

In addition, here we wanted to remark about our incredible abilities in handling big data technologies. You might get wondered about us! We are a company with numerous skilled top engineers who are dynamically particularly performing the big data dissertation topics. Are you ready to know about us? Let’s move on to the next phase!

Our Experts Skillsets in Big Data

  • Software Developers
    • Familiar with Hadoop & Cloud era etc.
  • Technology Architect
    • Google & AWS cloud deployment practices  
  • Skilled Writers
    • Virtuous inherent writing skillsets
  • Hadoop Masters
    • Experts in handling the bottlenecks with various tools
  • Technical Professionals
    • Masters in big data concepts
  • Domain Experts
    • Experts in IoT, deep learning, machine learning & data mining
  • Numerous Technologies
    • Conversant with software, hardware, myriad & Matlab tools
  • Quantifiable Skills
    • Experts in multivariable calculus, matrix & linear algebra
  • Tools Experts
    • Highly aware of Hadoop, SQL, R, Hive & Scala
  • Programming Abilities
    • Proficient in Python, Java, C++ & R

The aforementioned are the various skillsets of our technical team. We are delivering the big data and other projects/researches by interpreting with these techniques and abilities. So far, we have discussed the basic concepts of big data analytics. We thought that it would be the right time to reveal the major features that overlap in big data analytics for the ease of your understanding. Shall we guys get into that phase? Here we go!!!

Major Features of Big Data Analytics

  • Optimization of data storage 
  • Processing large volume of data 
  • Relevant search option 
  • Feedbacks update and work precisely 

The listed above passage conveyed to you the features that manipulate the workflow of big data. As the matter of fact, our technical team with experts is frequently updating them according to the trends in the technology industry and solves the problems that arise in it. As this article is concentrated on the big data dissertation topics, our experts want to highlight the major problems that get up in big data management to improve your skill sets in that areas too. Let us have the next section!!!

Major Problems in Big Data

  • Security & Privacy Problems
    • Big Data Privacy Maintenance 
      • Difficult to work with the different data formats
      • Massive unstructured data ranges from videos, data & image
      • Region-wise privacy control variations make much complex 
  • Secure Federated Learning-based Real-Time Applications
    • Trains the decentralized data models
    • Accommodates with the regulatory in which data cannot be shared
    • Requires improved local models in each boundary
    • Hardware or software level security is big a challenge
  • Anonymization of Sensitive Fields 
    • It fails to preserve the sensitive fields in the healthcare systems
    • For instance, it reveals the personal health records visibly
  • Large Scale Systems’ Anomalies Recognition 
    • It fails to recognize the abnormalities (anomalies) of the big data
    • In addition, it is the major issue in telecom domains
  • Massive Data Handling Problems 
    • Large-scale Graph Processing
      • Effective graph processing is needed in social media analysis
      • It fails to handle the large scale graph processing
  • Parallel Data Processing Scalable Architectures
    • Spark & Hadoop processes the online & offline data formats
    • It requires improved scalability to process the parallel big data
  • Streaming Cloud Video Analytics 
    • Videos are the public data transmission medium
    • For instance CCTV footages, YouTube, and other social media video clips
    • Data storage in cloud systems are a challenging issue here
  • Data Ambiguity & Artifacts Managing Problems
    • Ambiguity based Big Data Processing
      • Inaccurate / Partial & Low Reliability is the biggest issue here
      • Unlabeled data vagueness makes it much complex
  • Data Artifacts & Partial Data Training 
    • It results in data omission & ineffective data propagation
    • Leads to understand the meaning in different ways
  • Minimizing Big Data Dimensions
    • Visualization of the massive amount of data dimensions are not possible
  • Fake News Recognition
    • Results in spreading rumors unconditionally
    • Fake data sources are Whatsapp, Twitters & forged URLs

The listed above are the major problems that are being faced in big data technologies. However, these issues can be eradicated by the deployment of several tools along with improving the techniques of the same. In fact, this phase needs experts guidance. We do have world-class certified engineers to perform in emerging technologies. 

If you are facing any issues in these areas while experimenting you can approach our researchers at any time. We are always welcoming the students to get benefits from us.

In a matter of fact, our technical crew is very much intelligent in handling the thesis/dissertation as well as familiar in the areas of big data projects and researches. Yes, we are going to cover the next section by highlighting the recent big data dissertation topics for your better understanding. As we reserved the unique places in the industries, we are being trusted blindly in the event of providing the unimaginable innovations in the determined dissertation and other works.

Recent Big Data Dissertation Topics

  • Huge Scale Key-Value Storing & Data Distribution by Kinetic Drives
  • Blocking Falls / HOL Deadlock Freedom & Minimal Path Routing by Smart-queuing 
  • Digital 5D Network Applications by Lessor Dimensionality Elements 
  • Effective Biological Network Analytics by Graph Theory Sampling Methods
  • Advanced Big Data Segmentation (unfair) by Boosted Sampling Methods 
  • Collaborative Filtering & Huge Scale Bipartite Rating Graphs by Spark
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation by IoT & SDN
  • Termination of Tasks by Drive Diagnostic Data Center Attribution System
  • Container Resource Integrations by Hadoop Transcoding Cluster Split Samples
  • Retail Supply Chain Decision Making & Alerting System by Cloud Computing 
  • Sensitive Processes by Collaborative Filtering Algorithm & Quality Variance Methods
  • Keyword Searches in Proxy Servers & Cloud Computing by Cryptography
  • Non-Collaborative (Game) Cloud Computing by Task Scheduling Algorithm 
  • Multi-core Parallelizing & Overlapping by Speaker Listener Label Propagation
  • Bipartite Graphs for Vacation Spots by Inventive Recommendation Frameworks

The above listed are some of the big data dissertation topics. In this section we have used some acronyms; we thought that you might need their explanations to understand the same.  

Let’s begin your dissertation works by envisaging these as your references. We hope that you are getting the points as of now listed. As the matter of fact, we are offering the dissertation services at the lowest cost compared to others. In addition to that, we have delivered more than 10,000 big data dissertations till now. 

To be honest, each big data dissertation has a unique quality and we never imitate the contents as represented in the other dissertations. This makes us irreplaceable from others. If you are interested, let’s join your hands with us to experience the inexperienced technical fields. In addition to these sections, we have also wanted to encompass the big data analytics tools for the ease of your understanding. Let’s have that section!

Big Data Dissertation Writing Service

Big Data Analytics Tools

  • Sqoop
    • Imports data from RDBMS and sends to the Hadoop systems for queries
  • Hbase
    • Runs the aggregated queries & generates the columnar based database 
  • MapReduce
    • Sums up the incidences and words in the given inputs
  • Kafka
    • Stores the massive unstructured data & acts as a data streaming mode
    • Computational open source big data tool with real-time occurrences
  • Spark
    • Analyses & processes the immense amount of data robustly
  • Cassandra
    • Handles the data portions effectively (chunks) & distributed DB
  • Talend
    • Manages and integrates the big data acquisitions      
  • MongoDB
    • Deals with the dynamic datasets
  • Hadoop
    • Analyses & warehouses the huge amount of data

The aforementioned are the top big data analytical tools. In those tools, Spark & Kafka writes simple window sliding queries to identify the necessary data. Open source datasets & log data parsing can be practiced if you become familiar with the functionalities and concepts of the big data analytical tools. So far, we have learned in the areas of big data dissertation topics. We hope that you would have enjoyed this article as this is conveyed to you the very essential aspects with crystal clear points. We are hoping for your explorations.

“Let’s start to light up your envisaged ideologies and thoughts in the forms of technology”

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