Internet of Things IoT Dissertation Topics

Controlling all devices by connecting them to a common network is called the internet of things. Devices are programmed to control and operate them. By choosing an innovative IoT Dissertation Topics, you can learn a lot more about latest trending technology in internet of things. Making IoT is your research area can fetch you great scope for MS thesis writing. To make your work easy we are here providing you with all the basic ideology to start with your PhD MS IoT Research work. Let us first start with the advantages of the Internet of things.

What are the benefits of IoT?

  • The major advantage of the internet of things is the devices that can be connected to a network. Any device and anything can be connected to form IoT.
  • Both to and from communication is possible with IoT. So messages can be passed in one-hop or multi-hop communication.
  • Distance range does not matter in IoT. It can be used to communicate from anywhere to any place.
  • People can stay connected at any time and in context with anyone across the globe.
  • It improves homogeneous and heterogeneous data collection support for IoT users 

These advantages of IoT make it an unavoidable technology of today. We have nearly 9+ years of experience in guiding research projects on the Internet of things. So we have been traveling with its journey of advancement since its beginning. We are providing world-class research guidance for any type of research as real-time or application-type projects. Here we give you a list of trending IoT Dissertation Topics.

Internet of Things Dissertation topics


Here is a list of IoT research topics that you can refer to for writing your MS thesis on the internet of things.

AI in IoT

  • Context-driven intelligence
  • Distributed AI for IoT
  • Security and Privacy for IoT AI
  • Fight Against COVID-19 using AI
  • Machine learning for Devices
  • Use of IoT/ AI to fight COVID-19
  • AI for Low power IoT devices
  • Embedded AI with IoT architecture
  • Edge Computing with IoT using AI
  • AI for IoT edge computing
  • Data Analytics over Edge Computing

IoT with 5G and beyond

  • Software-defined networking solutions
  • Critical and URLLC
  • Multiple access networks and network backhaul
  • Blockchain solutions
  • Energy efficiency and wirelessly powered
  • 6G-enabled IoT
  • Cooperative communication techniques
  • IoT architecture with 5G and beyond networks
  • Massive connectivity
  • IoT short-range communications
  • Efficient resource allocation schemes, QoS, and QoE
  • IoT security of smart sustainable cities
  • Contact tracing to fight against COVID 19
  • Cryptography, key management, authentication and authorization

You can either start with any of these topics if you are interested in IoT. These are the most trending research areas in IoT. For any help in choosing the innovative IoT Dissertation topics, you can call us from anywhere at any time. Our best technical team is ready to support you all the time for 5g Master thesis. We have provided brief ideas on different simulation tools for IoT that we used before to develop real-time IoT projects. These can definitely aid you in writing your thesis on the Internet of things.


You can refer to the following simulation tools to know about our vast knowledge attained through research guidance that we rendered across the world.

  • TOSSIM simulation
    • Active MessageC algorithm broadcasts messages in TOSSIM simulation. For instance, wireless sensors are connected into IoT and used in electrical appliances of real houses.
  • Contiki OS and Cooja
    • MST Algorithm establishes communications between client and server simulated using Cooja. By Contiki OS low power IoT devices are controlled for home automation.
  • NetSim
    • Network design in NetSim includes Routers, AP, Nodes, switches, 6LoWPAN Gateway and Sensor Motes. IEEE 802.15.4 standards perform interpretation of physical layer. It uses M/D/1 queue model, IPV4 and IPV6. AODV (RFC 3561), 6LoWPAN Gateway and RPL (RFC 6550) are used in routing.
  • BevyWise IoT Simulator
    • A number of MQTT clients are simulated in a single box using BevyWise IoT Simulator. The data and messages are stored in MYSQL database. They are reused for scheduling in Narrow based IoT.
  • PureEdge
    • PureEdge simulation toolkit is used for IoT project by load balancing algorithm. Cloud, Edge computing and Fog are successfully simulated with this tool.
  • QualNet
    • Geo-fog paradigm project using many sensors is simulated with QualNet IoT toolkit. For instance, Home automation IoT project using ZigBee is simulated with QualNet. In this project, standard mathematical structure and K* heuristic algorithm are used for searching the optimal path during emergency.
  • Opnet
    • This modeller supports wide variety of protocols for HetNets project simulation. For instance, Project of Opnet on the basis of Zigbee protocol involves KCN routing protocol and OPNET TIREM for route selection and propagation respectively.

These are the various simulation tools that we used in developing various real-time IoT projects. Our world-class certified engineers will assist you completely throughout your research IoT Dissertation Topics. We provide you scam-free, reliable, and the most professional research guidance. With our total experience gained in guiding research projects in IoT, here we suggest you the best solution to any problem that you face during your research journey. Below is our answer to one such question.


           To avoid plagiarism in your thesis writing in IoT, you should be more careful. But it becomes easy when you bear the following points in your mind.

  • Spend more time collecting resources on your topic
  • Before beginning to write have a well-charted plan 
  • Mention the sources
  • Materials cited properly
  • References have to be added
  • A checker of plagiarism has to be used.

Hope you are now convinced to start with your IoT dissertation Topics. Contact us for any of your doubts regarding the selection of the topic if you have other novel ideas. We will provide you with all the necessary and reliable resources to proceed. 

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