Edgecloudsim Simulator : Edge Computing Scenario

Overview of Edgecloudsim Simulator: In an edge computing system, the Edgecloudsim is used to measure the evaluation performance. For the central functionalities including device mobility model, tunable load generator, and network modelling for WAN and WLAN, the Edgecloudsim provides the modular architecture.

Major Uses in Edgecloudsim

The following is about the major advantages in the Edgecloudsim

  • It helps to utilize the configuration files
  • To take the received jobs, it supports to deploy the probabilistic approach
  • It supports handling the parameters in a computing system

Significant Modules in Edgecloudsim

Let us discuss significant modules and the functions of that module in the Edgecloudsim simulator

Modules and their Functions

  • Mobility Module
    • It has the ability to handle the location of the edge devices 
    • The coordinates in the mobile devices such as x and y that are modernized with the hash table

Key Plugins in Edgecloudsim

The following is about the plugins and the functions of plugins in Edgecloudsim and it is useful for the research scholars to implement their idea and the application

Plugins and its Uses

  • Colt
    • It is used to handle the single cross-platform
    • To improve the performance level it offers open-source libraries

Significant Classes in Edgecloudsim Simulator

Hereby, we have listed down the notable classes which are useful for the development of the research project. There are many significant classes in Edgecloudsim but we have listed down a class with their uses for your reference

Classes and their Purposes

  • Mobility Model Class
    • There are many itinerant mobility models however the mobility models may be expanded by the mobility model class

Tools Integration in Edgecloudsim

We have listed down some tools in Edgecloudsim and that is integrated too. Our research experts have quite more knowledge about the integrated tools and for more reference, you can contact us and we provide assistance for your implementation process

Tools and its Uses

  • Python
  • The scripts are similar to the matlab plotter files

Software Requirements in Edgecloudsim

Hereby, we have highlighted some programming language for the implementation process in the research in edge cloud computing and we support your ideas too

Programming Languages in Edgecloudsim

  • Java

The fundamental and supportive operating systems for Edgecloudsim are listed down. If research scholars need some more requirements you can contact us for your research support and our research experts will provide the complete guidance

OS Support in Edgecloudsim

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Hereby, we have enlisted the version particulars for Edgecloudsim. In the same way, research scholars may select different versions for their research implementation process with our research expert guidance

Versions in Edgecloudsim

  • Netbeans 8.2

Notable Protocols in Edgecloudsim

           Our research experts have the best knowledge in the protocols implementation process and here we have enlisted some protocols in Edgecloudsim for your reference

  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP) – Edge Computing Scenarios
  • Generally, it is the protocol communication and it is used to transmit the commutation among the computing devices in the network and it is used as a substitute for the transmission control
Performance Analysis of Edgecloudsim Simulator

Topmost Subjects in Edgecloudsim

We have a lot of research ideas in Edgecloudsim. For your reference, our research experts have listed down such subjects in Edgecloudsim

Foremost Parameters in Edgecloudsim

Generally, parameters are used for the assessment process in the research project. Therefore, we have listed down the significant Edgecloudsim simulator parameters such as user configuration parameters

  • Bandwidth
  • RAM
  • Cores
  • Mips
  • CPU Size

Recent Subjects with Apt Tools in Edgecloudsim

The subject modules with the appropriate tools used in Edgecloudsim are highlighted below. The research scholars may use the module which suits their research projects with our support. The following is based on the multi used edge process-based packages

  • Edge Driver Manager
  • Edge Connectivity
  • Edge Server Creation

Edge Connectivity Syntax in Edgecloudsim

Here, we have highlighted the most substantial syntax in Edgecloudsim

  • Phase 1
  • Multi-User Connectivity is Generated
  • The connectivity among the multi-user and edge server is happened by the edge connectivity
  • The user data is accumulated with the support of edge server
  • Performance Estimation

Topical Applications in Edgecloudsim

There are many applications in OFDM Edgecloudsim simulator for your ease we have listed down some applications among them

  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Mobile cloud computing (MCC)
  • It is used to mitigate the limited source of mobile devices
  • Internet of Vehicles (IOV)
  • The data transmission between the roadside units and vehicles happens through IOV

Major Algorithms in Edgecloudsim

The algorithms play a significant role in Edgecloudsim research and here we have highlighted some algorithm which is useful for the implementation process but the research scholars can contact us for the implementation process using other algorithms

  • Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG)
  • Using DDPG, mobile users can gain knowledge of computation offloading policies
  • Through monitoring the local users for the task offloading process

Substantial Areas in Edgecloudsim

For your ease, we have enlisted the research areas which is useful for the implementation process and development in the Edgecloudsim is Traffic Light Control (IOV)

  • Decentralized Reinforcement Learning at the Edge
  • It is used to increase the speed of data traffic

Important Metrics in Edgecloudsim

Each and every research has to accomplish something in the end which the results have to describe accurately. The metrics in Edgecloudsim are noted down is listed down

  • Computation Cost
  • Long Term Average Computation Cost
  • Power Delay Trade Off

Notable Process in Edgecloudsim

For your ease, we have listed down the substantial process which is implemented in the edgecloudsim

  • Security
  • It is used to decrease the cost of processing data in the local equipment
  • Data Processing and Analysis
  • It trims down the intermediate data transmission process and is supportive to the computing task, data storage and etc

Key Steps in Edgecloudsim

We have listed down the steps which are useful for the implementation process of the Edgecloudsim

  • Related to edge computing, the cloud sim situation is generated
  • The evaluation process of data processing occurs
  • The security mechanism in MEC system
  • End

Performance Analyzed in Edgecloudsim

Let us discuss the quality of service which is used to produce the best results in Edgecloudsim

QOS in Edgecloudsim

  • Bandwidth Utilization 
  • Service Delay
  • User Satisfaction
  • Capacity Planning
  • Task Allocation

Hereby, we have highlighted the quality of experience (QOE) in the Edgecloudsim simulator

QOE in Edgecloudsim

  • Delivery Service
  • Resource Provisioning

Key Routing Process in Edgecloudsim

Our research experts have highlighted the routing used in the Edgecloudsim

  • Distributed Constraint-Based Diffusion Algorithm (CDIFF)
  • It is used to select a set of agents with a different set of variables

Latest Project Titles in Edgecloudsim

Hereby, we have enlisted the research projects titles with the appropriate implementation screenshots in the Edgecloudsim 

  • Dynamic Request Scheduling Trust based CSP Selection
  • We consider the priority for sensitive service schedules first and then schedule the non-sensitive service request. Sensitivity aware request scheduling and policy verification result

In this step, we calculate the trust value by using Multi behavior analysis based on nomadic people optimizer. The trust manager computes the CSP trust

Optimum CSP Selection: For selecting optimal CSP we use the Dynamic & Non-Co-operative Game theory Approach which selects optimal CSP from the list of CSP for providing services

Overview of simulation general environment

Finally, we evaluate the following performance metrics

  1. No of Requests vs. CSP Security Loss
  2. No of Requests vs. No of Insecure CSPs
  3. No of CSPs vs. SLA Violation Rate
  4. No of CSPs vs. Latency
  5. No of Requests vs. Latency
  6. No of Requests vs. Response Time
  7. No of CSPs vs. Response Time
  8. No of Requests vs. Throughput
  9. No of CSPs vs. Throughput
  10. No of Requests vs. Request Success Ratio
  11. No of Feedbacks vs. Request Success Ratio

Here we display the cloud service provider trustworthiness ratio and the prediction-based availability of cloud services using Edgecloudsim Simulator

Finally, we evaluate the following performance metrics

  1. No of Requests vs. CSP Security Loss
  2. No of Requests vs. No of Insecure CSPs
  3. No of CSPs vs. SLA Violation Rate
  4. No of CSPs vs. Latency
  5. No of Requests vs. Latency
  6. No of Requests vs. Response Time
  7. No of CSPs vs. Response Time
  8. No of Requests vs. Throughput
  9. No of CSPs vs. Throughput
  10. No of Requests vs. Request Success Ratio
  11. No of Feedbacks vs. Request Success Ratio

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