Top 9 Edge Computing Research Topics

In simple terms, the distributed computing model that performs local computations for a particular geographical location is mainly referred to as edge computing. It focuses on both data computation and storage at endpoints. Majorly, it has the objective to enhance response time, bandwidth, and resource provisioning

Through this article, you can know the latest Edge Computing Research Topics, challenges, applications, technologies, etc.!!!

What is meant by edge computing?

A new distributed technique called edge computing is introduced to replace the centralized data processing techniques. It has several in-built features and open-space architecture. Further, it guarantees enhanced performance by utilizing the internet of things and mobile computing technologies. Overall, it distributes the services and resources to edge devices at high speed.   

Innovative Edge Computing Research Topics

How does edge computing works?

Generally, the majority of computation works are performed at edge devices (PCs/servers). In the traditional system, the computation works are performed at data centres. Some of the edge computing works in a distributed environment are computing power reduction, data fragmentation, pushing data, etc. It particularly focuses on users that currently using commercial internet application services. For better understanding, here we have given you a few main reasons for edge computing utilization

Why edge computing?

  • Edge computing securely process sensitive data with the help of the security layer 
  • It does not process the data in the public cloud for security reasons and fast accessibility
  • It allows the acceleration of real-time data streaming without delay
  • It cut-offs the waiting time and enable fast replies in smart applications
  • It minimizes the cost of application accessibility from a remote area
  • It minimizes the utilization of internet bandwidth
  • It enables large-scale data processing in generated source place itself

Now, we can see the important properties to craft edge computing research topics. These properties play a significant role in edge computing developments. Also, these properties need extra concern while developing edge computing projects. Our research team has a strong basement in edge computing to support you in every edge of the edge computing. Similarly, our developers know all smart approaches to enhance the below properties in any edge computing project for improvised results. 

What are the unique properties of edge computing?

  • Greater Performance
    • It frequently keep record of connected entities locations due to mobility
    • It effectively collect and process the large-scale data at edge devices through edge infrastructure
    • It enables to incorporate with service control system
    • It is able to work continuously and create alert to respective edges in the case of issues
  • Security
    • It also provide alter service in the case of insecurity over edge network
    • It uses single and trustable source to monitor the edges to keep record of their actions / events
    • It maintains the actions in schedule basis for remote monitoring
  • Remote Control
    • It allows to sense and manage the environment
    • It enables to monitor and track the locations of edge devices from remote place
    • It generates live video in edge devices through edge facility
    • It enables to identify the physical entity accessibility, environ conditions, entity mobility, etc.
    • It supports accessibility of edge network for remote control and maintenance
  • Greater Scalability
    • It provides architecture that handle network asserts, distributed environ, different data type while large-scale data collection and processing
    • It allows users to track the frequent changing asserts movements
    • It enables to monitor the whole large-scale edge environ
  • Heterogeneity
    • It ensures no cost and no impact on monitoring while new devices are deployed to network
    • It offers cooling data, abstraction layer, environmental power in regardless of edge device type
    • It incorporates best service management. For instance: When SLA is agreed, it provide complete edge infrastructure view to DCIM products
    • It reduces the storage that automatically created while monitoring edge devices based on its vendor / type
  • Terminal Users / Devices
    • It holds the edge locations with data throughout the network functioning. Further, it do comparative study among good and bad performing locations
    • It helps to track the environmental changes from normal state which may cause problems
    • It uses SLA to manage the impact of environmental changes and controls the negative impact of environmental changes

Next, we can see the significant classification of the edge computing models. In this classification, we majorly covered research essentials for the edge computing field. As well, the classifications are computing devices, main objectives, communication technologies, computational order, computing models, applications, and supportive technologies. For your reference, we have given you only a few instances. Likewise, we facilitate you in other technologies. 

Taxonomy of Edge Computing Models

  • Computing Devices
    • Base Stations
    • Switch / Routers
    • End Users / Devices
    • Edge Servers
    • Main Cloud Servers
  • Objectives
    • Delay Reduction
    • Carbon Footprint Reduction
    • Bandwidth Preservation
    • Backhaul Traffic Minimization
    • Utility Improvisation
    • Increasing Number of Executed Tasks          
  • Communication Technologies
    • 3G / 4G / 5G / 5G Beyond
    • Ethernet
    • Wi-Fi
  • Computing Models
    • Mobile Edge Computing
    • Fog Computing
    • Cloudlets
  • Applications
    • Health Care and Medical Analysis
    • IoT Smart Grids
    • Smart Farming
    • Smart Transportation
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Renewable Energy Saving System
    • Web-based Retail Shopping
    • Smart Gas and Oil Industries
  • Supportive Technologies
    • Software Development Networking
    • Network Function Virtualization
    • Smart Mobile Technologies
    • Enriched Network Entities and Resources

Edge computing has so many advantages compared to other computing technologies. Since it generates data and performs the computation in edge devices without using main servers/datacenters. As a result, it enables fast data accessibility and high performance. So, it is widely spread in several research fields as follows, 

  • Internet Of Things
  • Vehicular Networks
  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • Image Processing

Once you connect with us, we provide more real-time application Edge Computing Research Topics in your interested edge computing areas.        

Applications and Use cases for Edge Computing

  • Load Balancing (Transcoding  and Computing)
    • Cloudlets
    • Global Positioning System
    • VoIP and Video
    • Cryptography
  • Data Scaling (Media Conversion and Resolution)
    • Video Transmission
    • Video-to-Text
    • Speech-to-Text
    • Language Translation
    • Text-to-Speech
  • Data Aggregation (Sensor and Big Data)
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Vehicle-to-Everything Communication
    • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
  • Data Augmentation (Content and User Requests)
    • Face Recognition
    • Bandwidth Signaling
    • Augmented Reality
  • Local Connectivity (Edge Distribution and Private Networking)
    • Direct Routing
    • Dedicated Enterprise Networks
    • Social Events

Next, we can see the current research challenges of edge computing. Although this field is technically advancing fast, it has some research challenges in real-world development and deployment. The below challenges are collected from our recent edge computing review. We are good not only in collecting recent challenges but also in generating suitable research solutions. When you connect with us, we provide you best-fitting research solutions for these challenges and others. 

Top 9 Interesting Edge Computing Research Topics

  • Infrastructure and Application Level Designing
  • End Nodes Mobility Management
  • Geolocation-Aware Data Distribution
  • Batch Processing with Real-Time Processing Comparison
  • Mobility and Resource Management
  • Edge Network Expandability and Scalability
  • Context-Aware Edge Computing in Low Delay
  • End Points Interoperability, Heterogeneity and Functionalities
  • Cloud and Fog Layer Interaction through Edge Network

In traditional computing infrastructure, the increasing demands of heterogeneous endpoints fail to satisfy. At the same time, it satisfies the demand for quality of service at all levels. When the computing complexities of edge nodes increase, it makes it a hard choice for an infrastructure provider to allocate resources for edges.

Now, we can see in what way the edge computing model is enhanced to meet current technological advancements. A good edge computing model is required to solve maintenance complexities, bandwidth constraints, security threats, delay, etc. Further, a good edge computing model should enable you to perform the following, 

How to design an effective edge computing model?

  • Ensure system security and privacy
  • Enable scalability for adapting system requirements
  • Handle workloads of all connected nodes in cloud
  • Smoothly install the applications in all edge devices

In addition, we have also given you a few vital design techniques. From our experience, we found that the following techniques give the best result in designing an effective edge computing model. When you confirm your research problem/challenge on edge computing, then we provide suitable research solutions (techniques and algorithms) for your handpicked research problem. In the case of complexity, we smartly design our algorithm to crack the issues. 

Edge Computing Modelling Techniques

  • Markov Chains
  • Fault Tree
  • Petri Nets
  • Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Reliability Graphs

Furthermore, we have listed you faster-growing technologies of edge computing. Currently, our handhold scholars are requesting project topics on these technologies. This list represents the current research areas of edge computing. We have an infinite number of edge computing research topics in the following areas. All our research topics are up-to-date with future scope. If you are curious to know about our innovations in the edge computing field, then contact us

Edge Computing Research Topics

  • Edge computing with 5G
  • Vehicular Networks (IoCV, IoV, V2X, VANET)
  • Cellular and Heterogeneous Networks (LTE, 5G, 5G beyond and 6G)
  • Internet of Things / Internet of Everything
  • Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Volunteer Computing, and Fog Computing
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Robotics Monitoring and Control
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Communications 

For your add-on benefits, here we have also given you the few most important research topics of edge computing. All these topics are acquired from our emerging technologies of edge computing. As well, we encourage our handhold scholars to bring to their creative research ideas. Further, we also provide you with more edge computing research topics and ideas in your interesting research areas

Latest Project Topics in Edge Computing

  • Task Offloading and Scheduling
  • Task Queue Management
  • Resource (power and energy) management
  • Security and Privacy of Devices and Edge Users
  • Routing / Data Transmission
  • Best Forwarder Selection
  • Network Topology Management
  • Optimum Edge Node Selection
  • Clustering / Classification of Edge Nodes
  • Network Management and Overhead Reduction 

When you have selected your research topic (i.e., problem and solutions), the next step is to select suitable development tools and technologies. All these tools are suggested by our experts to gain the best results in your edge computing project. Here, each tool has some special characteristics and purposes. So, it is necessary to analyze the tool before confirming your developing cloud computing simulation tools. When do your project with us, our developers will suggest to you appropriate development tools and technologies after a thorough project requirements examination? 

Top 9 Interesting Edge Computing Research Topics

Simulation Tools for Edge Computing

To sum up, we support you in the code implementation and thesis/dissertation phases of your edge computing study. Additionally, we provide novel Edge Computing Research Topics, proposal writing, report writing, paper writing, and paper publication services. Same as edge computing, we also extend our support in other related fields such as cloud computing, fog computing, mobile computing, grid computing, pervasive computing, fog-edge computing, cloud-edge computing, mobile edge computing,mobile cloud computing projects, cloud-fog computing,etc. We hope that you smartly use this opportunity to create a bond with us. 

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