Top 8 Interesting Mobile Computing Project Ideas

The term mobile computing refers to the relationship between human and smart mobile devices for data transmission and processing. The computer permits the transmission of data in the forms of video, audio, and text (data) which underlays in multimedia.

“This article will provide you interesting mobile computing project ideas with their parameters and algorithms”

Overview of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is supported by the mobile communication medium, software, and hardware components. The communication medium includes the port services, protocols, data formats, and infrastructure elements.

Mobile software handles the entire hardware running by significant applications and operating systems like Linux, Microsoft & MacOS. Mobile hardware is the inclusion of various device components like digital assistance. This handout is fully framed with the complete ideas behind the mobile computing projects.

Generally, mobile phones are very closely used devices. Mobile computing technology is having a wide scope in recent days. It also has so many areas (task processing, secure data sharing, and also final data storage from the mobile device to the server) to explore and research. Hence if you do mobile projects with experts guidance will earn you top-notch results incredibly.

At the end of this article, you will come to know the important aspect that determines the best mobile computing project ideas. Now let us begin this article with the components of mobile computing.

What are the Components of Mobile Computing?

  • Hardware / Devices
    • Hardware are the devices that accompanies with the service mobility
    • E.g. smart mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc.,
  • Software / Applications
    • Application software that runs behind the hardware
    • E.g. OS (engine) and social media apps
  • Communication Medium
    • Communication medium ensures the continuous data transmission
    • E.g. port services, protocols & bandwidth

The above-listed 3 are the major and eminent components that determine mobile computing so far.  It is also important to know about the port services that facilitate us to communicate with others. For instance, HTTP 80, Https 443, FTP 20 & FTP 21 are some of the basic port services and protocols used to transfer the encrypted data.

We know that mentioning the protocols used for mobile computing will help you a lot here. Hence our technical crew decided to let you know the mobile communication protocols for the ease of your understanding. Are you interested to jump into the next sections? Come let us try to understand them.

Top 5 Interesting Mobile Computing Project Ideas

Mobile Communication Protocols

  • HTML – Hypertext Markup Language
  • POP3 – Post Office Protocol
  • PPP – Point to Point Protocol
  • HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol 
  • IPX/SPX – Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
  • SLIP – Serial Line Internet Protocol
  • SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language
  • NNTP – Network News Transfer Protocol
  • NetBEUI – NetBIOS Extended User Interface
  • SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • TELNET – Telecommunication Network
  • NTP – Network Time Protocol

The aforementioned mobile communication protocols use the TCP/IP standard stack model of open system interconnections. TCP/IP stack is widely used in every technology to run properly. These are the very commonly used protocols to support every service held down in the network. For example, if we need to transfer a file from a source to the destination that case FTP will use the port numbers such as 20 for transferring the data and 21 for reading the data.

Similar to this, every protocol above mentioned is meant to perform a significant task by the port numbers. As this article is centred on the mobile computing project ideas we wanted to primarily list out the remerging research trends in mobile computing. Shall we get into the next phase guys? Come let’s have the quick insights!!!

Emerging Research Trends in Mobile Computing
  • IoT based “Green Computing
  • Fog based “Mobile Computing”
  • IoT based “Cloud Computing
  • Mobile-based “Edge Computing”

The itemized 4 are the major emerging research trends in mobile computing. As you know that every technology is facing issues when it comes to research it significantly arises in a booming manner. Yes, you guys guessed right! We are going to envelop the next passage with the research issues involved in mobile computing.

We have categorized the issues to make you understand. Integration, internal/functional quality & technical issues are mounting very commonly in mobile computing. However, these issues can be eradicated by some of the studies which need experts’ guidance. Let’s have further explanations in the immediate section.

Research Issues in Mobile Computing

  • Type 1: Integration Issues
    • Internet service providers (ISP), customers & regulators facing integration issues
    • These 3 parameters’ are ineffective integration affects the performance
  • Type 2: Internal Quality Issues
    • Lack of apparent QoS by ineffective quality management practices
  • Type 3: Functional Quality Issues
    • Ineffectual communication & quality of service over the vast geographical area
    • Single weighted score improvement approach for the entire services offered
  • Type 4: Technical Quality Issues
    • Technical quality is affected by the ineffective air interfaces of 3G
    • Weak quality of services signaling & packet switching in the layers of network

Aforesaid is some of the major research issues involved in mobile computing. On the other hand, holistic studies will help us to enhance the quality of services. If you don’t know then here is a suggestion to build novel mobile computing project ideas. Visit our branch and get interact with our technical experts at any time (24/7) to benefit from the unique tutorials in the determined areas.

Furthermore, it is important to know about the algorithms used for mobile computing. They are overlays in the 2 categories mainly. One is smart mobile routing algorithms and another is smart mobile computing algorithms.

Concomitantly, our technical crew is well versed in every field of mobile computing and thus it is possible to offer crystal clear technical facts in every article, journal paper, and so on. Now we can have mobile computing algorithms.

Mobile Computing Algorithms

  • Smart Mobile Routing Algorithms
    • DPN – Deep Polynomial Network
    • SARSA – State Action Reward State Action
    • DQN – Deep Q Network
    • CNN – Convolutional Neural Network
    • DNN – Deep Neural Network
  • Smart Mobile Computing Algorithms
    • KWO – Killer Whale Optimization
    • CSO – Crow Search Optimization
    • ABC – Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
    • APSO – Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization
    • SHO – Spotted Hyena Optimizer

Mobile computing algorithms are divided into 2 categories according to routing and computing. We hope that you would have understood the concepts as of now stated. Our technical team is skilled in handling these algorithms and other algorithms according to the project requisites. If you work with us you might get wonder about our techniques and ideologies in mobile computing.

Yes, we are going to let you know the research ideas those underlays in the mobile computing technology for your better understanding. We can make use of these algorithms in the latest research areas to meet the marvelous outcomes. Come lets us have the latest and eminent research ideas in mobile computing to update your skills. Now lets we have the next section.

Latest Mobile Computing Research Ideas

  • Machine learning-based mobile computing
  • Artificial intelligence aided mobile computing
  • Fog based mobile grid computing
  • Blockchain-enabled mobile edge computing
  • Middleware based mobile grid computing
  • Ubiquitous & mobile computing
  • IoT based mobile computing
  • On-demand based mobile cloud architecture

The above listed are the possible research ideas that can be performed in mobile computing technology. In addition to the aforementioned areas, our researchers felt that it would be pleased that mention the best mobile computing projects as this article is focused on the mobile computing project ideas. Without a doubt, the next section is again going to help you extremely. We know that you are getting interested in the upcoming sections. Shall we guys get into that? Here we go!

We are going to illustrate about you one of our best projects for your reference. It is all about the multimedia routing in 5 G-based MANET cloud by integrating the MANET components to achieve the objective of enhanced quality of services. It can be attained by several major processes. Let’s have further explanations in the next section.

Top 5 Best Mobile Computing Projects

  • Cluster Formation by  Importance Rate & Butterfly form-based Partitioning
    • Process
      • Cluster Head Computation by Importance Rate
    • Parameters
      • Centrality Factors, Mobility & Remnant Energy
    • Algorithm
      • Improved Monarch Butterfly Optimization
  • Device to Device Communication by Matching Theories
    • Process
      • D2D Communication based Best Pair Identification
    • Parameters
      • Link Connectivity Duration, Received Signal Strength & Mobility
    • Algorithm
      • Kuhn Munkres
  • Inter-Cluster Multimedia Routing
    • Process
      • Enriches the Convergence Rate by Altering Parameters
    • Parameters
      • Mobility, Transmission Time & Destination Distance
    • Algorithm
      • Chaotic Flower Pollination & Full Interpolation Scalable Video Coding
  • Cloudlets Multimedia Routing
    • Process
      • Performs in the routing of multimedia data packets
    • Parameters
      • Processing Latency, Distance & Buffer Size
    • Algorithm
      • Improved Type 2 Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy
  • Task Offloading using Load Criterion Measures
    • Process
      • Load Balancing between the nearby Cloudlets
    • Parameters
      • Buffer Size & Distance
    • Algorithm
      • Computing Load Criterion

The above listed are the 4 major steps that should be taken into account while proposing a mobile computing project. To achieve the students’ understanding in the technical field, our technicians are constantly skilling up them in the modern and new generation technologies. As mobile computing projects are considered as the weighted projects in the industry, you can do your final year projects like the above-mentioned areas.

Apart from this, we are having plenty of mobile computing project ideas with us. If you do want further details in these areas feel free to approach us!!! We are always there to assist in the technical areas. If you are not an expert in mobile computing concepts then you can have our suggestion that is not at all wrong.

It is also important to evaluate the performance of the proposed project in real-time. It is determined according to several parameters. Come let’s have further explanations in the following passage. Are you interested to know that? We know that you are tuned with the flow of the article!!!

Top 6 Performance Evaluation for Mobile Computing Project Parameters

  • Bandwidth Utility
  • Task Processing
  • Completion Time
  • Data Packet Delivery Ratio
  • Throughput
  • End to End Latency

The aforementioned are the major metrics that determine mobile computing performance. Throughput is defined by the number of users and the size of the data transmitted. End-to-end latencies are also defined by the same. If you do want further details about the rest then you can reach our technical team.

We are being trusted by various students from all over the world. By offering unique ideas is making this possible. In addition to that, we assist the students to handle the appropriate techniques and tools for every approach taken. We are serving around 180+ institutions so that we know the technical requirements in every technology. In addition to the performance metrics, we would also highlight the development tools used for mobile computing. Yes, we are going to reveal the tools used in it.

Latest Mobile Computing Project Ideas

Development Tools for Mobile Computing

  • DeltaCloud
  • Cloud 9
  • GreenCloud
  • OpenNebula
  • Eucalyptus
  • CloudAnalyst
  • CloudSim

These are the development tools very commonly used for mobile computing. So far, we have discussed and learned all the possible aspects comprised of mobile computing project ideas. We hope that you would have completely enjoyed the article. If you still need any explanations then you can ping us any time. We are there to assist you!

“Let’s give feathers to your thoughts and let the technical world know your ideologies!”

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