MANET Projects – Performance Analysis

Mobile Ad Hoc Network is shortly abbreviated as MANET. It is a collection of mobile devices to form the wireless infrastructure-less network. Most importantly, these nodes should have the technology to establish interaction with the surroundings or other devices. This article clearly shows you the research areas and ideas of the MANET Projects research field with its applications!!!

Due to the mobility nature of MANET, the network topology also frequently changes. Also, it has no central authority to control the network; the nodes in the network have self-governing and self-directing capability to manage the network. Though it has some advantages, it also has some research issues that need to be considered while MANET development. 

Mobile Ad Hoc Network Manet Projects

Applications of MANET 

In today’s world, MANET applications are found in many real-world scenarios. Some of them are: 

  • Robotics
  • Defense System
  • Disaster Rescue
  • Health Sector
  • Intelligent Transport System Etc.  

Next, we can see some essential functionalities of the MANET that are useful for framing creative research ideas.

What are the main characteristics of MANET?

  • In some cases, MANET need mediator nodes to act as relay/packet forwarding routers but it increases the possibility of attacks 
  • Detection of the intrusion is also another challenging task because the free movement of the nodes in the network 
  • Further, the computation constrained nodes to make the IDSs even more complex for solving 
  • Compare to other networks, MANET is quite challenging in the case of data inspection and observation, because it has no traffic concentration points

Though this field has several fruitful opportunities to create technological advancements, in some cases it has some limitations in real-time developments. Let’s see a few of them below,

Major Limitations of MANET 

  • Resource Constraint: Most probably, all the MANET projects utilize power batteries but it consumes more resources for handling large-scale data. To avoid this tremendous energy utilization, optimized energy-ware nodes are needed to use.
  • Dynamic Network Layouts: Here, the nodes will continuously change their unpredictable positions. Further, this random mobility will make the network change its structure. If there are transmission power differences between the nodes, then it follows a unidirectional link. If not, then it follows bidirectional links.
  • Inadequate physical security: Most important has high-security risk than the other networks. To overcome the threats like spoofing, DoS, and eavesdropping, we need to strengthen link security through improved strategies.
  • Variable-capacity links and Bandwidth-restricted: Here, the network bandwidth has limited capacity for data transmission. Accordingly, communication links also have minimum space in comparison with infrastructure networks.

From the above issues, our research team has gathered several research topics in MANET. We support you not only in these but also in other research areas. Once you make a contact with us, we will let you know more current research concepts. Here, we have given you some samples of research ideas in MANET.

Other Research Issues of MANET can be listed as below:

We have listed some of the problems to overcome while implementing Manet projects.

  • Insecure decentralized network 
  • Data forwarding errors in transmission 
  • Lack of commercial success in real-world
  • No proper location verification mechanisms
  • Lack of efficient processing abilities
  • Mobility nature of node and host in the network
  • Take more time to distribute the data in the network 
  • Restrict the bandwidth of the network for data transmission
  • Inconvenient to add or remove the huge nodes during execution i.e., low scalability 

Further, we have also presented you few key research areas which have many of the current topics. These are project areas are newly found research areas in MANET. So, it will surely give a new dimension to the research.

MANET Project Areas 

  • 3D Network Visualization and Management 
  • New Lightweight Cryptography and Privacy Mechanisms 
  • Dense Artificial Intelligence for Multifolded Complex Structure
  • Integration of Mobile Cloud Computing with MANET System
  • Cross-Platform Interoperability and Compatibility (5G-V2X, IoT-Cloud and more) 
  • Low-Cost Protocol Modeling for MANET based Internet of Things

Next, we can see about security techniques in MANET Projects since security is the common phase in any kind of application. No matter what topic you are choosing, you should take effective safety and privacy measures in your application.

MANET Security Mechanisms
  • RF Fingerprinting for New Authentication Schemes
  • Port-based Authentication and Access Control
  • Reputation-based Trust Management for Optimized Routing
  • Encryption based Deep En-Route Filtering 
  • Multi-layered Firewall Architecture and Security Policies 
  • In-Network Process-based Linear / Random Network Coding

Further, we have also given you a few more security mechanisms in cryptographic techniques. These mechanisms will surely improve the security of the application in different aspects.

Security Schemes in MANET

  • Symmetric Key Cryptography
    • Key Agreement, Pre-Distribution, and Distribution
  • Public key Cryptographic
    • Certificateless
      • Full / Partially Distributed Key Generation Center (FD-KGC / PD-KGC)
    • Identity-based
      • Full / Partially Distributed Private Key Generator (FD-PKG /PD-PKG)
      • Random / Hybrid Pre-Distribution 
    • Certificate-based
      • Self-Signed Certificate 
      • Node/Network Mobility
      • SSL Certificate Chain
      • Fully / Partially Distributed Certificate Authority (FDCA / PDCA)

Now, we can see common security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities in the MANET field. Based on the attack, we can see the security algorithm/techniques to prevent the attack. Here, we classified the attacks into two categories active and passive as follows,

Security Attacks in MANET Projects

  • Active 
    • Packet Drop Attack (Malicious)
    • Routing Attack
    • Grey Hole Attack
    • Sybil Attack
    • Sleep Deprivation Attack
    • Rushing Attack
    • Black Hole Attack
  • Passive 
    • Network Traffic Analysis Attack
    • Eavesdropping Attack
    • Disclosure Attack (Location and Identity)

MANET Routing Mechanisms 

One of the major technical issues in MANET is routing. If the nodes are in continuous movement then it is hard to predict the suitable route for data transmission. Since this random mobility of node/host will change their network frequently. So, it is tough to find when it leaves the current network and moves on to the new network. As a result, it turns out to be the evergreen research area for the MANET projects. The ultimate goal of this area is to find the optimal route for quick communication. Further, we have given some essential categories in the routing protocols.

MANET Routing Protocols Criteria

  • Routing Protocols
    • Proactive Protocol
    • Hybrid Protocol
    • Reactive Protocol
    • Proactive Protocol
  • Network Layout Design 
    • Hierarchical Network Model
    • Flat Network Model
  • Spatio-Temporal Info
    • Link / Traffic Prediction
    • Historical Data
  • Path Selection
    • Multiple-Path
    • Single-Path
  • Routing Metric
    • Resource Consumption
    • Maximum and Minimum Hop Count
  • Routing Addenda
    • Routing Safety
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Algorithm Type
    • Link State Routing
    • Distance Vector Dynamic Routing
  • Routing Dependency
    • Sensing
    • Cross-Layer Protocol Design
    • Source / Location Information
  • Routing Mechanism
    • Dynamic Source IP Routing
    • Hop-by-Hop Routing
  • Routing Operation
    • Multicast Transmission
    • Geo-cast Transmission
    • Unicast Transmission

Two Novel Ideas in MANET Projects 

  • Mobile Cognitive Radio Channel Identification using Improved Technology 
  • Efficient Mobile Applications based on Routing Layer Enhancement Approach in MANET

Next, we have itemized the modern technologies in MANET along with their security threat and defensive measures. These threats are given as samples, beyond this more attacks threaten the application users.

Latest Technologies in MANET `

  • Device to Device Networking
    • Decision-based attack over the adversarial perturbation
      • Defensive Action – Use lightweight two-factor mutual authentication
  • Small Cells in Cellular Networking
    • Insufficient number of trusted third parties for large-scale data
      • Defensive Action – Apply a strong self-organized key management scheme
  • Multi-Hop Networking
    • Attacker secretly eavesdrop on any user’s sensitive information to do illegal activities
      • Defensive Action – Apply unbreakable encryption techniques 
    • Unauthorized users login in to the system and alter the original data 
      • Defensive Action – Perform mutual authentication, system/data integrity check schemes, and digital signature 
    • Use the identity of the legitimate user and pretend to the original user without their knowledge 
      • Defensive Action – Implement effective key-based Identification mechanisms
    • Inefficient delivery of services to the end-users
      • Defensive Action – Take appropriate cooperative measures
Top 5 Research areas for Manet Projects

MANET Simulation Metrics 

           For any kind of project, performance evaluation is the most important process to verify whether the proposed algorithms are efficient to achieve the results than the previous models. For that, we use performance metrics to evaluate efficiency in terms of time, speed, energy, resource, and more. In projects, we use beyond 6 parameters for an accurate performance evaluation process. Here, we have given some QoS metrics used in MANET projects

  • Network Jitter 
  • Average Queue Size 
  • Efficiency-Loss Ratio 
  • TCP Friendly Rate
  • Consumption of Buffer 
  • Packets Loss Rate
  • Throughput (Consider whole info)
  • Bandwidth Capacity
  • Data Transfer Rate (DTR) 
  • TCP Fairness (Inter and Intra)
  • End-to-End Latency 
  • Power / Energy Utilization
  • Rate of Retransmission (Packets)
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Parameters 
  • Goodput (Consider meaningful info)
  • And also many more 

Overall, we assure you that we will be with you throughout the journey of your Research Manet Projects. So, make use of this chance and avail our best research services.

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