Wireless Sensor Networks Projects

Define Wireless Sensor Network:  Mainly wireless sensors are widely used for many purposes for example whether detection, Fire detection, Temperature sensor, Device tracking, and so on. We are using this kind of wireless application in our daily routine. But, we don’t know how these kinds of technologies have been constructed, how it’s working. This is important to have a basic knowledge of modern technologies. In recent times, we are developing lots of wireless sensor networks projects. It is one of the emerging technologies right now.

           Wireless simulation is a collection of requirements and more number of sensors that are configured by own. Because increase the need for networks and embedded systems want low power devices and fine-grained meters are important for living in this environment that’s why wireless simulation is preferred. In this wireless sensor network, the architecture contains more number sensor devices in an ad-hoc manner. Sensor nodes are also called onboard processes it helps to monitor and handle the environment in a particular region.

“This article contains the basics of wireless sensor networks, wireless network projects, LoRaWAN, components of the wireless sensor network, challenges and characteristics, simulation process and its tools and applications also.”

Introduction about Wireless Sensor Networks projects

           This kind of project is used for improving the practical knowledge of students to learn new things about wireless sensor networks. If we become a good engineer only subject knowledge is not much important but we want other knowledge’s also. This practical knowledge is very useful for engineering students to know the pragmatic learning approach by wireless Sensor Networks. Then we will discuss LoRaWAN.

Current Research Challenges in Wireless Sensor Newtorks Projects

LoRaWAN in Wireless Sensor Network

  • LoRaWAN is one of the main applications in WSN it is widely used in different fields like health care, agriculture, Military applications, environment monitoring, and so on.
  • LoRaWAN has also covered a long-range network of areas to process.
  • It is also useful for wireless communication with Unlicensed Lora band and also low power signals within the devices.

LoRaWAN is a Major level application of Wireless Sensor Network currently it gives an enormous amount of support for the above specific fields. Continuously, we will go to learn about Components of Wireless sensor networks.

Components of Wireless Sensor Networks

           For considering the WSN system, the components of this system can be classified into evaluation software, WLAN access point, radio point, and sensors. Let we each topic separately,

  • Evaluation software: to provide a result to the users it received the data from the WLAN access point and gather the reports for mining, processing, and storage of the data and after completion, this kind of process gives the final statistic report to the user.
  • WLAN Access Point: The purpose of the WLAN access point is to receive the data from the radio nodes in the medium of wireless and also via the internet.
  • Radio nodes: It is used to transmit the data from the sensor node to the WLAN access point. It has a lot of components in it. The components are,
    • Power sources
    • Microcontroller
    • External memory
    • Transceiver.
  • Sensors: This sensor is used to sense the physical and Environmental Variables. Collection of data can be used in the acquisition of data and here the sensor signals are changed into the signal is in the electrical form.

The above four components are used in Wireless Sensor Networks projects without these components this does not fully satisfy the proper result of user queries. Then we will see about some challenges and characteristics of wireless sensor networks.

Characteristics of Wireless Sensor Network

  • Power consumption
  • Using of energy harvesting of batteries power consumption has been restricted.
  • Ease to use
  • It has the ability to handle the failure of nodes.
  • Also, provide endless service in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Mobility of nodes.
  • Scalability for a large region of the network
  • Heterogeneity of nodes.
  • Communication failures.

These are the few characteristics of WSN.

Challenges in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Deployment for large scale is difficult to gain scalability.
  • Quality of Services
  • Cross-layer optimization
  • Security issue
  • Ability to cope with node failure
  • Energy efficiency
  • Performance
  • Network throughput.

These are the challenges of WSN. Our experts have an idea to overcome this kind of challenge in the Wireless Sensor Networks Projects. Then we will see about some uses of WSN simulation. This simulation is done by two types of key aspects.

Use of simulation in WSN
  • To use the solid assumption for deriving the trustful result is a must and the use of the specific tool is giving better suitability for implementation of the model.
  • Every simulation model in WSN produces a correct result.

So far, we are discussing various topics such as the basics of wireless sensor networks and their projects, LoRaWAN, Components of the WSN system, challenges, and characteristics of the wireless sensor network. To the upcoming topics, we will see about the simulation process, tools, implementation projects, and some applications. In this manner first, we will discuss the reason for the simulation process with its tools.

Reason for simulation for sensor networks

           WSN is a collection of sensors that are distributed in the environment for sensing and events monitoring. These kinds of sensors are used to reach their requirements. When we run the real-time applications the time and cost are minimized by the use of simulating two nodes with each other and the Simulation process is important to learning purposes because of creating more new protocols and new applications.

Simulation tool in WSN system

           Tools are contained in environment simulators and Testbed in the WSN system which is used to develop a new WSN technology. The simulator in WSN systems are having a user-friendly GUI and also has a powerful machine such as execution tracing, breakpoint, watch variable. The following list insists on some basic tool which is used in WSN projects.

  • Avrora
  • NS-2(Network Simulator 2)
  • J-Sim (Java Simulator)
  • EmStar
  • OMNeT++.

These are some tools that give the best support for building Wireless Sensor Networks Projects. Thenwe are going to see the next topic having the entire knowledge about the implementation of WSN projects. Here, we will discuss five kinds of implementation models in Wireless Sensor Networks. Let us see each topic in a separate manner.

Implementation of WSN projects

Zigbee and WSN based Monitoring System for patient Body

           This body monitoring system is an example of implementing a Wireless Sensor Network. In this project, sensors are placed on side of the human’s body and also attached externally by smartwatches, Smart T-Shirts, and other wearable sensors.

  • If the data is collected by using sensors then the sensing data can be transmitted to the specific region doctor and also central monitoring station. The sending of data from the patient to the central monitoring is system is done by the use of Zigbee networks.
  • The parameter can be taken and monitored in the human body. There are heartbeats, ECG, and body temperature with separate sensors.
  • These parameters are shown by PC in a graphical manner via LabVIEW GUI.

Medical domain based on Wireless Sensor Networks Projects

           In current days, this kind of health care system is highly important and also has high-risk factors. This project implementation is providing a better result for WSN. This is a very important project in healthcare.

  • Transmitting modules are very useful to take continuous reading and temperature of the patients. With the help of,
    • Microcontrollers it used to encrypt the original data.
    • Digital temperature sensor.
    • LCD screens for display the result.
  • To monitor the health of the patient with wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

WSN and Zigbee based Detection of Forest Fire

  • With the help of the Zigbee network, Forest fires can be detected by the combination of controllers is act as solar to frequently monitor the temperature in the forest areas. 
  • That the controller system has a more number of sensors with Zigbee transceivers that are pressure, smoke, rain, and temperature.
  • The above parameters are used to monitor the central location.

IoT in agriculture investigation of nutrient level and plant disease using image analysis techniques

  • This project has a collection of sensor nodes through the internet and it has a very complex infrastructure.
  • WSN has a specific design and limitation of resources. The above points are denoting nodes in the WSN system. Such as,
    • Memory
    • Microcontrollers
    • Power source
    • Radiofrequency receiver
    • Transceiver.
  • Here we use the precision algorithm for the right location, level of water, and time to cultivate the crops are monitored by the different sensors.
  • This system must have the yield crops which are of high quality and minimize the low-quality crops, instant alert is sent in the form message.
  • Advantages of WSN in agriculture:
    • It is used to minimize errors from humans.
    • Reduce the involvement of humans.
    • Statistics of agriculture it is viewed by mobile phones. 

Telecommunication reliability monitoring using wireless MEMS

           This project is made for accurate results for environment monitoring and gives a better solution for the reliability of address.

  • IN the telecommunication sector they are facing a lot of issues to overcome issues this WSN system was created with various MEMS that is Micro Electro Mechanical System and it is used for consuming low power and low cast.

The above five implementations of Wireless Sensor Network are used for our day-to-day life. Finally, we are going to know some applications of WSN.

Application of Wireless Sensor Networks 

  • Patient monitoring in the medical domain
  • Internet of Things
  • Landslide detection.
  • Monitoring and surveillance for security and threat detection.
  • Agriculture

These are some applications currently used in Wireless Sensor Network Systems. We are discussing the basic introduction of the WSN to the application of WSN. We hope this article is providing the best knowledge about wireless sensor networks projects. We have more number of developing and developed projects based on WSN. For further clarifications kindly contact us.

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