PhD Projects in Omnet

PhD Projects in OMNeT is the path to massive success in your research works. If you want to get triumph, then walk on this path. We have planted the trees of hope on both sides of the road. Eventually, you will get the shade of our work that will boost up your career. ”Objective Modular Network Testbed (OMNeT++) is a framework to simulate communication networks”. Our experts will give many noble ideas for you also to get your PhD dream.

  • Wired and also Wireless
  • On-Chip
  • Queuing
  • Digital Logic

Our PhD projects in OMNeT are also viable to join in the external archives with the network model. It will also obtain the best solution for the modeled network. Then, your work will contain a lot of facts.

Implementing PhD Projects in Omnet++


Being the recent trend, SDN has got the view of so many pupils. Our experts have done so many projects with SDN on OMNET++ since it reduces the network’s complex and static nature. There are many research issues in combining these areas.

Pioneering Research Issues with SDN in OMNeT
  • SD-WAN
  • Multi Controller and also Bottleneck
  • Communication and also in Synchronization between Controller
  • Slice Resources Management
  • Network Scalability
  • Energy Efficiency and also Load Balancing
  • 5G Mobile Networks
  • And also in Service Function Sharing

Our PhD projects in OMNeT are versatile to handle both simulation and also emulation tools. Our research will not in any way get the adverse effect for you. In wireless, Node position and also Mobility plays a key role in assessing the network routine under various cases. Let us also have a glance over some major interfaces and models,

Network Interfaces – Establish communication among network nodes
  • INetworkInterface
  • IWiredInterface Wired
  • IWirelessInterfaceWireless
Mobility Models – Defines movement strategy of nodes
  • Linear
    • A constant speed and linear in motion
  • Circle
    • Circular motion over a center
  • Turtle
    • Enables to set position, speed and also turn angle
  • GaussMarkov
    • Defines the motion through random elements
  • Facing
    • Allows to set the orientation
Combining Mobility Models – Integration of other mobility models
  • Attached Mobility
    • Attach to another mobility module, with a certain offset
  • Superpositioning
    • Composite of several modules their effects
3D Mobility – 3-Dimensional Modeling
  • Spiral
    • Helical (osgModel)
  • Drones
    • Flying (constraintAreaMinZ)

We will keep our minds and heart at the end of your work and do your project. Soon, this will also give the urge to finish the project. At last, you will get the most notable project from us. Come and even speak with our professionals without any hesitation.

We Have Listed Down Additional Latest Research Concepts from Our PhD Projects in Omnet,

An efficient mechanism for Development of SCADA Simulator using Omnet++

Modeling for V2X Communications based on Parallel Implementation of OMNeT++ INET Framework method

An innovative function of Satellite Data Network Jamming Attack and Prevention Simulation Model with OMNET++ practices

Effectual Performance Evaluation of 5G WNs with Massive MIMO Module Extending Omnet++ for Packet Error Rate and Channel system

A new method for Time-sensitive Networking Simulation Model Based on OMNET++ system

Using an OMNeT++ based new Modeling and performance simulation of PULSE and MCMAC protocols in RFID on IoT network

A novel practical Performance of evaluation based on  IEEE 1588 protocol with modified LibPTP in OMNet++

An inventive mechanism for Congestion Control Method Based on Weighted Random Premature Detection and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System

A modern function of Communications for sanitary teleservices in a smart city

An effective source for VisualCastalia based on  Castalia/OMNeT++ for Simulations of Image Transmissions in WSNs

A new Design and Implementation of New Planar Massive MIMO Systems intended for 5G WNs Extending Omnet++ Simulator scheme

Efficient practice for Impact of Anomalies within TTEthernet Network on Synchronization Protocol by Using Analysis of OMNeT++ Simulations system

A design process of Simulation and Performance Analysis of Software-Based Mobile Core Network Architecture by OMNeT++

An effective implement of ECSim++ an INET-Based Simulation Tool designed for Modeling and Control in Edge Cloud Computing

An assessment of  Hybrid Vehicular IEEE 802.11n and LTE Wireless Network PE in Non-Stationary Mode of Motion method

A new Function of Trust based Evaluation and Management Structure in Context-Enabled Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Effective mechanism for Simulation of communications system intended for a national radiation-dose databank scheme

A new source of  Evaluating and optimizing component-based on robot architectures by network simulation process

An effective mechanism for Simulation platform for Evaluating Network on Chip Reliability system

An original process of Reconfiguration Between Congestion Avoidance and Multiplexing Techniques for 5G system

PhD Projects in Omnet

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