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What is Cloud Computing? “Cloud computing is defined as the delivering of internet-based services through the web of remote servers. It is used to share, analyze, control and store the data on the cloud instead of using local physical server or a personal computer.” Reach out this space if you are searching for interesting novel cloud security research topics.

In this article, we will give you all-inclusive information on cloud security technological advancements with creative research ideas!!!

Our research team has suggested some noteworthy Cloud Security Research Topics that scholars are currently trying to attempt. Below ideas are just the samples of our findings. Beyond this, we have a massive range of novel research notions to support in all security respects.

Latest  Cloud Security Research Topics 

  • Cloud-based Tokenization 
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control
  • Data Backup, Recovery, and Replication 
  • Vulnerability Identification, Assessment, and Remediation 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Security
  • Intrusion Detection and Response System
  • Key Management (Exchange, Generation, Replacement, Storage) 
  • Integrity Monitoring System

As a matter of fact, cloud computing lets business proprietors store and access their industrial data from anywhere through cloud services. Hence, organizations are moving towards cloud-based platforms to improve their productivity. Ultimately, it saves the cost, time, and effort of the proprietor on buying and managing outsourced servers. In recent times, all the computing resources are sold by cloud service providers (CSP) such as AWS, Google, MS Azure, IBM, etc. For a better understanding of cloud computing, we have listed out types of cloud. 

  • Hybrid Cloud
    • This type combines two or more cloud infrastructures called multi-cloud. For instance: Integrate public cloud with private cloud
    • Here, the user can interchange the application or data from one cloud to another 
    • By its flexibility, the admin can also extend the infrastructure
  • Private Cloud
    • This type is specially meant for a company or cooperates use   
    • All the sensitive information of the company is distributed through a private network where an only authorized person can access
    • Through this, the admin can develop the automated data center in the cloud infrastructure
  • Public Cloud / SaaS
    • This type has worldwide popularity because many of the SaaS (software as a service) oriented software are hosted on this type for public use
    • Offer extensive configuration to form their required environment
    • It is also called a software sharing model which supports user to access their desired service from anywhere via a web browser
    • For instance: MS Office 365 and G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 

Though this field technically achieved many things, still there exist risks of security. Since cloud security is a typical need of all cloud service users. We will help you to find the will current challenges in cloud security with their importance. The following queries are listed out to settle the information privacy issues in cloud computing.

  • In which place the data are stored? 
  • Who are the stakeholders in a data operation? 
  • In what way the data are replicated?
  • What are their power and duties? 

In order to back you, we have a separate research team to gather all vital research updates regularly for creating the best Cloud Security Research Topics. We help research scholars in implementing novel cloud cryptography projects.So, our experts are practiced with all the latest research areas.  

Latest Cloud Security Research Topics

Cloud Security Research Problems 

  • Malicious Insiders
    • Only after the incident occurrence, determine the solution 
    • For hiring employees, providers cover their own rules and regulations 
    • Cloud provider’s lack of capability to manage its employee
  • Data Leakage / Loss 
    • Insufficient data knowledge
    • Unproven measures, poor data preservation follows-up and polices
    • Trust dispute with cloud providers (For instance: Store data in low safety area than contracted)
  • Service, Traffic, and Account Hijacking
    • In hybrid clouds, existing digital identity is inefficiently managed
    • New loopholes in Rapid cloud security adoption and development 
  • Unknown Risk Profile
    • Lack of cloud provider transparency
    • Cloud providers objection to offering proper security practices and audit/log information
  • Technology Vulnerabilities
    • Retail Sector and Manufacturing Coexistence 
    • Strong compartmentalization does not support shared elements 
    • Spreading cloning images to different systems cause OS vulnerabilities 
    • Commercial entrants using separate VM on the same physical hardware
  • Uncertain Application Programming Interfaces
    • Lack of log data to support smart management
    • Problems in the fast development of cloud system 
    • Improper event auditing with accompanying APIs

Moreover, our resource team also works on how to judge a CSP’s security and recognize the certifications. For your information, we have highlighted the different aspects of security that cloud users are requesting in recent days. Also, these aspects help you to identify more Cloud Security Research Topics in different areas.

Types of Cloud Security

  • Network Security
  • Software Security
  • Data Security
  • Identity Security
  • Security for Cloud Infrastructure 

What is API Cloud Security?

For cloud users who are gaining access to public cloud and SaaS applications (as Dropbox, G Suite, Slack, Office 365, Dropbox, etc.), API cloud computing security has become a critical issue. In some cases, the third-party dealers employ APIs to construct almost like native security utility to application.

Compare to proxy aided CASB architecture, API is different because it executes as a native application. Since proxies place a gateway in-between application and traffic. For instance: they may use agents, gateway, browser extension, etc. along with several tools and technologies. However, all cloud computing system has the threat of the following information security issues.

  • Privacy Problems
    • Data Security Risks
    • Data Breaches and Thefts
    • Data Geolocation Uncertainty
    • Data Ownership and Secrecy Issues
    • I/O Virtualization Complications
    • Broken Authentication Vulnerability with Compromised Password
  • Security Problems
    • Insecure Cloud APIs
    • Mobile Device Security
    • SQL Injection (SQLi) Attack
    • Buffer overflow Vulnerability
    • Malicious Insiders Attack
    • Cloud-based Malware Injection Attack
    • Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks 
    • Cloud Authentication Threat and Attack
  • Tangled Problems
    • Unpredictable Natural Disasters
    • Compromised Shared Platforms
    • Permanent Data Corruption or Loss

In general, the cloud security process is implemented through four actions and they are: Identifying Evidence with Source, Evidence Acquisition, Investigation of Collected Data, and Presenting Analytical Reports. All these processes take place in a different layer of the cloud system. Each layer faces different attacks based on the service type and environment. For your reference, here we have given the popular cloud security crisis.

Cloud Security Threats and Attacks

  • Credential Theft: Exploit the system without user knowledge and steal the user access/credentials For instance: phishing
  • Network Eavesdropping: Steal the user credentials utilizing network traffic
  • Brute Force Attacks: Attacker easily guess or predict user credential information
  • Dictionary Attacks: Guess the user credentials by attempting multiple dictionary terms 
  • Cookie Replay Attacks: Reuse or steal the user cookie data (like credential) to acquire the user system’s access 

Since cloud security is the vast area same as cloud computing. So, it has an infinite number of security complications. Here, we have top-demanding security-related research challenges.

Top Cloud Security Issues

  • Unconventional network attacks and threats 
  • Insufficient well-established staff to handle security for a software-defined data center (For instance: network, storage, and virtual compute)
  • No reliable security controls between the VPC infrastructures and conventional server
  • Lack of visibility on security for a software-defined data center (For example network, storage, virtual compute)
  • Increasing infrastructure complexity will eventually increase the execution and management time/effort 

Further, if you need more security research areas then contact us to have sufficient information on recent cloud security research topics. Also, we will surely stand with you in all phases of research in spite of the challenges.

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