Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

Cloud computing is means giving access for users to utilize on-demand services and applications based on their desires. In information technology, the cloud computing paradigm initiates to grasp everything behind its enormous computing services and support for data storage access. This emerging trend is exercised to deploy as well as to maintain software. Get to know how cloud computing is applied to solve problems in many domains of information technology. This page is about the recent research updates and exciting current Cloud Computing Thesis Topics.

Cloud computing: An Introduction

To put it in general terms, Cloud computing involves delivering hosted services. It ranges from application to storage as well as processing power. Its model is structured on pay on a per-use basis. The virtualization of the resources is the chief concept of cloud computing. Its advanced automation meets the requirements of the customers in a great manner. Cloud computing is best known for its agility as well.

Hope, you get a clear idea about Cloud Computing and its purpose from the above narration. Now, let’s see about the few main objectives of cloud computing. As a matter of fact, nowadays the scholars are keen to handpick Cloud Computing Thesis Topics which attain the followings,

Cloud Computing Goals

  • Accomplishing High Energy Efficiency
  • Minimizing the Operational Costs
  • Achieving Greater Computing Power
  • Planning of Backup and Failure Recovery
  • Increasing the Usage of Collaborative Tools
  • Upholding and Cooperating to Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  In addition, we have suggested some current and future expected research issues of cloud computing. Following research, ideas are considered to be very significant areas in the latest cloud computing research projects.

Cloud Computing Challenges

  • Trust Issues
  • Quality Assurance Risk
  • Delay and Bandwidth Ambiguity
  • Cloud Interoperability Implication
  • SLA Maintenance and Violation
  • Cost based Heterogeneous Model
  • Cloud Performance Uncertainty
  • New Privacy and Security Threats

What is Optimization in Cloud Computing?

In general, cloud optimization is the process that works with the intention to enhance system performance by reducing resource wastage. For this purpose, it manages and analyzes how the cloud resources are provisioned for users utilizing infrastructure, workloads, and power.

 How to Optimize Cloud?

  • Design
    • Agile Security Methodologies
    • Low Data Interchange
    • Efficient Function Calls
    • Minimal Migration Overhead
  • Deployment
    • Minimum Dependency Over Non-collocated Cloud Components
    • Low Bandwidth Consumption
    • Distance Reduction for Resource Accessibility
  • Execution
    • Reducing Execution Time
    • Minimizing Pre-Execution Latency
    • Increasing Cache Hit Ratio

3 Effective Cloud Computing Features

We have selected and listed three well known characteristics of cloud computing which are as follows,

  • Flexibility
  • Pricing Only for Service
  • Large-Scale Network Access

Its greatest advancement is virtualization. It supports the ability to dynamically scale up and quickly scale down, which results in offering cloud consumers high reliability, quick response times, and flexibility to handle traffic fluctuations.

What Needs For Thesis?

To develop the best thesis ideas, first, go through the recent research works of your interested area. Then does a complete literature survey to analyze the research gaps and problems which not yet solved or still looking for advancements. Next, make a note of it and short-listed cloud computing thesis topics.

From that list, pick the best one which appropriately matches your research objective. Make sure that your cherry-picked research topic is clear to address the research problem with suitable solving solutions. Also, it should create a big respectable contribution in the field of cloud computing. All this information is more specific and well-organized in standard thesis format. We have native writers to support you to write the best master thesis.

When it comes to the topic selection for your research work, we offer a great number of astonishing cloud computing thesis topics that are worth impressing. Some topics are listed below,

Top 7 Latest Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

What are the Latest Cloud Computing Thesis topics? 

We offer numerous possibilities for you to work it out. Yours is to choose and get the best out of it. What interests you is our major concern. Our experts will provide many astonishing topics to satisfy your needs. Further, we have listed out few important Cloud Computing Thesis Topics for your reference. These are the areas that scholars are  

  • Secure Live Virtual Machine Migration
  • Cloud Data Traffic Offloading and Management
  • Security Auditing, Fault Tolerance and Availability
  • Efficient Resource Provisioning and Energy management
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation in Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Data Storage and Management Technologies
  • Assurance of Data Security using Segregation, Recovery and Backup Solutions

Classifications in Cloud Computing

Considering its services, the common way of categorizing cloud computing is divided into three layers. They include,

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Cloud integratiCloud integration aids to connect numerous systems and applications for the real-time exchange of data and processes. The advancement of cloud integration is considered to be a game-changer that offers flexibility and scalability. Let’s take a look at some integrated cloud infrastructures,

What are the Research Fields in Cloud Computing?

  • Content-Centric Mobile Edge Cloud
  • Integration of IoT with Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Resources Virtualization
  • Blockchain based Cloud Forensics
  • Vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC)
  • Green Cloud: Energy Aware Cloud Services
  • Ad-hoc Cloud Computing and Networking
  • Software Defined Cloud Computing (SDCC)
  • Cloud – RAN (C-RAN) for 5G, LTE-Advanced
  • LTE Networks

Performance Analysis in Cloud Computing

  • ElasticSim – Support Workflow Applications and Services
  • WorkflowSim – Manage and Control the Workflow
  • CloudAnalyst – Cloud Applications and Environment Analysis
  • Dynamic Cloudsim – Distributed and Computing Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloudsim – Cloud Entities Design, VM Assignment Interface and Resource Distribution
  • Network Cloudsim – Cloud Infrastructure Optimization (includes Hardware and Software)

Let’s get into the experimental study based on the cloud with Hadoop integrated systems along with its description. Once combined the data and integrated cloud services can then be accessed by multiple devices over a network.

Simulation Parameters for Cloud Computing

  • Hadoop platform – Hadoop HDFS and YARN (included MR2)
  • No. of. name nodes – 1 name nodes (4 cores)
  • Network bandwidth – 2000 Mbps (16 cores / node)
  • No. of. data nodes – 16 Data nodes (2,4,8,16 cores / node)
  • Hadoop framework – Cloudera (CDH and Manager)
  • Cloud Computing platform – Amazon EC2 (AWS)

Let’s take a look at some performance metrics,

  • CPU Usage (%)
  • Processing Time
  • RAM Speed Rate
  • Data Transmission Time
  • Link Error Rate
  • Reply / Response Time (ms)
  • Latency of MPI Transfer
  • MPI Transfer bit/ byte Speed
  • FLOP (Benchmark OP) Rate
  • Mean Hitting Time (S)
  • Packet Loss Rate (PLR)
  • Instance Efficiency (% CPU Utilization at peak)
  • Memory bit/byte Speed (MB/s, GB/s)

Cloud QoS Metrics

  • Energy Management Metrics
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Computing Power Usage
    • Utilization of Energy
    • Effective Power Consumption
    • Average Datacenter Efficacy
  • Virtualization Metrics
    • Latency
    • Resource Consumption
    • Energy Expenditure Cost
    • Storage / IO Throughput
    • Cost of Virtual Machine Co-location
    • Network Power Utilization
    • Running Time
    • Network Bandwidth Capacity
  • Cooling Metrics
    • Efficiency of Datacenter Cooling System
    • Index of Recirculation
    • Utilization Factor  of Waterside Economizer
  • Capacity Planning Metrics
    • Capacity
    • Memory Consumption
    • Storage Space Utilization
    • Return on Investment (RoI)
    • Capital Expense (CapEx)
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Performance Metrics
    • Cloud Provider – Cost, Energy Utilization, Throughput, Makespan, Ratio of Application Transaction, Energy Efficiency and Security
    • Cloud User – Correctness, Dependability, Accessibility, User Satisfaction, Privacy and Reply Time

To learn more about the strategic advantages of moving any infrastructure to the cloud is subject to approaching your research work, we support you to all extents. We offer awe-inspiring research guidance starting from cloud computing thesis topics selection until your viva voce. Nothing is there to worry about code implementation, metrics, parameters, experimental study, and so on because we meticulously work for the betterment of your research work. 

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