Cloud Cryptography Projects

What is Cloud Cryptography? Cloud Cryptography is a technique to guard the data against unauthorized access and attackers through encryption. And also, it uses cryptographic keys (public and private) to identify the authorized user. So, this authentication process is an essential primary process in all kinds of cloud systems to ensure system security. This page is about to discuss the ground-breaking research ideas for amazing Cloud Cryptography Projects!!!

How does Cloud Cryptography work?

As already mentioned, cryptographic techniques generally perform the encryption and decryption processes for data protection. Here is one end, the sender encodes the data through the encryption method. Similarly, on the other end, the receiver decodes the encoded data to get the original content through the decryption method. In some cases, the encrypted data is directly stored in the cloud-assisted central storage servers for future use. For instance, 

  • Encryption: Ciphertext – Human Non-readable Format (Encrypted Data)
  • Decryption: Plaintext – Human Readable Format (Original data)

Next, we can see some major operations involved in cloud cryptography projects. More than encryption, it supports other following functionalities. As a matter of fact, all these methods are working together to achieve cloud computing security.

Key Functions of Cryptography

  • Authentication: Verify the user identity against already stored user credential information
  • Privacy: Let only the authenticated user access the data 
  • Key Exchange: Sharing of crypto keys (public/private) among sender and receiver Non-Repudiation: Ensure that sender only pass over the data to the receiver 
  • Integrity: Check the originality of the received message to assure the data is not modified

In order to assure the security of sensitive data, cryptography is used as a protection layer over a cloud computing system. Since cloud cryptography is a sophisticated platform full of advantages. For your references, here we have listed out few benefits of using cloud cryptography,

  • User Satisfaction by Security Governing Policies
  • End-to-End Cloud Application and Service Security 
  • Add-on Data Protection against External Threats
  • Restrict the other cloud “tenants” to access the data
  • Prevention against Data Breach, Theft, Misuse and Exfiltration

What are the different Cloud Security Services?

In general, cloud computing is provisioned with 3 different services to meet the client requirements in all aspects. And they are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Further let’s see, in what aspect the services differ from each other along with their supporting features in detail.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud Security

Cloud Service Provider (CSP) only has the service contract to hold the terms of security ownership within SaaS. Here, the CSP can host the application, OS, hypervisor, network, enterprise’s physical infrastructure, and more. All these services are offered for the end-users where the SaaS apps should include the following:

  • Misconfiguration Auditing
  • Acquire visibility for unsanctioned apps
  • Malware and Insider Threat Detection
  • Block download/sync to personal devices
  • Protect the Sensitive Data from Unauthorized User Access
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention (Cloud-DLP)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud Security

This IaaS service provides the complete infrastructure and computing resources which is required to develop cloud-based systems. And, the resources may include power, memory, network, etc. Though the IaaS based cryptography models are developed well, it is necessary to include the security factors for data protection. And, some of the features are given below,

  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention (Cloud-DLP)
  • Management of Multi-Cloud IaaS Providers
  • Suspicious User Behavior Identification and Analytics
  • Detecting Provisioned User Risk and Vulnerabilities
  • Discover IaaS Services and Accounts
  • Enhancement of Native Cloud Forensics Platform 
  • Automated Cloud Policy Management and Corrections
  • Cloud Custom Application Policies and Enforcement
  • Auditing the Cloud Resources / Security Misconfiguration
Implementation of Cloud Cyptography Projects

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud Security

In this, CSP provides a secure platform for the entries to build, develop, and test their applications with security. Also, it maintains all the computing services like software, hardware, and hosting abilities without considering the cost. And, it should incorporate the following security factors:

  • Logs
  • IP Restrictions
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics 
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)
  • API Gateways
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)

By knowing the significance of this area, our research team has gained numerous incredible Cloud Cryptography Projects ideas. In order to support you in all respects, we acquired technical knowledge in all the interesting and recent research areas in the Cloud Cryptography field.

Top 15+ Cloud Cryptography Projects (Research Ideas)

  • Failure Prediction and Detection 
  • Redundancy and High Availability in Cloud
  • Trust-based Computing Technology
  • Threat Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation
  • Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms Identification 
  • Legal Compliance and Security Policies
  • Cloud-based Software and Data Segregation Security
  • Designing of Data Center Security Standards
  • Cloud Cryptography and Security Architecture
  • Cloud Key Management and Access Control
  • Verifiable Computation on Encrypted Information
  • Integrity Assurance for Outsourced Information
  • Secure mobile cloud computation strategies
  • Secure Resource Virtualization Management 
  • Privacy based Joint Security Protocol Design
  • Secure Data Management, Auditing, and Recovery in Data Center (across and within)
  • Information Systems Coding 
  • Network and Information Security
  • Quantum Cryptography and Discrete Mathematics
  • Side-Channel Attacks with Countermeasures
  • Cryptography Protocol and Security in Computing Systems
  • Mathematical Protocols and Applications of Cryptography
  • Security and Cryptology for Cyberphysical Systems

What are the Cloud Security Risks?

From our long-term experience in cloud cryptography, we have found out that the majority of the cloud security risks fall under one of the below categories

  • An authorized user has increased access to internal data
  • Data is leaked or exposed 
  • Other malicious attacks (malware infection, DDoS attack, etc.)
  • Possibility of unauthorized user access for internal data

The main objective of the advanced cloud security approach is to decrease the security threats which are modeled by the above risks. It should authenticate the user and protect the data and more. Further, these cloud security approaches should include the following technologies.

Key Technologies for Cloud Security:

  • Access Control – allow, deny and limit the user access
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Validate the user identities for multi-applications. In this, it enables the user to sign in only one time to avail their various cloud services
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – Assure the strong the user authentication 
  • Identity Providers (IdP) – Validate the user credentials for identity verification

More than the above technologies, if we use some add-on security approaches then the level of data protection will increase. For instance: if we practice cyber security along with our methodologies, then it will yield the best result. 

What other practices are important for keeping cloud data secure?
  • Consistent security policies across all clouds and data centers: 
    • Take effective security measures over the company’s entire infrastructure (as private, public, and on-premises)
    • Even if anyone aspect is a risk, then the attacker gets a chance to acquire weak links 
  • Proper configuration of security settings for cloud servers: 
    • Improper security settings in a company lead to a data breach
    • Then the misconfigured servers will be openly showcased to the broad Internet
    • For proper configuration, it requires an expert’s supervision with the cloud vendor relation

When investigating cloud applications and their methodologies, the users need to select the optimal cryptographic algorithms for efficient encryption solutions. Also, the user must go through the following points while selecting the algorithms.

Cryptography Algorithms in Cloud? 

  • Is the data is required for organization operation?
  • Whether the sensitive intellectual property is included in the data?
  • Whether the data meet the norms of regulatory compliance or other legal commitments?
  • For instance: privacy acts (GDPR), financial statements (SOX, PCI), and health data (HIPAA)

For your information, we have bulletined a few important lightweight algorithms used for developing Cloud Cryptography Projects. And, these algorithms are classified as asymmetric and symmetric algorithms.

Cloud Cryptography Algorithms 

Lightweight Cryptography

  • Asymmetric
    • Elliptic Curve
    • RSA
    • Discrete logarithm
  • Symmetric 
    • Stream
    • Block Cipher
      • PRESENT, SPN-network, Hummingbird, AES, KELIN, LED, PRINT cipher, and PRINCE
      • SIMON / SPECK, TWINE, Fisted-network, KATAN, DESL/DESX, HIGHT, L Block, and CLEFIA
    • Hash function
      • Armadillo, Construction, and Merkle-Damgrid 
      • DM-Present, Construction, and Davies 
      • Sponge, Construction, PHOTON, Keccak, Quark, GLOUN, and Spongent

In addition, we have given some cloud cryptography system performance measuring parameters. In specific, it is used to assess the efficiency of the overall developed system. Also, it only proves that your proposed system achieved your research objective of lightweight cryptography. Three important steps in the following, 

  • Simulation
  • Analytical Design
  • Measurement (Development and Test Bed)

Performance Evaluation Metrics for Cloud Cryptography Projects 

  • Risk Metrics
    • Evaluate the severity rate of consequence 
    • Estimate the probability of adversarial attack scenario
    • Measure the possible impact of adversary attack or TTP 
  • Security Metrics
    • Evaluate the entire system performance through prime security functions (Detect, Recovery, Protect and Respond)
    • Verify, in what way a system attains the security objectives (Accessibility, Privacy, Liability, and Reliability)
  • Resilience Metrics
    • Estimate the performance level in an interruption (before, after, and during) 
    • Calculate the time in detection, disruption, recovery, and response 

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