AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud service provider that gives efficient and reliable solutions for cloud computing. We are providing guidance for AWS security projects and we have some of the most renowned world-class certified experts and engineers in the field of AWS with us.  It provides the following cloud computing services for end-users, 

  • Platform as a Service
  • Packaged Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service 

The following is an overview of AWS security and doing projects in it. Let us start by defining AWS security.


The following are the basic features of AWS security. It is a cloud service provided by Amazon that comes with the following security features which you can use to establish secured overcloud.

  • Protection of data
  • Prevents unauthorized access
  • Protects workloads and accounts 
  • Detection of threat
  • Key management and encryption 

AWS also protects against Masquerade attacks where illegal access to user information takes place with the user password itself. Our technical team is highly experienced in doing AWS Security Projects. We are in the field of guiding AWS research projects since its launch. So you can get ultimate support that can help you overcome any sort of challenges in your research. Following is an insight on security available with AWS.


  • AWS works on the model of shared security responsibility
  • So there is double protection for your data, one from your side and the other from the side of AWS 

This may sound quite familiar. This may also make you think that cloud services under AWS protection can never lead to any threats or security breaches. That is true up to an extent as there are plenty of research issues associated with AWS cloud security. We have explained them in detail below.


As we are updating ourselves we have gained huge knowledge to report on the technical and research issues of AWS cloud security. The following are the issues in researching AWS cloud security. 

  • Data storage
  • Control Loss
  • Multi-location
  • Data locality and Pooling 
  • Cooperative online cloud storage
  • Complex Integrity checking 
  • Availability 
  • Cloud Outages
  • Bogus Resource Usage
  • Unreliable computing
  • Untruthful computing and backup, restoration, and migration errors
  • Insecurity in computing models
  • Top-down SLAs Management 
  • Sanitization
  • Multi-tenant practice hard disk
  • Resource recycling
  • Non-wiped hard disk discard
  • Faulty implementation of data destruction
  • Cryptography
  • Poor key management and insecure obsolete cryptography
  • Brute-force, rainbow tables attacks, and dictionary
  • Faulty cryptographic procedures
  • Malware 
  • Cloud malware syncing
  • Anti-viruses effectiveness by Signature

We have our expert team at your disposal to solve these issues. They have already got huge experience in solving these issues. We will provide you with the execution tips and essential technicalities that can help you overcome these problems. Our support along with your knowledge can make tremendous success. Now we will brief you more on AWS security services.


As you might be aware, there is a major security service provided by AWS. The following are the technical aspects of all security services provided by AWS. 

  • GuardDuty – protects AWS accounts by detecting threats
  • Shield – protects web applications
  • Key management service or KMS – encryption of data
  • Web application firewall or WAF – protects at the level of application
  • Inspector – installation for reporting vulnerabilities
  • Macie – safeguards critical data
  • Cloud directory – management of directories 
  • Certificate manager – issues SSL certificates 
  • Identity and Access Management or IAM – management of policies and users

On the whole AWS, itself provides the necessary cloud protection and you will be seeing enormous opportunities if you take up projects in AWS. We will provide you with all support essential for your research in AWS security projects. Following are the project ideas in the field.

Interesting  Top 5 Ideas for AWS Security Projects


The following list of project ideas can be of potential importance to your research. As these are the most demanding topics of research in the domain.

  • Data privacy and Compliance – AWS ensures automatic checks on compliance 
  • Protection of network and applications – prevention of host, application, and network-level unauthorized access
  • Protection of data – key management, detecting threats, and encryption are ensured 
  • Continuous monitoring and threat detection – behavior and activity of the accounts are monitored regularly
  • Identity and access management – AWS manages identity for authorized access

Our research experts are highly skilled in the above perspectives. You can connect with us to talk to our expert team and gain the essential field knowledge for the implementation of AWS Security Projects. Now it becomes important for you to know more about applications of AWS security in the cloud. We have explained them below.


There are wide-ranging applications in the cloud for AWS security systems as it provides complete security in all aspects. The different domains of cloud security in which AWS security features are used are given below.

  • Incident response
  • Automated recovery is cost-effective and fast
  • Investigation of issues in security
  • Infrastructure protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Firewall rules management 
  • Filtration of threatening web traffic
  • Network security
  • Access and identity management 
  • AWS accounts management and governance 
  • Management of Microsoft archive directory
  • Cloud Single-sign-on service
  • Secure and simple services for AWS resource sharing
  • Management of app identity
  • Access to resources and services are secured
  • Compliance 
  • Regular auditing of AWS usage
  • AWS compliance report access on-demand which is free of cost 
  • Data protection 
  • Management, rotation, and retrieving secrets
  • Storage for regulatory compliance based on hardware
  • Protection and discovery of critical data
  • Managing, providing, and deploying private and public TLS/SSL certificates
  • Management and key storage
  • Intrusion Detection 
  • IoT devises security management
  • Evaluating and recording configurations
  • Management of threat detection mechanisms
  • API usage and user activity tracking
  • Analyzing the security of applications
  • Compliance center 
  • Unified security

We have made projects in all these aspects of AWS security. We can thus support you from a selection of topics till the submission of the thesis. As we have got a massive amount of reliable resources, we will transfer them to you at once you get to choose us for your research guidance. We have briefed you below about the various tools of AWS security Projects.


The following are the AWS security tools. You can check out our projects and understand the practical and technical functioning of these tools.

  • CloudFront – Protects from DDoS attacks and aids in the safe delivery of content
  • Amazon Cognito – Validates your identity
  • AWS Web Application Firewall – customized rules for protection from XSS and SQL
  • CloudHSM – the creation of encryption keys
  • Amazon inspector – evaluates application security and checks vulnerability
  • CloudTrail – API requests are recorded for the management of accounts and services

Our experts are ready to give you the necessary explanation on these tools. It may not be much difficult for you to understand them. We will provide you with the platform to work with these tools. This can readily increase your understanding of these tools and find you more ideas to work further with them. 

With our experience of more than two decades in the field of cloud security project guidance, we are providing the best practices for choosing an AWS security solution. You need to keep these points in mind before attempting to choose one for your research aws security projects.


Remember the following points for choosing an AWS security solution.

  • Security solutions must be easily integrated with AWS
  • The system for security must be well aware of the system, user, and context
  • It should provide complete detail on logging and reporting
  • The transparency in control is very significant for any security tool
  • The system should make automatic responses to a user activity based on context and audit
  • Simplified management of cloud policies with on-premise security

Though AWS offers ultimate security in the cloud, usage of additional security systems will provide you with enhanced security. If you want to know more details on this aspect of security, just get in touch with us. We will solve all the queries from world-class best practices. We will now explain to you the platforms associated with AWS security.


The following are the amazon security platforms. This proves that AWS can be used along with other cloud services too.

  • Oracle – BYOL or Bring Your License model supports oracle transparent data encryption to work on Amazon RDS
  • MySQL – encryption, compression, and hashing are included in MySQL cryptographic functions
  • Microsoft SQL – encryption, hashing, and signing are provided by Microsoft transact-SQL data

We have delivered more projects that have inter-related cloud service usage from various service providers. Check out our projects and their performance metrics. We will provide you with all details regarding our projects and other technical details on their execution. Now let us help you understand the novelty in AWS Security Projects.

  • New features are being added for innovation in AWS. 
  • So you can find wide-ranging opportunities for cloud security in AWS. 
  • For example, AWS WAF can help in log filtering which allows you to determine the logged and discarded web requests.

You can make your project bring innovations in AWS security. It can then revolutionize the field with more people opting to use your innovation. We will be of great support throughout your research journey. 

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