Cloud Computing Security Projects

What is Cloud Security? Cloud security is the process of shielding the online data stored in the cloud from external/internal attacks through a set of rules (algorithms) and technologies. In fact, it protects not only the data but also the infrastructure, network, resources, applications, and services. This article is about the interesting Cloud Computing Security Projects which are highly whispered in the current research world!!!

Most importantly, cloud security gives data protection assurance over the cloud-based services/systems for both individual and business people by advanced mechanisms. Also, here we have given the fundamental operations involved in the cloud services.

How do Cloud Services work?

  • GPUs – Graphics Processing from GPUs
  • CPUs – Processing or Computing Power from CRPs
  • Data Center / Hard Drives – Available Data Storage 
  • RAM chips – Active Storage Capacity of RAM chips

What are the 3 Cloud Services?

To meet the business essentials, Cloud Computing offers service models in 3 different aspects as Infrastructure, Software, and Platform. And, they are popularly referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Now, let’s see what exactly these services do in the cloud and how it satisfies the user’s needs. 

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): 
    • Allow the users to avail the provisioned basic computing resources like network, processing, storage, and more 
    • So, the user can deploy and run their applications on their given cloud infrastructure. For instance: software, OS 
    • Here, the user has control over their deployed applications but not on cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS): 
    • This model let the user utilize the applications for their purpose where the applications are provided by the CSP on a cloud infrastructure
    • Here, the user has no control over both the cloud infrastructure and applications. That is to say, the user can only avail of the service from providers but can’t manage OS, storage, or servers 
    • In some cases, the user has access rights over restricted client-based application configuration 
  • Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS): 
    • Enable the user to install/host handpicked or custom-developed applications on the cloud infrastructure without owning the physical environment.
    • This model itself offers software development tools and programming languages by the service provider
    • In this, the user/developer has control over their deployed application with their configuration but not on the cloud infrastructure as OS, server, network, or storage
15+ Latest Cloud Computnig Security Projects List

What are the Challenges in Cloud computing?

Though many computing mechanisms are designed for security, firewall, and load balancing in the cloud environment, still there is a need for advanced approaches. Moreover, these issues are present in current solutions while virtualizing the network architecture. In addition, it will also happen in handling dynamic or runtime changing server infrastructure.

What are the major problems of Cloud Security?

  • Outsiders Data Sharing 
  • Accounts Hijacking
  • Cyber-Attacks
  • Access of Unauthorized Users
  • Minimum Visibility
  • Misconfiguration Breaches
  • Malicious Insiders Threat
  • Security Risk in APIs and Interfaces

In general, the cloud user is expected to have cloud security techniques that meet the following essentials to uphold complete protection over the cloud system. So, our resource team works on the line of these below requirements to fulfill the user needs. By the by, we also collected new novel research ideas in the following aspects for achieving the best Cloud Computing Security Projects. 

Cloud Security Requirements 

  • Authentication – Check the user identity to confirm with the authorization and request origin before delivering the service
  • Authorization – Based on the user’s service subscription, it will provide the access rights to the cloud user
  • Confidentiality – Prevent unauthorized access over cloud user’s sensitive data where the access may be of anything like hacker, external processes, or entities 
  • Accountability – Legally maintain each and every activity carried over by cloud user/device in cloud infrastructure 
  • Integrity – Assure that the cloud user’s sensitive data is not changed by knowingly or unknowingly
  • Privacy – Ensure that the cloud data is not misused in any case and only perform its activities
  • Availability – When the authorized user/device request the cloud data, then it should be reachablewithout the delay

Next, we are going to debate about masquerade detection methods. Since it is one of the foremost concerns in cloud security systems which reach high popularity among researchers over a short period. Here, our resource team has given you the four significant datasets that are used to assess masquerade detection methods

  • RUU dataset
    • published dataset only for Windows and also made a Linux host sensor
    • Collect data from 14 masquerade users and 34 normal volunteer users in a red team 
    • Comprises 15 minutes records of each masquerader system utilization
    • Analyze in what way normal users search a file system to predict the unusual searches
  • SEA dataset
    • Collection of commands from UNIX audit log files 
    • Over the whole collected data, consider only command and username 
    • For instance: In 50 diverse users’ information, 15000 commands are available for each user. On one hand, the first 5000 commands are said to be genuine. On other hand, the rest of the 10000 commands are further split up into 100 blocks (100 commands /block). Then, the each block is seeded with masquerade users
  • Purdue University dataset
    • Collects data from UNIX shell command (4 months histories of 4 users in Purdue Millennium Lab)
    • Each user has 7769 to 22530, commands (Avg- 16500 commands)
    • Include the arguments, command names, and options but exclude filenames 
    • Suits for a limited number of users
  • Greenberg dataset
    • Collect the data from 168 UNIX users through C shell (csh-command line)
    • Categorize the users into 4 clusters: experienced developers, computer technologists, beginner developers, and non-developer 
    • Stores the data in the form of plain text files which includes the following information:
      • User Command Line 
      • Previous Command Alias Expansion 
      • Specify the History Commands
      • Session Duration (Start and End Timings)
      • Detect Command Line Error
      • Present using Directory

In addition, we are going to discuss the challenges involved in building the actual dataset for intrusion detection. Since it consumes more time to collect the dataset and prepare the training and testing phase’s scenarios. Moreover, it needs specially designed technologies to monitor and access the cloud infrastructure in data collection. 

Challenges to building a Cloud Dataset

  • Delay in constructing whole attack scenarios
  • Difficulty in controlling commercial cloud infrastructure
  • Unreachability of data due to the policies of evidence
  • External users do not get accessibility in private cloud systems 
  • Minimum availability of real data to study the models and solutions

Rise of audit correlation complexity due to different audit parameters. 

  • For example: “.tcpdump” in the network, “.evt” in Windows, and “.bsm” in UNIX
  • Hard to collect the legal and malicious user real data in distributed distinct environs. For instance: Linux, Network, Windows 
  • Large-scale users require a high volume of computing resources. For instance: 20+GB for CIDD dataset 
  • Tough to prepare a concise statistical profile for every user because based on environments (Unix, Windows) it differs

So far, we have discussed the cloud service, cloud security requirements, challenges, datasets. Now for your benefit, we have given you a set of significant cloud security research topics that scholars are currently looking forward,

Latest 15+ Cloud Computing Security Projects Title

  • Cloud Virtualization Security Risks 
  • Effective Data Security and Management
  • Cloud Access Control Mechanisms
  • Privacy Identity and Key Management 
  • Business Continuity and High Availability
  • Network Security Vulnerabilities and Threats 
  • Security Models Frameworks and Methodologies
  • Legal Cloud User and Data Protection 
  • Audit Logs in Network Forensics 
  • AWS Security
  • Legal Web Application Security 
  • Portability and Interoperability Issues
  • Risk Management and Evaluation 
  • Data Integrity Checking using Cryptographic Techniques
  • Security for Software and Applications
  • Regulatory & Jurisdictional Compliance in Network Security

Further, if you want to know more up-to-date research ideas for Cloud Computing Security Projects then communicate with our team. We will surely let you know the recent research challenges and future directions.

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