WBAN stands for wireless body area network which denotes the wearable devices which are capable of performing computations and are connected as a network. The functions of different organs are recorded using these devices. If you are searching for a complete picture of WBAN projects then you are here at the very right place.

We have been guiding wireless body area network projects for the past two decades and so our technical experts are highly experienced to guide any project in the field. This is a complete overview of WBAN projects given by our experts to you. Let us first start with an introduction to WBAN technology and projects.


The health sector is largely benefited because of wireless body area networks. The system is extensively used to record the functionalities of different body parts so that any malfunctioning can be detected readily and treated. It provides for safety, reliable information, precise measurement, and Analysis of data which makes it the best possible way out for many complicated health issues. The WBAN architecture has four parts which are detailed below.

  • Data Collection Unit
    • Sensors are connected wirelessly for the purpose of monitoring patients
    • Records like ECG can be taken at the ease of the patient
    • That is, patients are not restricted to move for carrying out measurements
  • Central control unit or CCU
    • Data collected from different sensors are coordinated at CCU
    • Information is received from body parts and transmitted to the WBA analysis system through CCU
  • WBAN communication
    • Data from CCU is transferred to the next pre-determined stage using WBAN communication
    • It acts like a mobile node.
  • Control center
    • Data about the patient’s body conditions is stored here at the control centre for future reference
    • The device for storage includes computer, mobile phones etc
    • The purpose for storing the data in such devices happens to be monitoring by sending alert messages, carrying out future treatments and patient monitoring

New technologies can be included in these components of wireless body area networks and architecture can be advanced further. Our engineers will give a complete analysis and a subjective opinion on different technologies that are used along with WBAN architecture so that you can understand the extent to which the performance of the system can be appreciated. By having an analysis of this you can be able to sort out the novel techniques that you wish to use in your projects. Now let us see in detail about the WBAN sensors.

Performance Analysis of WBAN Projects


          Sensors form the basis of communication in the WBAN system. The WBAN sensors are the smart devices that aid in communication and computation. 

  • These sensors have made many applications of WBAN successful.
  • The sensors vary with varying signals
  • The capacities of these sensors depend on the level of accuracy and range of data that we wish to obtain

There are many applications in which wireless body area networks are used today. As it is said above, a variety of sensors are used depending on the signals and preferred range of data. Let us see those applications in detail below.

  • Medical applications of WBAN
    • Signal – ECG
      • Range of data – 0.5 to 4 mV
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 500 Hz
      • Rate of data – 6Kbps
    • Signal – concentration of glucose
      • Range of data – 0 to 20 mM
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 40 Hz
      • Rate of data – 480 bps
    • Signal – pulse rate
      • Range of data – 0 to 50 BPM
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 4 Hz
      • Rate of data – 48 bps
    • Signal – Blood pH
      • Range of data – 6.8 to 7.8 pH
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 4 Hz
      • Rate of data – 48 bps
    • Signal – Blood flow
      • Range of data – 1 to 30 ml per second
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 40 Hz
      • Rate of data – 480 bps
    • Signal – Respiratory rate
      • Range of data – 2 to 50 breaths per minute
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 20 Hz
      • Rate of data – 240 bps
    • Signal – Blood pressure
      • Range of data – 10 to 400 mm Hg
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 100 Hz
      • Rate of data – 1.2 Kbps
    • Signal – Body temperature
      • Range of data – 32 to 40 degree Celsius
      • Accuracy – 12 bits
      • Frequency – 0.2 Hz
      • Rate of data – 2.4 bps
  • Non medical applications

In general, nonmedical applications range of data, frequency, and accuracy need not be exactly determined. 

  • Signal – High quality audio
    • Data rate – 1.4 Mbps
  • Signal – video
    • Data rate – 1 to 2 Mbps
  • Signal – Motion sensor
    • Data rate – 4.8 Kbps
    • Frequency – 100 Hz
    • Accuracy – 16 bits
  • Signal – Voice
    • Data rate – 100 Kbps
  • Signal – GPS positions
    • Data rate – 96 bps
    • Frequency – 1 Hz
    • Accuracy – 32 bits

These are the specifications and requirements of various signals for which Wireless body area network applications are used. Though these sectors are well advanced, the impacts of new technologies on these applications remain inadequate. There are some properties that are unique to the sensors used in wireless body area network applications. Let us see what those properties are.

  • Reduced weight (easy to handle)
  • Cost effective (less expensive)
  • Consumes less power

Whatever be the advantages of the sensors, it is the system that brings into the picture much more advantages by giving accurate results and allowing us to make further analysis successfully. As a responsible researcher, it becomes significant for you to improve upon the existing applications of wireless body area networks by developing novel applications that can be beneficial to real-time.

We have been working towards achieving the goal by supporting research scholars from all over the world to make worthy and successful wban projects. We are striving to bring any innovative ideas of researchers into reality. So we will support you to attain success in your research career. Connect with our experts and grab the chance of getting close to world-class technical experts. Now let us see about research challenges in WBAN 


There are so many research challenges associated with wireless body area network projects. Our technical experts have faced one or many of them during their support to our customers on WBAN projects. We have also solved them and came out of these issues successfully with suitable solutions. Let us talk about those challenges below

  • Managing a large amount of data in body area networks (significant for data sets)
  • Consistency of information is a major concern as fine and significant details of a patient is spread over many devices and nodes (In such cases coordinating all data to make exact analysis is a question)
  • Connectivity and interoperability issues have to be rectified (transfer of data should happen in real-time seamlessly across different devices and network technologies like Bluetooth, Zigbee etc)
  • Sensors should be able to give a detailed classification of a patient’s health. For this purpose power consumed by these sensors should be maximum
  • Issues related to interference that occurs as a result of multiple sensors being employed at various parts are very crucial. Therefore it must be solved efficiently
  • The patient monitoring system varies from patient to patient. So the energy consumed by the system also varies. Consistent monitoring (and so persistent power consumption) has to be ensured for some patients
  • The performance of the system should be compatible to function under all circumstances. The environment for the condition of the sensors should not influence its measurement, accuracy, and calibration.
  • Quality of data is vital to determining disorders. A proper mechanism for decision-making can be ensured by the high quality data
  • Validating all the readings from every sensor is a significant task. Faults in software or hardware should not provoke alerts and for this purpose sensor and their data should be validated
  • Security and accuracy in transmission of information is one of the major challenges. Security protocols and algorithms of different systems cannot be employed in wireless body area networks since its demands are different. (Nowadays IEEE 802.15.6 is used)
  • Security aspects of WBAN applications are the following.
    • Constraints of resources
    • Efficient supply and power consumption
    • Limited memory
    • Ability for computing
    • Authenticity
    • Robustness of the system
    • Fresh data
    • Confidentiality
  • The devices in WBAN should comply with certain features. The devices used including the sensors should have the following characteristics
    • Less complex
    • Less Weight
    • Efficiency in power usage
    • Easy to handle and configure
    • Controlling and accessing the devices from external sources through internet
  • Patients may fear that their privacy can be under threat by using these WBAN devices. So securing user privacy is very important
  • The system must be designed in a cost-effective manner so that customers from any financial and social background can readily use it.
  • The patient’s day-to-day activities should not be curbed due to the usage of WBAN devices. The collection of data, analyzing it, and monitoring has to happen on the go.

All these research challenges can be easily overcome with our support. Our experts have registered successful techniques to solve the above issues. Equitable access to health benefits becomes true only when such challenges are solved.

Proper response mechanisms and treatment can be designed only when deep research is carried out in wireless body area networks. Researchers are contributing to making a harmonious healthcare ecosystem with their constant efforts towards improving patient monitoring systems like WBAN. 

We and our technical experts are guiding the researchers with the experience and knowledge that we gained. So reach out to us in order to solve your research questions. Now let us see about the research objectives of WBAN.


Any research gains importance only through its predetermined objectives. It helps you to pay direct special attention and you are resources towards achieving these objectives. The following are the major aims for which WBAN research is carried out.

  • Reduction of temperature of all nodes
  • Preventing the formation of hotspot (due to increased temperature of the node)
  • Lifetime of the networks has to be enhanced (by movements of parts of the body)
  • Providing good delay of routing (and hop count)
  • Eradication or decreasing the end-to-end delay
  • Secure routing mechanism from different data related threats
  • Enhancing the quality of service and performance in a cost effective manner

If you have been looking for specific topics under these general objectives contact our technical team. We are here available all the time to support and guide you. The objectives of research vary with the researchers’ interests. Whatever be your area of interest we are here to support you. Our technical experts have acquired enough experience over time. They have been on the mission of making innovative measures possible in real-time. So you can approach our technical team regarding any queries. You will get them solved instantly. Look into some of the recent research topics in WBAN


After intense research into many of the authentic sources, our technical experts have come up with the top most 5 important research topics in WBAN Projects. We have listed them below for your reference. 

  • Selection of antennas for WBAN
  • WBAN security related issues
  • WBAN routing protocols
  • Modelling radio channel in WBAN
  • Networking and communication of body parts under different conditions (in, off and on)

We are supporting research on all the above topics. Our technical team is currently expanding our scope on WBAN applications beyond healthcare applications. Note that we have dedicated teams for all specific purposes. Get in touch with us to know more details. Now let us have some insight into routing protocols in WBAN.


Good and authentic communication can be established among the sensors of WBAN primarily with the help of routing protocols. We have listed the major classification of these protocols below.

  • Routing protocol based on cluster
  • Service aware routing protocol
  • Postural motion based routing
  • Protocals that are thermally aware
  • Routing protocols based on cross layers
  • Delay tolerant aware protocols

Each protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages. The protocol that you are opting to use will be significantly based on your research objective. We will guide you to get through the best protocol that suits you are research. Now, you should be aware of certain factors that are to be considered in order to choose the best routing protocol. We have listed those factors below.

  • Topology of network
  • Energy consumed
  • Quality of service factors
  • Range of transmission among different nodes
  • Temperature of nodes
  • Human posture

Our engineers are actually experts when it comes to employing the best means to attain the most successful results. We provide research help in thesis writing, paper publication, etc. Check out the range of services that we offer from the WBAN projects page. And then contact us to avail of our expert research help. Now let us see the ways in which the energy efficiency of WBAN can be enhanced.


IIn order to enhance the energy efficiency of wireless body area networks, there are certain protocols used. These protocols are listed below.

  • Collection of data (through the base station)
  • Scheduling MAC protocol
  • Multiple objectives based multi-hop routing

We will give you the execution tips which comprise the ways in which we tried to increase the energy efficiency of our WBAN projects. Our successful attempts can act as handy solutions to your research questions. Now let us see some of the significant metrics used for analyzing the performance of WBAN projects.


After designing a project it becomes important for you to check it out with some of the performance metrics so that you can take your research to the next level of either improving the system or implementing your ideas into reality. The following for such major performance metrics used for evaluation of WBAN applications.

  • Efficient consumption of energy
  • Rate of false acceptance and rejection
  • Time served (optimal)
  • Residual energy
  • Node criticality of communication count
  • Ratio of number of packets obtained at the destination to the number of packets sent starting from the source (packet delivery ratio)
  • Difference in energy at the initial and operating conditions (residual energy)
  • Transmission power loss between source and sink nodes (path loss)
  • Dead nodes
  • Delay in packet sent from source to sink
  • End to end delay (Transmission time between source and sink)
  • Number of packets delivered
  • Distance covered
  • Period of stability is the time before which the initial node die
  • Total time for operation of the system (lifetime of network calculated until the last node die)

Since we earned huge experience in handling WBAN projects, our experts have recorded tremendous results in all the above performance metrics. Our professional services have also earned us a huge reputation among research scholars and students too. So give yourself the best online research guidance to support your projects. Connect with us to get in touch with our experts. 

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