Power Electronics Projects using Matlab Simulink

Power electronics is the combination of power, electronics, and control. It is an electricity-based study used to know about generating, transfer and distribute electric power. Electronics is a solid-state circuit/device used to fulfil the control system objectives over signal processing. Control is a closed-loop system that has dynamic features and a steady state. Overall, power electronics is a solid-state electronic application to control and convert electrical power.

This article emphasizes Power Electronics Projects using Matlab Simulink with current research areas, challenges, ideas, topics, etc.!!!

Power Electronics Projects using Matlab Simulink Research Guidance

What does Power Electronics do?

  • Control voltage levels between 1 volt and 800 kV
  • Effective scalable conversion and electrical energy control
  • Process energy instead of information
  • Efficient large-scale conversion between 90% and 98%
  • Control frequency, voltage, and current-level variation
  • Manage power-levels between milli-watts and giga-watts (For instance: between portable devices to high voltage dc communication)

Now, we can see the fundamental procedure to work on a power electronics system. In this, we have given only general procedure for your information. Further, it may from project to project-based proposed research goal. Power electronics is a widespread platform that comprises numerous research areas for creating innovative power electronics projects using matlab Simulink. The majority of projects are motivated to maximize power generation and minimize power consumption. Overall, it tries to address power control and management aspects in electronic components/systems.

How does power electronics works?

  • Step 1 – Collect electrical power as input from the power source
  • Step 2 – Transfer electrical power into power converter to generate electrical power output
  • Step 3 – Load generated output as a feedback signal
  • Step 4 – Transfer feedback signal and reference signal into the controller
  • Step 5 – Controller control the generated power in the supply stage

Power electronics systems are effective to work in research fields. Recently, it attains incredible significance among the active research community. The actual reason behind the rapid growth of power electronics is its objectives. By the by, the power electronics field is derived from the electrical engineering field. So, it inherits the advantages of electrical engineering too. Overall, all power-related projects are intended to achieve the following objectives efficiently.

Objectives of Power Electronics Systems

  • Today’s technologies are comprised with information electronics and power electronics like brain-and-muscle
  • Power electronics is aimed to find answers for following questions,
    • By what means, electric power usage and quality is enhanced?
    • In what way, electric power is utilized?
    • What effective measures are taken to use electric power?

Besides, we have listed out few important entities to develop power electronics. Every entity has unique characteristics and tasks to perform. All these entities are considered to be essential for developing fundamental power electronics projects using matlab simulink. Further, there are more entities that we guide you based on your project requirements. Our developers are wise to design and incorporate any sort of components in power electronics projects. If you are curious to know the required component in your handpicked project then approaches us. 

What are the significant components in power electronics?

  • Switches
  • Actuators
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Converters
  • Filters
  • Electric drives
  • Inverters
  • Turbine models
  • Semiconductors

Further, we have also itemized core subjects of the power electronics field. As one of the main engineering streams, power electronics covers various interesting subject areas. All these areas are furnished with unique research areas from different dimensions. These areas are very important which make you follow the unique way in power electronics research journey. To serve you in these areas, we have framed different advanced power electronics project ideas.

Important Subjects in Power Electronics
  • Electronics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electric Machines
  • Signal Processing
  • Circuit Theory
  • Control and System Theory
  • Power System
  • Solid-state Physics

Next, we can see important research issues/problems in power electronics. We hope that these research issues make you conscious of current research demands overpower electronics. All these research issues are collected by studying recent research papers, review papers, and magazines from high-impact factor journals like IEEE, Elsevier, ScienceDirect, Springer, etc.

In this study, we perform a complete review of existing techniques, advantages and disadvantages, research gaps, and many more. To the end, we have recognized the following issues gained more attention among other current challenges.

Significant Research Challenges in Power Electronics

  • Need to enhance efficiency to harvest energy
  • Need to improve reliability overpower semiconductor
  • Need to control load in a better way
  • Need to satisfy load requirement
  • Need to minimize negative influence over devices in electromagnetic environ
  • Need to interpret power conversion at low cost, volume, and weight

To collect current research challenges, we first collect applicable research areas of power electronics. For that, we refer to the past couple of years’ research articles and magazines. Moreover, we also discuss with our linked global experts who are the member of top-reputed journals.

Consequently, it helps to know the present research interests of final-year students and scholars. Also, we analyze the future scope of research areas for upcoming studies. Since research areas without future scope are merely not meant to perform research.

Research Areas in Power Electronics

  • PV System
  • Wind Farms
  • Autonomous Electric Cars
  • Aircraft / UAV Model
  • Renewable Energy Source Model
  • Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) 
  • Intelligent Transformer
  • DC-to-DC Converter (Parallel and Series)
  • Nano grid, Macrogrid, and Microgrid

In addition, we have given real-time applications of power electronics. Presently, power electronics projects are increasing more in real-world applications. Our developers are skillful to tackle all sorts of research issues in real-time power electronics systems.

Since we have various smart solutions to crack complex problems. On knowing the worth of real-time power electronics projects using matlab simulink, we have designed unique project topics that are sure to overcome existing real-world problems.

Real-Time Power Electronic Fields

  • Decentralized Microgrid
  • Smart Power and Energy Metering
  • New Renewable Energy Application
  • Design of Switchgear Components
  • Off-shore Wind Turbine / Power Plants
  • Smart Grid and Sustainable Power System
  • Smart Office Lighting System
  • Energy Harvesting System
  • Optimized Cooler Battery for Green-IoT
  • Surveillance System using Drone Technology
  • Navigation System for Electric Vehicle
  • Smart Home Automation using Solar Panels
  • Design of High-Voltage Batteries for Electrical System
  • And many more

Now, we can see about few exciting research ideas of power electronics from vital research areas. All these ideas are suggested by our field experts to address significant research insights. For illustration purposes, here we have selected four key research areas of power electronics that are highly intended in power and energy management. Similarly, we have more collections of research ideas in other growing research areas of power electronics.

Top Research Ideas in Power Electronics

  • Energy System Control
    • Hybrid Storage Model
    • Islanding Recognition
    • Management of Electric Load
    • Storage of Renewable Energy
    • Energy Generation and Distribution
    • Voltage Source for Digital Controller
    • Fault Analysis over Transformer
    • Hydro Power and Energy Prediction
  • Speed Control
    • Microturbine
    • Wind Power Plant
    • Switched Reluctance Motor
    • Automated Vehicle Wiper Control
    • Dynamic Robot Movement
    • Propulsion System for Underwater Vehicle
    • Grid Connection Wind Power
    • Mobile Air / Road-based Transport Vehicle
  • Energy Conservation System
    • Remote Area Power Distribution
    • Smart Device Power Charging
    • Near field Tag communication
    • Magnetic Power Control and Tuning
    • Road-based Electric Vehicles
    • Solar-assisted Power Generation
    • Resonance Power Shielding
    • Multiple Load Management
    • Hybrid Energy System (capacitive and inductive)
    • Power Monitoring Strategies using Beam Scanning
  • Renewable Energy Management
    • Mixed Energy System
    • Wind Power Preservation
    • Tracking of Solar Panel
    • Active Power Usage Control
    • Greenhouse Gas Discharge
    • Grid-Offloading and Task Scheduling
    • Power Dissipation Estimation
    • Pilot Security System
    • Harmonic Falsehood Reduction
    • Voltage Distribution (High / Low / Moderate)
    • Turbine Motion Management

Power Electronics Projects Using Matlab Simulink

Majorly, power electronics projects using Matlab Simulink focus on converter circuits, computer-assisted simulation, digital signal processors, electrical drives, control systems, power semiconductors, field-programmable gate arrays, electrical machines, etc. Further, it supports a wide range of applications over electrical power control, power conversion, and high-efficiency switching modes.

Some of our current project areas on power electronics fields are electronic welding, fuel-cell power preservation, heating control, DC / AC power supply, transmission line volt-ampere harmonic and reactive compensators, photovoltaic, AC communication system, electrochemical processes, etc. Beyond these areas, we are working on other important power electronics subjects.

Top 4 Research Ideas for Power Electronics Projects using matlab simulink

Moreover, our developers are proficient to serve in all these areas under the supervision of our experts. In order to share other current research directions with you, here we have also included other key technologies of power electronics.

Power Electronics Projects

  • Energy and Power
    • Power Supplies
      • Switch-based Power Supply and DC / AC Power Supply
    • Drivers and Motors
      • Brushed DC Motors, Electric Engine and Scale Driver
    • Energy Processing
      • Power Inverters / Converters
  • System and Control
    • Switch Control
      • Power Diode, Thyristor, Power MOSFET and IGBT
    • Feedback System
      • Dynamic Feedback Controller
      • Positive / Negative Feedback Loop
  • Electronics and Electrical Devices
    • Magnetics
      • Power Converters, Inverters and Motor Drives
    • Circuits
      • Depends on project requirements
    • Power Semiconductor
      • RCT, MCT, PUT, GTO, TRIAC, etc.

Further, we have also listed few important concepts in power electronics that are looking for innovations in research. Although these concepts are noteworthy, they have fewer research footprints in the power electronics field. Therefore, the need for research on these concepts are highly increasing in recent days. So, we have collected present research challenges, research ideas, research problems, problem-solving solutions, and project topics for electrical and electronics engineering regarding these concepts.

Concepts Used In Power Electronic Projects

  • Solar Panel Tracker
  • Automated Power Control
  • Multiple Sound Producer
  • Indicator of Power Failure
  • Buck-Boost Converter 
  • Monitoring from Remote Area
  • Harmonic Distortion Investigation
  • Thyristor model for Battery Charger
  • Street Light / Signal Light Control
  • Renewable Energy for Power System
  • Synchronization for Electronic Ignition Devices
  • Power Management for Cycle Switching

Matlab/Simulink for Power Electronics

Our developers are always ambitious to give end-to-end support in implementing power electronics projects using Matlab Simulink. In general, there are two main classifications of the Matlab simulation tool. As well, they are given as follows,

  • Equation Solver
  • Circuit-based Simulators

Beyond this, Matlab is incorporated with different supportive toolboxes which are specially introduced for application-specific areas. Further, we have also given you few extensively recognized blocks of power electronics projects. To Model Power Electronics Using Matlab Simulink, the following blocks are used,

  • OR Logic
    • If power = 0, then turn off thyristor
  • Recurrence Sequence
    • Enable pulse generation
  • Switch Method
    • Enable to change among firing pulse and sine wave
  • Sine wave
    • Enable sinusoidal input generation along with frequency, amplitude, and phase

Simscape Power System

In fact, a simscape power system is furnished with various component libraries and analysis tools for working with electrical power systems. Moreover, it is flexible to design, construct, test, and simulate all kinds of power-related systems. Furthermore, we have also mentioned to you some central characteristics in the below list.

Features of Simscape Power System

  • Able to examine the load flow, harmonic distortion, harmonic analysis, etc.
  • Able to incorporate electrical power components
    • For instance: 3-phase machines, electric drives, AC communication system, renewable energy system, etc.
  • Able to generate C code for integration of hardware
  • Able to develop control systems and evaluate system-level efficiency

Major Blocks in Matlab Simulink for Power Electronics

  • Converters
    • Half-Bridge Converter – Design and development of half-bridge power converter
    • Full-Bridge MMC – Design and development of full-bridge modular multiple level converter
    • Half-Bridge MMC – Design and development of half-bridge modular multilevel converter
    • Full-Bridge Converter – Design and development of full-bridge power converter
    • 2-Level Converter – Design and development of 2-level power converter in 3-phase
    • Full-Bridge MMC with External DC Connections – Design and development of Full-bridge modular multiple level power converter along with external DC links
    • 2-Quadrant DC/DC Converter – Design and development of 2-quadrant DC/DC power converter
    • 3-Level NPC Converter – Design and development of 3-level Neutral-Point Clamped power converter in 3-phase
  • Switches
    • Thyristor – Design and development of thyristor model
    • Diode – Design and development of diode model
    • MOSFET – Design and development of MOSFET model
    • Ideal Switch – Design and development of Ideal Switch Component
    • GTO – Design and development of thyristor-based Gate Turn Off (GTO) model
    • Universal Bridge – Design and development of power electronic devices and universal power converter with selected topologies
    • IGBT/Diode – Design and development of MOSFET, ideal IGBT, antiparallel diode, GTO, etc.
    • IGBT – Design and development of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
    • 3-Level Bridge – Design and development of Power Switching Devices and 3-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) Power Converter

So far, we have fully seen the current research challenges, areas, ideas, concepts, and topics. Now, we can see about future research scope of power electronics. By the by, it is nothing but research ideas of next-generation power electronics. More than this list, we have other project topics that have the maximum degree of future scope power electronics projects using matlab simulink. This future scope lets you continue handpicked topics for further studies (i.e., advancements). To know other future directions of the power electronics field, connect with our team.

Future Directions of Power Electronics

  • New Energy Harvesting System
  • Minimization of Pollution via Power Converters
  • Direct System to Environ Safety Technology
  • Advanced Environ Security
  • Minimization of Energy Utilization
  • Improvement in Power Supply and Control over Electrical Devices

To sum up, we are glad to say that we provide overall power electronics project development support in Matlab Simulink. In specific, our services range from research area identification to project code delivery. Further, we also provide project manuscript writing services in the required format and structure. We assure you that we deliver the project within your specified time in high-quality experimental results. So, create a bond with us to avail best power electronics projects using Matlab Simulink software.

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