IoT Topics for Project Guidance

Internet of Things (IoT) is the colossal connection of smart devices which has the capability to sense, send and receive data in a realistic environment. These smart devices are connected through intelligent communication technologies. Also, all the sensors are exclusively recognized through their unique identification. 

In this article, you will find information about recent IoT Topics for Project and their research areas!!!

Then with the help of an internet connection, the data can be transferred between source and destination in a secure and efficient way. Majorly, the core ideas of IoT depend on two aspects: device controlling and network administration. Now, we can see the commonly used terminology that every scholar needs to know for further IoT research.

Taxonomy of IoT

  • IoT Sensing Devices – send and receive the data to / from cloud
  • Device Distribution – form network of massive count of registered devices
  • Edge Devices of IoT – Work as actuators which process on their own if required
  • Machine Learning (ML) – Analyse the collected data in all aspects for predictive maintenance at various use-cases
  • Streaming Process – Examine the complex operation by employing stream aggregation, windowing ductions, and more
  • User Administration – Authenticate and authorize the users in the network and control their service accessibility
  • Reporting Tools – Maintain the logs of batch process and store them securely

Next, we can see the primary entities of the internet of things network. These entities are classified based on the platform, topology, and structure. These are fundamental information of the IoT architecture. So, it helps you while implementing IoT Topics for project.

Research IoT Internet of Things Topics for Projects for PhD MS Scholars

Major Components of IoT

  • Platform
    • Libraries
    • Frameworks / models
    • Protocols / Standards
  • Topology
    • Events and Instances
    • IoT Application Scenarios
    • Network Setup and Configuration
  • Structure
    • Communication Link
    • Network Entities

In addition, our resource team has shared the different phases of the IoT Topics for project development along with their available network states. This will clearly describe the flow of the data starting from collection to storage or forward.

What are the stages of IoT?

  • Data Gathering
    • Sense the data from environs. Then store the sensed data or forward to the sensed data for further processing.
    • States:  idle / only collect / collect and store
  • Data Broadcast
    • Transmit either stored data or collected data
    • States: idle / send collected / send stored
  • Network Receive
    • Take delivery of data forwarding
    • States: idle / receive data / receive command

Now, we can see about the real-time and non-real-time IoT applications. Generally, IoT is integrated into many of the research fields due to its intelligent performance. Here, we have classified the applications by means of major IoT research areas.  

IoT Applications

  • Environmental Study
    • Crop Yield Prediction in Smart Agriculture
    • Analysis of Weather and Climate Variation
    • Pests Identification in Smart Farming
  • IoT Architecture Study
    • Energy Aware Communication
    • Real-time Continuous Network Observation
  • Smart Metropolises Study
    • Secure Emergency Response System
    • Intelligent Buildings
    • Urban Informatics and Computing
    • Home Automation
    • Highways Traffic Control System
  • Medical based Services Study
    • Advances in Wearable Technologies
    • Wearable based Remote Health Monitoring
  • Industrial IoT Study
    • Smart Micro / Macro Grid
    • Advance Intelligent Metering

In particular, we have addressed the healthcare-related IoT System. Since IoT is widely spread in medical applications. Basically, it assists the medical devices to capture the biosignal and process them through intelligent approaches. Here, we have mentioned few diseases that will be monitored through IoT sensors. 

Real-Time Medical Applications of IoT

  • Heart Disease
    • Sensors – Sensors (Blood Pressure, Electrocardiography and Heart Rate)
    • IoT Responsibility – Passover the data through microcontroller and then forwarded to the central server over gateway
  • Diabetes
    • Sensors – Contextual Sensor, NIR LEDs and Glucose Monitor
    • IoT Responsibilities – Processed data is stored in cloud storage and forward the emergency message to the respective end-users (doctors)
  • Hyperthermia and Hypothermia
    • Sensors – Wearable Thermometer and Thermopile IR Sensor
    • IoT Responsibility – WBAN devices are linked to the gateway for data transmission and storage. For that, it uses Wi-Fi as communication medium
  • Asthma
    • Sensors –Sensor (Temperature and Pulse)
    • IoT Responsibilities – Store data in cloud and transmit via Wi-Fi module by using HTTP protocol

         Our development team is sophisticated with experienced developers who are capable of solving any level of complicated research problems. We are always unique in handling complex issues. Since we use hybrid technologies or create our own algorithm for tackling the issue in a smart way. For your reference, here we have given some open issues which are not properly solved yet.

Open Research Issues in IoT

  • Difficult to achieve network scalability in BCoT
  • Limitation in Resource Provisioning
  • Tough to handle and analyse Big Data in BCoT
  • Lack of Security and Privacy
  • Incentive Strategy for Blockchain of Things (BCoT)
  • Threat of Data leakage

In addition, we like to share other challenging research problems of the internet of things. In this, we have specified the issues in the architectural layers of the IoT system along with other common issues.

Core Research Issues of IoT

  • PHY and MAC layer – Distributed duty cycling for RFD management
  • 6LoWPAN adaptation layer – Protocol Translation from IPv6 to compact IP for the minimum energy utilization
  • Network layer – Offloading aware routing technique along with DAG construction
  • Transport layer – Development and Deployment of Power-Aware TCP
  • Other Open research issues
    • System Robustness
    • Distributed System Deployment
    • Parameterized Complexity
    • Security and AAA challenges
    • Real-time Monitoring

As a matter of fact, the Internet of Things (IoT) will progressively be growing in all major research filed when it is combined with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and other Wireless technologies. In another hand, it is widely ruling the industrial sectors through industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT. Further, we have also given you few upcoming technologies of the current IoT domain. 

Emerging Technologies in IoT

  • Internet of Energy (IoE)
  • Automobile Mobility (VANET)
  • Industry Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Smart Environment Development
  • Streaming Analytics (Big Data)

Now, we can see a list of technologies that are used for establishing communication in an IoT environment. Our developers are familiar with all the below specified vital communication technologies. Since we effectively employed these technologies in many of the research IoT Topics for project.

Communication Technologies of IoT

  • Bluetooth
    • Bit Rate – 1 to 24 Mb/s
    • Spectrum – 2.4 GHz
    • Communication Coverage – ranges from 8 to 10 m
    • Protocol(s) – IEEE 802.15.1
  • LoRa
    • Bit Rate – 0.3 to 50 Kb/s
    • Spectrum – 900 MHz and 868 MHz
    • Communication Coverage – Within 30 Km
    • Protocol(s) – LoRaWAN R1.0
  • Wi-Max
    • Bit Rate – 50 to 100 Mb/s (Dynamic) and 1 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s  (Static)
    • Spectrum – 2 to 66 GHz
    • Communication Coverage – Beyond 50Km
    • Protocol(s) – IEEE 802.16
  • Cellular Network
    • Bit Rate – 0.1 to 1 Gb/s (4G), 200 Kb/s (3G) and 50 to 100 Kb/s (2G)
    • Spectrum – 2.4 GHz and 865 MHz
    • Communication Coverage – whole network area
    • Protocol(s) – LTE (4G), UMTS / CDMA 2000 (3G) and CDMA / GSM (2G)
  • Wi-Fi
    • Bit Rate – 1 to 6.75 Mb/s
    • Spectrum – 5 to 6 GHz
    • Communication Coverage – Between 20 and 100 m
    • Protocol(s) – IEEE 802.11 b/g/d/a/n/c
    • Bit Rate – 40 to 250 Kb/s
    • Spectrum – 2.4 GHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz
    • Communication Coverage – ranges from 10 to 20 m
    • Protocol(s) – IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee)

When we discuss communication technologies, then the topic surely continues with protocols topics. Since it is also very essential in the development of IoT projects. So, we have listed some significant protocols/standards that are commonly used in IoT research along with their applications.

Internet of Things Topics for Project Guidance

Important Protocols in IoT

  • XMPP
    • Effective Security Mechanisms
    • Information Exchange
  • MQTT
    • Distribution of Telemetry Information
    • Advance Techniques for M2M Networks
    • Collaboration of M2M in WSN-IoT Networks
  • AMQP
    • Attainment of Reliable Networks
    • Improved TCP Utilization for Data Sharing
    • Efficient Mobile Banking Services
  • CoAP
    • Transformation of RST to LoWPANs
    • Network Traffic Control and Management
    • Technologies of Application Layer
    • Reliability Enhancement in Data Retransmission
    • Formatting the link of Handshaking
Which is the future applications of IoT?

In the upcoming real-world applications, IoT will be found in everywhere in the form of smart (home, transportation, hospital, office, factories, building and etc.). Further, it is also largely employed in supply chain management. In this, the existence of CoAP is found in many of the IoT systems at the application layer. Below, we have mentioned the core research openings in the IoT. 

What are different research opportunities for IoT?

  • Trust based Secure IoT System
  • Heterogeneous Network Interoperability
  • 5G enabled Internet of Things Technologies
  • Adoption of IoT assisted Huge-Scale Pilots
  • SDN-NFV System Architectural Design in IoT
  • Cooperative Artificial Intelligence Approaches in IoT
  • Privacy of Sensitive Data in IoT

Next, we can see about the IoT Topics for Project implementation. These topics are gathered after the deep study of IoT current research areas. Here, we have given only samples of research ideas for your reference. Beyond this, we have an unlimited number of research notions to serve in every angle of the IoT field.

Best Research IoT Topics for Projects

  • Energy-Aware Resource Allocation and Utilization
  • Cloud based Message Distribution using Smart Gateway
  • Semantic Data Modelling and Interoperability
  • Enhanced Security and Access Control Mechanisms
  • Network Routing and Orchestration
  • Internet Naming, Service Discovery and Addressing
  • Multi-User based Data Aggregation and Virtualization

Further, our development team shared a few important globally used code development tools for IoT systems. These tools are furnished with all basic libraries, packages, and modules required for developing whole IoT models.

IoT Project Tools

  • Orange
    • Enable visual programming
    • In addition, support Python programming for scripting purpose
    • Specially launched for  data visualisation
  • WEKA
    • Utilized for Static Data Analytics and Mining Processes
    • Introduce MOA as Weka’s advance version
    • MOA support Live Streaming Data (For instance: Social Media)
    • Ineffective for Huge-Scale Dynamic Data (i.e., low scalability)
    • Support Distributed Processing
    • Integrate MOA’s streaming data with decentralized engines
    • For instance: Apache S4 and Apache Storm

Further, if you need details on IoT Topics for Project execution then communicate with us. We hope that you will use this fruitful opportunity by holding our hands.

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