PhD Research Topics in Networking

PhD Research Topics in Networking has the Winning Plan for each and every student. Our experts will always opt for the complex task that too with desire. We will use your hitches to adorn your research works. Eventually, our work will lead you to a better path.

‘Networks are the base of insolent setup that connects millions of tiny devices worldwide.’ We also have 1000+ smart study ideas to aid you in this field. Our chief theme is to do an in-depth study on every edge of the networks. After that, help you to meet the smart environs. PhD Research Topics in Networking outlines upcoming trending topics,

Innovative PhD Research Topics in Networking
Internet of things
  • Networking protocols
  • Architectures also for in smart environment
  • Machine to machine also in communication
  • Co-existence and in heterogeneity
  • IoT networks also for hetero
  • Energy also in efficient
  • QoS aware routing
  • Edge computing integration
  • And also for digital healthcare monitoring
Network softwarization
  • Programmable SDN and also NFV
  • Service function chaining among VNFs
  • Virtualized cloud, fog, and also edge
  • Micro service also for network functions
  • Cognitive network management for 5G
  • And also in Resource service
Vertical IoT applications
  • Industrial evolution also for in factory automation
  • Autonomous vehicles also for in safety environment
  • Public safety and also in disaster management
  • Agriculture and also in environmental monitoring
Optical and satellite networks
  • 5G core and also in C-RAN architecture
  • Hybrid and also in integrated satellite
  • Hybrid or terrestrial networks
  • Passive optical networks also for network generation
  • Navigation and also inn unmanned platforms

We are here to aid you in both theory and practical aspects of the network field. At first, we will help you in also choosing the topic and concept groundwork. Later on, we will also carry on with the phases of planning, modules, process, etc.


  • Partitioning in (ex. K-means)
  • Hierarchical in (ex. AGNES)
  • Density-based in (ex. DBSCAN)
  • Grid-based in (ex. STING)
  • Soft clustering in (ex. FANNY)
  • Model-based in (ex. SOM)
  • And also in Ensemble Clustering
Attacks Detection
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Lightweight Cryptography
  • Also in Steganography
  • Neural Networks Techniques
Data Transmission (Routing)
  • Flyod-Warshall Algorithm
  • Bellman-Ford
  • Dijkstra
  • Jhonson’s Algorithm
  • Meta Heuristic Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Decision Making Algorithms
  • And also in Entropy-based on Methods
MAC Scheduling
  • TDMA Scheduling
  • Adaptive TDMA
  • Threshold-based TDMA
  • Hybrid CDMA and TDMA
  • And also in Machine Learning based on Scheduling
Cross Layer Design
  • Packet Scheduling
  • Multimedia Dissemination
  • Delay Sensitive Communication
  • QoS-aware Routing
  • And also in Resource Allocation

Our experts will evidently support any language as Java, R, C, C#, and more. We will model your rough concept in a variety of cases using tools. Historically, we always use only the newest version of tools for your project.

Network Design Simulation Tools and Software
  • NS-2 and also in NS-3
  • Cloonix
  • CORE
  • GNS3
  • Cisco packet tracer
  • Netkit
  • Mininet
  • UNetLab and EVE-NG

In conclusion, PhD Research Topics in Networking works in your project to help you see the world from another viewpoint. For this reason, our experts will place an extra effort and do your work to stand unique. In addition, you will get a peerless identity in the research society. So, join with us forthwith.

Hereby We Point Out Popular Research Titles Under Networking,

An effective mechanism for SDN enabled restoration with triggered precomputation in elastic optical inter-datacenter networks

A new function of IEEE/OSA Journal for Optical Communications and Networking

Novel mechanism for Integrated Control of IP and Optical Network used by Multi-grade Virtualized Networks

A new-fangled process of Location-aware energy effectual virtual network implanting in software-defined optical data center networks

An innovative function of backup algorithm designed for power communication network based on fault cascade in network virtualization surroundings

A Modeling function of Load-aware nonlinearity estimation intended for elastic optical network resource optimization and management

An effectual function of Residue-Defined Networking Architecture Enabling in Ultra Reliable Low Latency Datacenters system

A new mechanism for Self-learning monitoring on-demand strategy intended for optical networks

A modern function of Network Service Slicing Supportive Ubiquitous Access in Passive Optical Networks

An innovative mechanism for Service-Oriented Deployment Policy based on End-to-End Network Slicing for Complex Network Theory

An effective process of Massive video multicasting in cellular networks using network coded cooperative communication system

The modern source of Adaptive modulation and flexible resource allocation in space-division- multiplexed elastic optical networks method

A new mechanism for Reliable low latency wireless mesh networks based on From Myth to reality method

A novel mechanism for Wavelength and Space Division Packet Super-Channel Switching Scheme intended for Future Data Center in Optical Networks with a Switching Capacity system

An innovative mechanism for Green Touch to Green Meter core network energy-efficiency improvement measures and optimization system

A new source of SLA formulation designed for squeezed protection in elastic optical networks considering the modulation format

A novel methodology for Practical deployment of network coding for real-time applications in 5G networks

An effective process of Decoupling for uplink user and HARQ response signals to relax the latency requirement at bridged fronthaul networks

Effectual mechanism for Anonymous network communication based on SDN

An inventive mechanism for Artificial Neural Network Based on Attenuation Tomography in Free Space Optical Network

PhD Research Topics in Networking

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