Machine Learning Projects for Cyber Security

Cyber security field is evolving day-by-day with the help of very crucial machine learning methods by programming threat detection, observing huge amounts of data for errors and forecasting the possible future attacks. For past two decades we have made a huge change in research and development by assisting PhD and MS scholars for all areas of machine learning. Here our machine learning experts works very hard to write informative research papers on cyber security. Any problem statement that you come up under cyber security are dealt by us tactically. So, contact our professional to outshine in your research career, only experts touch with proper revisions and explanations can gain a high standard for scholars.

            The various machine learning project ideas designed for cyber security are described below,

  1. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using ML:
  • A system is built by us, that through analysis it learns the process for identifying the network intrusions. Datasets similar to NSL-KDD dataset that are used for training and testing.
  1. Phishing Website Detection:
  • We create a model which observes the website URLs, content and metadata for finding out whether they are a part of the phishing approach.
  1. Malware Classification:
  • For categorizing files as good-natured or malicious, we make use of static (fixed code features) and dynamic (energetic runtime process).
  1. User Behavior Analytics (UBA):
  • Based on variations of common user behaviour, the logs are examined by us for identifying the associated threats or adjusting the accounts.
  1. Credit Card Fraud Detection:
  • A model is developed for exploring credit card transactions in real-time to label the future fraudulent activities. Our model gets trained using datasets like the credit card fraud dataset on Kaggle.
  1. Spam Email Filter:
  • We construct a system that must distribute the emails as legal or illegal which depends on content, sender details and other common attributes.
  1. Secure Multi-party Computation with ML:
  • Executing the machine learning algorithms which is trained and helps us for predicting without retrieving the raw data directly and make sure of data privacy.
  1. Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Detection:
  • This process detects the analytically raised malicious domain names by training our model on patterns and usual features of DGAs.
  1. Security Log Analysis:
  • Machine learning is employed by us for determining, observing and detecting errors or patterns of interest in huge security logs similar to those derived from firewalls or access logs.
  1. Intelligent Threat Hunting:
  • As a substitute for waiting for an alert, we apply Machine Learning method for carefully seeking out the patterns in data which specify sophisticated and low- and-slow attacks.
  1. File less Malware Detection:
  • On account of detecting malicious activities, the technique is approached by us that do not depart from traditional file-based footprints, such as registry-based persistence or memory-only exploits.
  1. Password Strength Assessment:
  • We create an algorithm that evaluates the strength of a password by forecasting its battle against brute-force and dictionary attacks.
  1. Security Awareness Training Analysis:
  • Make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for observing the reviews and results from security awareness training programs. We detect the areas of participants who joined in the program that they have some misunderstanding.
  1. Automated Threat Intelligence:
  • Design a system that must drag different kinds of online sources. Such as ,
  • website
  • news sites
  • conference

                  This helps us in detecting the emerging attacks or its exposure.

  1. Security Policy Optimization:
  • Depending on the progressing threat platform, we deploy reinforcement learning for enhancing security policies in real-time.

Keep in mind that machine learning is improving cyber security with its latest trends, at the same time it is very essential for considering its ethics and privacy suggestions. Frequently, make certain that the data applied to training is unidentified and available free for personally identifiable information. Besides, checking our machine learning model does not initiate its weakness into the system as it is mainly developed for protection.

We use a range of tools and techniques to get the desired cyber security ML result. Proper guidance and support, no matter where you are struck up with in cyber security research area we are there by your side.

Machine Learning Research Topics for Cyber Security

Cyber Security Machine Learning Thesis Topics

Our team dives deep in to cyber security area and come up with the best thesis topics and ideas. Thesis writing is done by PhD Machine Learning experts who have deep subject knowledge on cyber security. As per your tailored research needs, we craft the best solution. From thesis topic selection to thesis writing and paper publication we have a complete dedicated team.

  1. A Semantic Machine Learning Algorithm for Cyber Threat Detection and Monitoring Security
  2. Identifying the Gender of Human Cyber Attackers Using Machine Learning Techniques
  3. Web-based Machine Learning Modelling in a Cyber-Physical System Construction Assistant
  4. Cyber Bullying Detection Using Machine Learning
  5. Detection of Malicious Cyber Fraud using Machine Learning Techniques
  6. Streamed Incremental Learning for Cyber Attack Classification using Machine Learning
  7. Cybers Security Analysis and Measurement Tools Using Machine Learning Approach
  8. Modelling Cyber-Attribution Using Machine Learning Techniques
  9. A Feature Engineering Approach for Detecting Cyberbullying in Bangla Text Using Machine Learning
  10. Machine Learning Approach for Text Classification in Cybercrime
  11. Detection and Classification of Malware for Cyber Security using Machine Learning Algorithms
  12. Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) in Cyber-Security
  13. Cyber Threat Analysis And Prediction Using Machine Learning
  14. Cyber Security: Threat Detection Model based on Machine learning Algorithm
  15. Explainable Unsupervised Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems
  16. Machine Learning based Detection of Cyber Crime Hub Analysis using Twitter Data
  17. Application process of machine learning in cyberspace security
  18. Data Curation and Quality Evaluation for Machine Learning-Based Cyber Intrusion Detection
  19. Machine learning and deep learning methods for cybersecurity
  20. Machine learning techniques applied to cybersecurity

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