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Unlike other websites we share novel work avail our dissertation writing service for a full model and perfect dissertation as soon as each work is completed, we send you so that only after your acknowledgement we skip to next level. Get 100% satisfaction by working with us. A problem statement is often a brief explanation of an issue which a project intends to solve. For your dissertation, we distribute a step-by-step process to design a compelling problem statement:

Understanding the Problem Statement

Crucially interpret the problem statement. It must be provided in an explicit manner with a brief explanation of the problems which are required to be solved. The problem statement acts as a base for an extensive dissertation. Consider the following significant components of problem statement:

The issue which required resolution must be expressed.

It should be unique and feasible.

What are the major requirements of the research is supposed to be justified.

Regarding the study, determine the main purpose.

Steps to Write a Problem Statement

  1. Identify the Problem
  • On the basis of your focused areas, start with detailed study.
  • You should specify the particular problem where it requires sufficient examination or still, it has not been answered.
  • Within the range of your dissertation, the problems need to be one which you might solve.
  1. Contextualize the Problem
  • Among the extensive education or actual circumstances, situate your problem.
  • The importance of the problem and why it is essential in your domain ought to be examined.
  • To contextualize the issue, incorporate any modern or historical events, societal problems or patterns.
  1. Explain the Impact
  • Major effects of the problem are required to be explained.
  • In what way it influences the community, society, numerous participants and domains have to be detailed.
  • Thereby it assists in emphasizing the necessity and relevance of solving the problem.
  1. Address the Gap in the Literature
  • In the previous studies, the problem statement must reflect the gap.
  • Figure out the aspects, what the prior research has not addressed or been unable to explore sufficiently.
  • It displays your study of how it dedicates novel perceptions or proof to the specific domain.
  1. Define the Scope of the Research
  • The constraints of your study are supposed to be outlined obviously.
  • What perceptions of the issue which you would concentrate on and what might be disregarded should be addressed here.
  • As a result, it provides an explicit objective and guidance for your research.
  1. State Your Objectives or Research Questions
  • Along with the primary goal or research question which directs your research, finish the problem statement.
  • For the purpose of further investigation methods and literature review, it offers a direct correlation.

Example of a Problem Statement

Based on remote learning in higher education, assume that you are writing a dissertation. Then your problem statement might be:

The University of higher education has quickly progressed to remote learning models in the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this case, the framed problem is rapid change has emphasized the important gaps in digital infrastructure and pedagogical forwardness, even though the development is required which unfavourably influences the students’ participation and capacity of education. In accommodating the online teaching methods, the research displays that the students and staff members might address difficulties that actually result in educational achievements and it does not sufficiently fulfil the expectation, which was the main implication of this problem. Concentrating on capability of various remote teaching tactics in retaining the educational standards and student participation and intends to solve the gap in the higher education environment, in spite of the emerging body of study on online education. Specifying commitment and academic performance, the main objective of this research explores the certain pedagogical tactics which improve the capacity of remote learning in higher education.

Tips for an Effective Problem Statement

  • Clarity: Make use of simple or direct language in an explicit format.
  • Conciseness: Even so, it is extensive, try to make it short.
  • Relevance: According to your domain, verify the problem if it is suitable.
  • Evidence-Based: Incorporate the literature or data to assist your problem.

As it involves your dissertation panel, a clearly designed problem expresses the relevance of your research to participants as well as directs your study in a productive manner.

How long does it take you to write a publishable research paper?

Depending on multiple factors involving the complications of the topic, writing capacity of an individual, certain demands of intended journals and the needed extent of research, the consumption of time is varied for writing a publishable research paper. We provide the systematic tactics to interpret the duration of research paper:

  1. Preparation and Initial Research
  • Time Required: Weeks to months
  • Activities: It basically involves detecting research questions, carrying out an initial literature review and creating a program of study.
  1. In-depth Research and Data Collection
  • Time Required: Numerous months to a year(or more)
  • Activities: Through practicals, analysis, documentary research or fieldwork, we can collect data. Specifically for empirical or observational experiments, this stage might take considerable time.
  1. Data Analysis
  • Time Required: Weeks to months
  • Activities: By utilizing relevant techniques, evaluate the gathered data. On the subject of difficulties of the data and analysis methods, the period of time relies.
  1. Writing the Draft
  • Time Required: Weeks to months
  • Activities: Encompassing the introduction, methods, findings, conference and end statement, write the initial draft of the paper.
  1. Revising and Editing
  • Time Required: Weeks to months
  • Activities: For serving the content in a clear and concise format, conduct a review on draft and for language and style, start the editing process. In accordance with the standards of the intended journal, the format must be followed.
  1. Peer Review and Publication Process
  • Time Required: Months
  • Activities: The paper goes through the critical evaluation after the submission process. Subsequently you might be required to carry out additional revision as this process may take a few months. Based on the journal, the time from consent to publication may be diverse.

Further Thoughts

  • Individual Factors: In the process of research and writing, the personal factor involved in this like accustoming with the topic, writing speed and previous knowledge.
  • Collaboration: Regarding teamwork and productive communication, being interacted with co-writers might progress or moderate the process.
  • Review and Approval Processes: Incorporate to the time bound, if it needs ethical access or other kinds of academic analysis.
  • Target Journal’s Timelines: For the process of revision and publication, the time bounds are different for various journals.

Estimated Total Time

  • Rough Estimate: Starting from the original perception of the research concept to the publication of the paper, it might lead us anywhere from a year to another couple of years.

Guidelines for Proficiency

  • Plan and Schedule: For each stage of our writing and research process, create an obvious schedule and time bound.
  • Regular Writing: As a means to write and review the paper, contribute time frequently.
  • Seek Feedback Early: From teammates or guides, obtain immediate feedback on our work. Before submission, we can modify your paper in accordance with that feedback.
  • Stay Informed: Considering the intended journal, interpret the procedures and journal period.
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