Big Data and Cloud Computing Projects

In the domains of cloud computing and big data, several topics and ideas are emerging continuously. All types of Big Data and Cloud Computing Projects are well done by us so without any hesitation move further with by your side. On the basis of the integration of cloud computing and big data, we list out a few project topics and plans, which manage and examine extensive datasets with the support of cloud environments: 

  1. Real-Time Data Processing Pipeline
  • Explanation: An actual-time data processing pipeline has to be developed with the support of Apache Kafka for data integration, AWS EMR (Elastic MapReduce) for scalability, and Apache Flink for data processing.
  • Major Services: Lambda, AWS EMR, S3, Flink, and Kafka.
  1. Data Lake Solution
  • Explanation: To store and examine unstructured and structured data, develop a data lake. For data recording and ETL procedures, employ AWS Glue, and AWS S3 for storage.
  • Major Services: QuickSight, Redshift, Athena, AWS Glue, and S3.
  1. Scalable Data Warehousing
  • Explanation: In order to manage extensive amounts of data, build a scalable data warehouse with the aid of Amazon Redshift. To load data from different origins, apply ETL procedures.
  • Major Services: S3, AWS Glue, Lambda, and Amazon Redshift.
  1. Machine Learning on Big Data
  • Explanation: For examining big data with Amazon SageMaker, a machine learning framework must be created. Before training the framework, preprocess the data by employing AWS EMR.
  • Major Services: AWS EMR, Lambda, S3, and Amazon SageMaker.
  1. IoT Data Analytics Platform
  • Explanation: As a means to gather, store, and examine IoT-based data, create an efficient environment. Utilize AWS EMR for data processing and AWS IoT Core for device connections.
  • Major Services: QuickSight, Lambda, AWS EMR, S3, and AWS IoT Core.
  1. Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
  • Explanation: To visualize streaming data from different origins, develop an actual-time analytics dashboard. For data integration and processing, employ Amazon Kinesis.
  • Major Services: API Gateway, QuickSight, DynamoDB, Lambda, and Amazon Kinesis.
  1. Predictive Analytics for E-commerce
  • Explanation: In an e-commerce environment, predict consumer activities and sales with SageMaker and AWS Redshift by applying a predictive analytics system.
  • Major Services: Lambda, Amazon Redshift, S3, and SageMaker.
  1. Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  • Explanation: Examine social media data by creating a sentiment analysis application. Utilize Redshift for data storage and AWS Comprehend for natural language processing.
  • Major Services: S3, AWS Comprehend, Redshift, and Lambda.
  1. Log Analytics Platform
  • Explanation: From different origins, gather, store, and examine log data with Amazon Elasticsearch Service and Kibana. For that, create a log analytics environment.
  • Major Services: Lambda, S3, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Kibana.
  1. Customer Churn Prediction
  • Explanation: To forecast customer churn, develop a robust solution by employing machine learning and big data analytics on AWS. Utilize Redshift for data storage and SageMaker for model training.
  • Major Services: S3, Amazon SageMaker, Redshift, and Lambda.
  1. Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Explanation: For examining patient data and forecasting disease occurrence with the aid of SageMaker and AWS EMR, create a healthcare data analytics environment.
  • Major Services: Lambda, SageMaker, AWS EMR, and S3.
  1. Personalized Recommendation System
  • Explanation: Specifically for an online setting, develop a personalized recommendation system. On AWS, employ big data analytics and machine learning.
  • Major Services: Lambda, S3, Amazon Personalize, and Redshift.
  1. Blockchain Data Analysis
  • Explanation: Implement big data tools on AWS to examine blockchain transaction data. Utilize EMR for processing after storing the data in S3.
  • Major Services: QuickSight, Lambda, AWS EMR, and S3.
  1. Supply Chain Analytics
  • Explanation: By employing machine learning and big data on AWS, enhance planning and inventory. For that, develop a supply chain analytics environment.
  • Major Services: SageMaker, Lambda, S3, and Redshift.
  1. Financial Fraud Detection
  • Explanation: Utilize machine learning and big data analytics on AWS for creating a financial fraud identification system. It is approachable to employ SageMaker to train the model and EMR for data processing.
  • Major Services: S3, Redshift, SageMaker, AWS EMR, and Lambda.

I am a final year M Tech student in computer science What are some good research topics in big data for my final year project?

Big data is examined as a fast evolving field that has numerous efficient research topics suitable for project works. To carry out final year M.Tech project in computer science, we suggest several big data-based research topics, which are considered as effective as well as interesting: 

  1. Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
  • Overview: In what way big data analytics can be utilized to enhance patient care, customize treatment strategies, and forecast disease occurrence has to be explored. Implement machine learning approaches and utilize a wide range of healthcare datasets.
  • Significant Areas: Healthcare informatics, patient data analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics.
  1. Real-Time Big Data Processing
  • Overview: For actual-time processing of big data, the potential issues and solutions must be investigated. Employ various tools such as AWS Kinesis, Apache Flink, and Apache Kafka to apply an actual-time data processing pipeline.
  • Significant Areas: Data ingestion, actual-time analytics, low-latency processing, and stream processing.
  1. Scalable Machine Learning with Big Data
  • Overview: To manage extensive datasets, a scalable machine learning framework should be created. On a wide range of datasets, utilize distributed computing architectures such as TensorFlow or Apache Spark.
  • Significant Areas: Machine learning, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, distributed computing, and scalable methods.
  1. Big Data Security and Privacy
  • Overview: In big data, the potential confidentiality and safety issues have to be explored. To assure privacy and protect confidential information in extensive datasets, create efficient techniques.
  • Significant Areas: Secure data storage, privacy-preserving methods, access control, and data encryption.
  1. Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data
  • Overview: The major goal is to interpret public suggestions on different concepts. On a wide range of social media data, carry out a sentiment analysis process. To examine the data, employ natural language processing (NLP) approaches.  
  • Significant Areas: Opinion mining, social media mining, NLP, and sentiment analysis.
  1. Predictive Analytics for Financial Markets
  • Overview: As a means to forecast patterns in financial markets, implement big data analytics. In order to create predictive models and detect trends, utilize previous financial data.
  • Significant Areas: Machine learning, time series analysis, financial data analysis, and predictive modeling.
  1. IoT and Big Data Integration
  • Overview: To gather, store, and examine data from IoT devices, in what way big data mechanisms can be combined into Internet of Things (IoT) has to be investigated. For the actual-time processing and examining of IoT data, create a robust system.
  • Significant Areas: Data incorporation, big data storage, actual-time analytics, and IoT data processing.   
  1. Big Data Visualization Techniques
  • Overview: Particularly for big data, innovative data visualization approaches must be explored. To retrieve important perceptions, visualize complicated and wider datasets by creating novel techniques.
  • Significant Areas: Big data tools, interactive dashboards, visual analytics, and data visualization.
  1. Optimization of Big Data Query Processing
  • Overview: For querying big data, explore efficient optimization approaches. With the aim of enhancing the effectiveness and performance of big data query processing, create robust techniques.
  • Significant Areas: Performance adjustments, big data querying, database systems, and query enhancement.
  1. Big Data in Smart Cities
  • Overview: In smart city planning, the use of big data has to be investigated. To enhance traffic handling, city planning, and public safety, examine data from different city origins.
  • Significant Areas: Public safety, traffic handling, urban data analytics, and smart cities.
  1. Energy Consumption Analytics Using Big Data
  • Overview: With the intentions of detecting trends and improving energy utilization, the extensive datasets of energy usage must be examined. To forecast and handle energy requirements, create effective frameworks.
  • Significant Areas: Energy analytics, predictive modeling, enhancement, and utilization trends.
  1. Big Data in Education
  • Overview: Specifically in the education domain, the application of big data should be explored. To customize education, forecast academic performance, and enhance learning results, examine student data.
  • Significant Areas: Customized learning, student performance forecasting, learning analytics, and educational data mining.
  1. Fraud Detection Using Big Data Analytics
  • Overview: To detect and obstruct fraudulent actions, a fraud detection system has to be created with the support of big data analytics. For the identification of abnormalities in transaction data, employ machine learning methods.
  • Significant Areas: Financial data analysis, machine learning, anomaly identification, and fraud detection.
  1. Big Data-Driven Business Intelligence
  • Overview: As a means to advance business intelligence, investigate in what way big data can be employed. To facilitate decision-making, retrieve perceptions from extensive business datasets by creating efficient approaches and tools.
  • Significant Areas: Data analytics, decision support systems, data warehousing, and business intelligence.
  1. Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions
  • Overview: For big data processing and storage, explore cloud-related systems. In the cloud, create a scalable big data framework by comparing various cloud environments.
  • Significant Areas: Scalability, cloud environments, big data storage, and cloud computing.
Big Data and Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

Big Data and Cloud Computing Projects Topics & Ideas

By merging Big Data and Cloud Computing we have assisted nearly 7000+ Projects Topics & Ideas customized as per scholars needs.We have many happy customers globally don’t worry even if you are in any part of the world we have all leading technologies to guide you. Get your Big Data and Cloud Computing thesis proposals done by us .

  • GeoBD2: Geospatial Big Data Deduplication Scheme in Fog Assisted Cloud Computing Environment
  • Comprehensive Review: Security Challenges and Countermeasures for Big Data Security in Cloud Computing
  • Analysis of a Joint Data Security Architecture Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing in the Era of Big Data
  • Research on the Audit of Natural Resources Assets from the Perspective of Big Data Cloud Computing
  • Research on Digital Economy Information System through Cloud Computing and Big Data Technology
  • Algorithm optimization of multi-source heterogeneous big data in the context of cloud computing
  • Design and Optimization of Big Data Distribution System under Cloud Computing Platform
  • Architecture of Big Data Mining Based on Cloud Computing in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Leveraging Deep Autoencoders for Security in Big Data Framework: An Unsupervised Cloud Computing Approach
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing in Optimizing Elevator Safety Performance
  • Application of Cloud Computing in Information Management System in the Era of Big Data
  • Access Control in E-Healthcare Records Employing Mobile Cloud Computing Model and Big Data Analytics
  • Statistical analysis of green building research hotspots based on bibliometrics big data and cloud computing
  • Research on Risk and Supervision of Financial Big Data Application Based on Cloud Computing
  • Optimization of Property Information Management Model Based on Cloud Computing in Big Data Era
  • Smart grid big data processing technology and cloud computing application status quo and challenges
  • Visual Modeling Analysis of the Influence of Young Generation in Helping Rural Revitalization in the Era of Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Optimization Design of Apriori Algorithm Based on Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing
  • Research on Information Education Platform based on Structured Big Data Assisted Cloud Computing
  • Preventing Critical Information framework against Cyber-Attacks using Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

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