Cloud Computing Capstone Project

In the field of cloud computing, several topics and ideas are there based on various applications and requirements. According to this domain, we provide numerous capstone project plans, which are capable of assisting you to depict your expertise and interpretations in the mechanisms related to cloud: 

  1. Cloud-Based Online Storage System
  • Explanation: Employ cloud storage services to create an online storage system as same as Google Drive or Dropbox. Aim to apply various functionalities like file distribution, version control, access control, and file upload/download.
  • Major Services: API Gateway, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.
  1. Scalable Web Application on Cloud
  • Explanation: With the aid of cloud services, create a scalable web application. To manage extensive traffic, apply database handling, load balancing, and auto-scaling.
  • Major Services: Cloud SQL, Azure APP Service, RDS, Google APP Engine, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  1. Real-Time Data Processing and Analytics
  • Explanation: To manage streaming data, an actual-time data analytics and processing pipeline has to be developed. For the actual-time data ingestion, processing, and visualization, implement cloud services.
  • Major Services: Lambda, Redshift, BigQuery, Azure Stream Analytics, Google Pub/Sub, and Amazon Kinesis.
  1. Serverless Microservices Architecture
  • Explanation: Utilize microservices framework to create a serverless application. To implement and handle the microservices, employ serverless computing.
  • Major Services: DynamoDB, API Gateway, Firestore, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and AWS Lambda.
  1. Machine Learning Model Deployment
  • Explanation: In the cloud platform, implement a machine learning-based framework. To communicate with the framework, develop an API for users. Make forecastings by applying a web interface.
  • Major Services: Lambda, Azure Machine Learning, API Gateway, Google AI platform, and Amazon SageMaker.
  1. IoT Cloud Platform
  • Explanation: As a means to handle and examine data from IoT devices, create an environment based on cloud. It is essential to apply features such as device connections, data integration, visualization, and processing.
  • Major Services: DynamoDB, Azure IoT Hub, BigQuery, Lambda, Google IoT, and AWS IoT Core.
  1. DevOps Automation with CI/CD Pipeline
  • Explanation: To automate the implementation of applications, a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline must be built. For the placed applications, apply tracking and recording features.
  • Major Services: Stackdriver, CloudWatch, Azure DevOps, Google Cloud Build, and AWS CodePipeline.
  1. Cloud-Based E-commerce Platform
  • Explanation: With the support of cloud services, create an e-commerce setting. Plan to apply important characteristics such as payment incorporation, order handling, shopping cart, product listing, and user authentication.
  • Major Services: Stripe API, RDS, Azure App Service, Firestore, Firebase, and AWS Amplify.
  1. Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution
  • Explanation: For a cloud-related application, a disaster recovery and backup system should be developed. Apply various features like failover techniques, data replication, and automatic backups.
  • Major Services: Cloud Storage, S3, Blob Storage, Azure Backup, Google Cloud Backup and DR, and AWS Backup.
  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setup
  • Explanation: In order to deliver dynamic and static information, especially with less latency, set up a CDN. To enhance user experience and performance, combine the CDN along with a web application.
  • Major Services: Cloud Storage, Azure CDN, Google Cloud CDN, S3, and Amazon CloudFront.
  1. Healthcare Data Management System
  • Explanation: To store, handle, and examine patient data, create a healthcare data management system relevant to the cloud. Utilize cloud services to assure data safety and confidentiality.
  • Major Services: BigQuery, RDS, Azure Health Data services, Google Cloud Healthcare API, and AWS HealthLake.
  1. Big Data Analytics Platform
  • Explanation: For processing and examining a wide range of datasets, a big data analytics environment has to be created with cloud services. It is significant to apply functionalities such as data warehousing, visualization, and ETL procedures.
  • Major Services: Dataflow, Glue, Azure Synapse Analytics, Google BigQuery, and AWS EMR.
  1. Blockchain Application on Cloud
  • Explanation: Along with cloud services, create a blockchain-based application. Intend to apply a decentralized application (DApp) and smart contracts.
  • Major Services: Lambda, Azure Blockchain Service, Google Cloud Blockchain, and Amazon Managed Blockchain.
  1. Chatbot with NLP
  • Explanation: Offer automatic customer assistance by developing a cloud-related chatbot with the help of natural language processing (NLP). It is beneficial to combine the chatbot with a mobile or web-based application.
  • Major Services: Firestore, Lambda, Azure Bot Service, Google Dialogflow, and Amazon Lex.
  1. Cloud-Based Learning Management System
  • Explanation: Specifically for academic institutions, create a learning management system (LMS) based on cloud. Several characteristics have to be applied, such as course handling, student registration, progress evaluation, and monitoring.
  • Major Services: RDS, Azure App Service, Firestore, Firebase, and AWS Amplify.

What are some good project ideas related to cloud computing at the college level?

Cloud computing is an efficient domain that plays a significant role in this current technological world. Relevant to this domain, we recommend several appropriate project plans that offer major practical expertise and include a wide range of cloud applications and services:

  1. Personal Cloud Storage System
  • Outline: For enabling users to exchange, upload, and download files in a protective manner, create an efficient personal cloud storage system.
  • Important Services: API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Azure Blob Storage, Google cloud Storage, and AWS S3.
  1. Website Hosting on Cloud
  • Outline: On a cloud environment, host a dynamic website. It is significant to apply various characteristics like content delivery, database handling, and user authentication.
  • Important Services: Cloud SQL, RDS, Azure App Service, Google App Engine, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  1. Cloud-Based To-Do List Application
  • Outline: A to-do list application has to be developed, which enables users to handle their missions from any device and records data in the cloud platform.
  • Important Services: Lambda, Google Cloud Firestore, AWS Amplify, and Firebase.
  1. Real-Time Chat Application
  • Outline: With the aid of cloud services, create an actual-time chat application. Plan to apply different features such as user authentication, alerts, and messaging.
  • Important Services: Google Cloud Pub/Sub, AWS AppSync, and Firebase Realtime Database.
  1. Online Polling System
  • Outline: To develop and engage in polls, an online polling system must be constructed. In the cloud platform, record the poll data. It is also crucial to assure updates in actual-time.
  • Important Services: S3, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and API Gateway.
  1. E-commerce Website
  • Outline: By including characteristics such as payment gateway incorporation, shopping cart, and product categories, create an e-commerce website related to cloud.
  • Important Services: Stripe API, Azure App Service, Firebase, and AWS Amplify.
  1. Serverless Blog Platform
  • Outline: For allowing users to make, delete, and alter blog posts, a serverless blog environment should be developed. Intend to apply content handling and user authentication features.
  • Important Services: S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and AWS Lambda.
  1. IoT Data Collection and Analysis
  • Outline: In order to gather sensor data and record it in the cloud platform for analysis process, create an IoT-based application. To visualize the data, develop an efficient dashboard.
  • Important Services: QuickSight, Lambda, Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT, and AWS IoT Core.   
  1. Weather Monitoring System
  • Outline: To gather and depict actual-time weather data based on several locations, a cloud-related weather tracking system has to be created.
  • Important Services: API Gateway, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and S3.
  1. Automated Backup System
  • Outline: For databases and files, apply an automatic backup system through the utilization of cloud storage. It is important to make sure that the data is backed up frequently and also in a protective manner.
  • Important Services: Google Cloud Storage, RDS, S3, and AWS Backup.
  1. Event Management System
  • Outline: A cloud-related event management system should be developed, in which users are capable of making, handling, and RSVP to events. It is approachable to apply characteristics such as calendar incorporation and email alerts.
  • Important Services: Simple Email service (SES), API Gateway, DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda.
  1. Social Media Analytics Tool
  • Outline: Examine social media data by creating a robust tool. Based on user sentiment and involvement, offer important perceptions. For data processing and storage, utilize cloud services.
  • Important Services: Redshift, S3, Lambda, and AWS Comprehend.
  1. Personal Finance Management App
  • Outline: For assisting users to monitor their expenses, savings objectives, and income, develop a personal finance management application relevant to the cloud.
  • Important Services: Google Cloud Firestore, AWS Amplify, and Firebase.
  1. Cloud-Based Quiz Application
  • Outline: A quiz application has to be created, in which users are capable of making and involving in quizzes. In the cloud platform, record the user grades and quiz data.
  • Important Services: DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, and AWS Lambda.
  1. Machine Learning Model Deployment
  • Outline: Utilize cloud services for training and implementation of machine learning framework. In order to make forecastings with the framework, develop an API for users.
  • Important Services: Azure Machine Learning, API Gateway, Google AI Platform, Lambda, and Amazon SageMaker.
  1. Online Code Compiler
  • Outline: To enable several programming languages, create an efficient online code compiler. Mange code storage and implementation through the use of cloud services.
  • Important Services: Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and AWS Lambda.
  1. Virtual Classroom Platform
  • Outline: By encompassing different characteristics such as document sharing, chat, and live video streaming, create a virtual classroom setting related to cloud.
  • Important Services: Azure Communication Services, Google Meet, and AWS Chime.
  1. Blockchain-Based Voting System
  • Outline: With the support of cloud services and blockchain mechanisms, develop a reliable and safer voting system.
  • Important Services: Google Cloud Blockchain, Amazon Managed Blockchain, and Azure Blockchain Service.
Cloud Computing Capstone Project and Thesis Topics

Cloud Computing Capstone Project Topics & Ideas

Various types of Cloud Computing Capstone Project Topics & Ideas are shared below, if you want to explore more in your research area then will be the right choice for you. We also guide you with best dissertation ideas and topics that fascinates you. Current trending ideas are updated by us ,so get ideal topics from our experts.

  1. Hybrid approach using throttled and ESCE load balancing algorithms in cloud computing
  2. CDN cloud: A novel scheme for combining CDN and cloud computing
  3. Cloud Computing Task Scheduling Based on Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm
  4. Quality of service in cloud computing in higher education: A critical survey and innovative model
  5. Kurtosis based spectrum sensing for cognitive wireless cloud computing network
  6. Numerical Analysis of Voice Activity Detection and Interactive Cloud Computing System in Language Education Application
  7. Issues and Challenges of Cloud Computing in Performance Augmentation for Pervasive Computing
  8. An experimental study of load balancing of OpenNebula open-source cloud computing platform
  9. Technological, organisational and environmental factors influencing managers’ decision to adopt cloud computing in the UK
  10. Mobile cloud computing: Challenges and future research directions
  11. Evaluating the cost-benefit of using cloud computing to extend the capacity of clusters
  12. Cloud computing for industrial automation systems—A comprehensive overview
  13. Examining cloud computing adoption intention, pricing mechanism, and deployment model
  14. Cloud computing at the University level: A study of student use of cloud computing applications
  15. Execution analysis of load balancing algorithms in cloud computing environment
  16. The perceived business benefit of cloud computing: An exploratory study
  17. Cloud computing adoption and its impact on SMEs’ performance for cloud supported operations: A dual-stage analytical approach
  18. Cloud computing for higher education institutes: architecture, strategy and recommendations for effective adaptation
  19. Green cloud computing: Balancing energy in processing, storage, and transport
  20. Science clouds: Early experiences in cloud computing for scientific applications

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