Computer network project ideas involve the different aspects of networking and communication such as network design and analysis, real-time implementation in local, wide-area, and mobile networks, and so on. The best example of a worldwide computer network is the internet.


  • It is important to note that static computer networks are now being replaced by mobile and wireless networks
  • Hence computer network research has attracted students from various engineering and science domains
  • Wireless sensor networks, mesh networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, and mobile ad hoc networks are the prominent computer networks that are the results of successful research

Therefore computer networking is an ever-widening field of research with greater scope for future development. With happy customers from more than 120+ countries across the world, we are one among the very few trusted online research guidance in the world. Our teams of experts, engineers, and developers have gained world-class certification. Get in touch with us to have your queries solved by them. Let us now see the benefits of choosing Computer Network Project Ideas in wireless networking,

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Take a Look at the Benefits of Wireless Networking

When is the conventional system highly beneficial in establishing a reliable computer networking system, then what is the need to switch over to wireless networking? The following can provide you a better explanation of the merits of wireless networking.

  • Enhanced mobility – Wireless networking provides for increased mobility as the connection is retained even when you roam around. So it becomes a better choice for or improving businesses
  • Huge range of network coverage – Wireless networks are the better solutions to reach out to inaccessible areas (both in internal and external environments)
  • Enhanced scalability – The flexibility in scaling the network is one of the greatest advantages of wireless networking. You can easily configure the network according to the needs of your organization or individuals
  • Cost-effective – Though initial investments are high, the performance and overall life cycle of the network is comparatively greater with respect to the conventional wired network systems
  • Increased flexibility – Once the network is established, you are allowed to make necessary modifications and updates to suit the advanced and future needs
  • Increased speed of installation – As bundles of wires are not involved in establishing wireless networking systems, it becomes easy and simple to have them installed.

The advantages of wireless networking are not confined to this list. Here we have listed only the most prominent aspects of wireless networking that are more beneficial to meet the demands of individuals and organizations. We have rendered research support for computer network project ideas and commercial implementation support in wireless networking projects. So you can get all kinds of doubts solved by us. Let us talk about the major types of computer networks.

This article is a complete overview of computer network project ideas given by our team of research experts who gained immense experience and expertise in the field.

Major 4 Types of Computer Networks

Though there are different types of computer networks in place, the following four are considered very significant computer networks

  • Wireless mesh networks
    • This network contains gateway, mesh clients, hybrid or client meshing, and routers to build the infrastructure
    • It is dynamic, self-organized, and has dedicated routing
    • It is used in surveillance systems; metropolitan area, enterprise, community, neighborhood, and broadband networking
  • Mobile ad hoc networks
    • These are autonomous devices that show quick deployment, are self-organized, and have dynamic topology
    • These are well supported and applications like disaster management, fly collaboration, battlefield, commercial, and personal area network applications
  • Vehicular ad hoc networks
    • This network connects the moving vehicles for various useful purposes
    • This network is used in maintaining safety and comfort in various road and traffic conditions by giving warning signals
    • By using this network, accidents and collisions can be avoided
  • Wireless sensor networks
    • These are automatic sensor nodes used in monitoring the physical conditions and environment
    • This type of network was used in healthcare, industry, and environmental monitoring purposes and on the battlefield

Having discussed the major computer networks and their advantages, you would have got a better picture of how wireless networking is beneficial to humanity. We insist upon this because building a huge motivation can help you retain confidence and interest in your research Computer network project ideas. So you can expect both technical and moral support essential for any researcher from us. Are there any research issues associated with computer networks?

Research Issues on Computer Networks

The following are the common issues faced by researchers in the field of computer networking projects.

  • Building network architecture, including the issues in predictability, controllability, and topology
  • Prototyping and simulation tools
  • Code synthesis and implementation
  • Evaluating reliability and fault tolerance

We have solved many such issues faced by our customers in a more realistic and implementable manner. For technical details of the solutions that we proposed, connect with our technical experts. You can gather a lot of information and experience by interacting with us for computer network project ideas. Let us now talk about the energy-efficient mechanism used in computer networking projects.

Effective Mechanisms in Computer Networks

The following are the energy-efficient approaches followed in computer networking

  • Data Reduction For adaptive sampling, aggregation and compression
    • It impacts delay, scalability, and quality of service
    • Latency is improved by reduction in transmitted packets and waiting time
    • Quality of services improved by prioritizing data classes vile sampling and aggregation
    • Better scalability by a reduction in traffic load
  • Radio Optimization (in transmission power control, energy efficient cooperative cognitive Radio communication and directional antenna)
    • It impacts coverage and robustness
    • Range of communication and node connectivity is adjusted to up time-efficient transmission power control and directional antennas
    • The quality of the signal is affected by collaborative retransmission and smart channel selection in cooperative and cognitive radio communications
  • Sleep and wake up schemes (adaptive duty cycling controlling topology hybrid TDMA, CSMA and MAC based protocols)
    • It impacts robustness, coverage, delay, and quality of service components
    • The awareness about the context is improved by choosing adaptive duty cycling schemes in the sleep period
    • The quality of services can be improved by engineering a high rate of periodic data transfer in guaranteed time slots and periods based on contention in low rate traffic using TDMA/CSMA MAC protocols
    • The network coverage can be enhanced by controlling topology (characterization of monitoring the sensing field)
    • Good delay in cases of high traffic can be achieved using TDMA based MAC protocols
  • Energy efficient routing (cluster architecture multipath routing sync mobility and relay node placement)
    • It impacts scalability, robustness, coverage, and mobility aspects
    • Network hierarchy and sparse network connections can lead to improvement in scalability using cluster architecture and sink mobility, respectively
    • Node connectivity and network coverage can be enhanced by relay node placement methods
    • Alternative paths for routing in node failure situations are used to enhance the network robustness, which is provided by multipath routing protocols

Generally, we provide both theoretical and practical descriptions of the approaches mentioned above so as to provide the required information on your computer network project ideas. You will be assigned a team of experts who update you with the recent advancements in the field happening every now and then. In this regard, let us now understand the recent trends in computer networking.

Research Computer Network Project Ideas

The following are the trending research Titles in computer networks.

  • Quality of service requirements, Privacy and security issues in WSN and MANET
  • Managing mobility, efficient routing, simulation strategies, and VANET traffic
  • Vulnerabilities, prevention, and detection of intrusions, adaptive strategies for routing and analyzing attacks in wireless sensor networks
  • Strategies for admission control and managing services and network resources in WSN and MANET

In addition to the list of topics mentioned above, we have also guided a wide variety of research computer network project ideas ranging from more generalist to specific and realistic approaches. We are rendering entire research support ranging from project selection through algorithm execution to real-time implementation. We encourage you to take up any kind of computer network project idea as they have huge potential for future development. What are the existing applications of network programming?

Real Time / Non Real Time Applications of Network Programming

  • Emergency control – 10 to 100 Kb per second bandwidth with less than 100 bytes of packet size and 1 to 3 ms of Latency. Robustness is from PLR 10^-9 to 10^-5
  • Online gaming – 10 to 100 Kb per second bandwidth and less than 100 bytes of packet size (Robustness is from PLR 10^-9 to 10^-5) and 10 ms latency
  • Supervisory nature – It has 10 to 100 ms of Latency and 1 to 100 kilobytes per second of bandwidth. With 100 to 200 bytes of packet size the robustness is less than three consecutive loss and PER less than 0.1 percent
  • Real time video streaming – its latency is about 3 to 10 ms and 0.1 to 20 Gbps of bandwidth. The packet size is greater than 4000 bytes and its robustness is PLR less than 10^-7
  • Camera input and regulatory control – 10 ms latency and 10 to 100 kilobytes per second of bandwidth. With less than 100 bytes of packet size, its robustness is from PLR 10^-9 to 10^-5

Besides these, you can see many day-to-day applications of networking projects that have huge impacts. The choice of topic plays a key role in your research career. At the initial stage, the very nature of the topic is the key to attract the attention of your supervisors. So the
Computer network project ideas must be as interesting as possible. For this purpose, we have given some tips that you can follow to choose your computer network project topic below

Computer Network Project Ideas Research Assistance

4 Tips to Choose Computer Network Projects

Consider the following points in order to choose the best computer networking project topic.

  • First of all, look for different ideas. We invest time in selecting the topic that suits your interest. Only then can you ensure a consistent effort and motivation to do the research. Our team of writers will provide you with the essential research details and literature regarding recent developments in the field of computer networking
  • Be encouraged to choose specific topics. The mainstream is the most common one among scholars. We guide project on computer networking for students with source code. As a result, innovations cannot be introduced into them since major research works are already in place under these topics
  • Have a complete study on the background information. In order to get a complete picture of the topic of your interest, you should have a thorough analysis of the facts and data related to it. With references from authentic and prominent research journals, our experts will guide you through all aspects of your research.
  • Do a great analysis of the research materials. A project topic that has got a significant amount of reliable data can help you to a greater extent in carrying out successful results. And the in-depth analysis of the collected data should be your priority. Connect with our team of research experts who gained enough expertise to aid and solve all your queries

By interacting with our dedicated teams of technical and research experts, you can gain a better picture of the approach to be followed in order to register positive growth in your research career. So feel free to reach out to us at any time. Our customer support facility functions 24 hours all day. Now let us talk about the latest computer network research topics.

Research Topics on Computer Networks

The following are the most trending and latest computer networking project ideas

  • Tetra hertz, highly reliable low Latency, massive machine type, and visible light communications
  • Optimal algorithms for different aspects of managing multi-hop mm-wave networks like beamforming, routing, scheduling resources, and fast link setup
  • Cooperative approaches towards existing mechanism in a licensed and unlicensed spectrum that includes LTE – U, Wi-Fi, and LAA coexistence
  • Classifying the traffic in wireless networks, heterogeneous traffic resource allocation (multi RRH environment), and dynamic cloud network reconfiguration

We are here to provide support in all kinds of research support and assistance on all these topics mentioned above. With the benchmark references and practical explanation on your research Computer Network Project Ideas, we will make you do the best research work.

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