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For supporting scholars, experts and explorers in conducting an extensive research on network simulation, here the proposed research topics contribute as an effective initial phase. Among different fields of networking, we offer numerous projects that are particularly designed for deploying famous computer network simulators such as Mininet, NS-3, GNS3 and OMNet++:

  1. SDN Network Performance Optimization
  • Aim: As contrasting with conventional SDN-based techniques, this research area aims to estimate the performance of SDN (Software defined Networking) systems in the process of enhancing network traffic flow.
  • Simulator: Mininet synthesized with an SDN controller such as OpenDaylight or Ryu.
  • Main Elements: Performance metrics analysis like packet loss, response time and productivity, network traffic events and execution of flow-based routing.
  1. 5G Network Slicing for Diverse Applications
  • Aim: Encompassing mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications), eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) and URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications), it involves simulating a 5G network and assists various application demands by deploying network slicing.
  • Simulator: NS-3 with its 5G module.
  • Main Elements: For every application type, it includes QoS and QoE, distribution of resources per slice and development of various network slices.
  1. IoT Network Scalability and Energy Efficiency
  • Aim: On the basis of different protocols like CoAP, MQTT and topologies, explore the energy consumption and adaptability of IoT networks.
  • Simulator: OMNeT++ using the INET framework.
  • Main Elements: Protocol capability analysis, simulation of thousands of IoT devices and energy consumption modeling.
  1. Wireless Mesh Network Deployment in Rural Areas
  • Aim: It mainly highlights perfect node placement and productivity and offers internet accessibility in urban areas by developing and simulating a wireless mesh network.
  • Simulator: OMNeT ++ or NS-3.
  • Main Elements: Potential in opposition to node failures, internet gateway distribution, node placement tactics, latency evaluations and productivity.
  1. Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) for Smart Cities
  • Aim: This research area intends to enhance traffic capability and safety through simulating a VANET which promotes communication among vehicles and roadside frameworks.
  • Simulator: OMNeT++ with the Veins framework.
  • Main Elements: Packet delivery ratio analysis, mobility models which indicate practical vehicle activities, communication latency and execution of safety and traffic efficiency applications.
  1. Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Mechanisms in Networks
  • Aim: Diverse network assaults such as DDoS, phishing and MITM have to be designed and simulated as well as capabilities of related defense techniques have to be considered.
  • Simulator: GNS3 with virtual machines running attack and defense tools.
  • Main Elements: Execution of IDS/IPS, configuration of attack events, analysis of network resilience and firewall measures.
  1. Multipath TCP (MPTCP) Performance Analysis
  • Aim: Specifically in respect to load balancing, integrity and productivity, estimate the advantages of performances in contrasting Multipath TCP with conventional TCP.
  • Simulator: NS-3 with MPTCP support.
  • Main Elements: Comparing with standard TCP, configuration of events with different network circumstances and evaluation of traffic distribution across several routes.
  1. QoS Evaluation in Multimedia Networks
  • Aim: In a network carrying multimedia traffic, it is required to explore QoS (Quality of Service) boundaries and implications of different QoS algorithms such as MPLS and DiffServ are evaluated.
  • Simulator: OMNeT++ with the INET framework.
  • Main Elements: QoS metric analysis like productivity, packet loss, jitter, traffic classification and prioritization.
  1. Cloud Data Center Network Simulation
  • Aim: To perform research on performance of diverse network systems like Fat-Tree, Spine-Leaf and their implications on technical performance, this project seeks to simulate a cloud data center network.
  • Simulator: GNS3 or Mininet.
  • Main Elements: Application response time, workload allocation, data center network architecture execution and network congestion evaluation.
  1. Network Protocol Comparison and Analysis
  • Aim: In several network topologies, contrast the capability and performance of various routing protocols like RIP.BGP and OSPF.
  • Simulator: For a practical simulation experience, GNS3 is combined with real IOS images.
  • Main Elements: Implications on network performance metrics, configuration of various network topologies and extensive protocol analysis.

What are the current hot topics for research in computer networks?

Consider the long-term impacts and significance of computer networks, while you choose a topic for performing research. In terms of computer networks, few trending and modern research topics are proposed by us:

  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Research Objective: Carry out an efficient research on SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), how it improves performance, security and network adaptability. For decreasing operational expenses and advancing network adaptability, strengthen network management and configurations by means of software.
  1. 5G Networks and Beyond
  • Research Objective: Innovative network models, synthesizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and terahertz frequency bands are primarily highlighted by this study, as it progresses towards the advancement of 6G concepts. Modernized functionalities of 5G networks are examined like mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications), network slicing and URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications).
  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity and Security
  • Research Objective: This project mainly focuses on modeling lightweight cryptographic findings and productive data aggregation protocols. Based on concerns like data secrecy, expansive growth of IoT devices, secure communications and energy-efficiency, solve the associated problems.
  1. Edge Computing
  • Research Objective: It is required to conduct an extensive study; in what way the processing of data nearer to the edge of the network decreases the data burden on the core network, enhances secrecy and minimizes the response time. Synthesization of edge computing with IoT and cloud services, improving resource distribution and establishing edge-specific technologies are involved in this research.
  1. Quantum Networking
  • Research Objective: Develop security and improve the quantum internet frameworks through investigating the possibilities of quantum technologies in networking. On the basis of quantum communication protocols and quantum repeater patterns, this research involves conceptual as well as practical experimentation.
  1. Artificial Intelligence for Network Optimization
  • Research Objective: Reflecting on main concerns like outlier detection, self-enhancing networks and network evaluation, implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) algorithms. For smart traffic management systems, network performance and autonomous fault identifications and findings, it incorporates the advancement of predictive models.
  1. Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Research Objective: For secure and decentralized data management, this project includes blockchain technologies. In opposition to cyber assaults, secure networks through designing modernized security protocols, privacy-preserving applications and intrusion detection systems.
  1. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and their Applications
  • Research Objective: Particularly for applications in healthcare, smart cities and ecology control, this research seeks to model adaptable, energy-efficient and effective WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) systems. Low-power communication protocols, data fusion methods and creation of innovative sensor technologies are encompassed in this study.
  1. Network Slicing for Multi-Tenancy and Diverse Applications
  • Research Objective: Within the similar physical systems, assist various application demands by exploring network slicing algorithms. It might include slice management tactics, dynamic resource allocation and isolation techniques.
  1. Vehicular Networks and Autonomous Driving
  • Research Objective: To assist automated driving and smart transportation systems, this project involves creating communication protocols and systems for V2X (Vehicle-To-Everything) and VANETs (Vehicular ad hoc networks).
  1. Underwater Communication Networks
  • Research Objective: Considering the underwater sensor networks and acoustic communication systems, this study intends to advance the integrity and capability. It is advisable to solve underwater communication problems like signal attenuation, constrained bandwidth and slow response time.
  1. Cross-Layer Design and Optimization
  • Research Objective: This research violates the constraints between various layers of the network stack and paves the way for enhancing the performance of network protocols and techniques through investigating cross-layer design methods.
Computer Network Simulator Ideas

Computer Network Simulator Projects 

Our team at has successfully completed over 5000 computer network simulator projects utilizing a variety of network simulators. With over 17 years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading institute in the world. No matter which area you are facing challenges in, you can rely on us to assist you with your project using any network simulator based on your concept. Our versatile developers are capable of delivering your project according to your specifications and before the deadline.

  1. The effectiveness of social network interventions for psychiatric patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  2. A temporal convolution and gated recurrent unit network with attention for state of charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries
  3. On studying active radio measurements estimating the mobile network quality of service for the Regulatory Authority’s purposes
  4. Upstream-gating merge-control for maximising network capacity: With an application to urban traffic management
  5. Empirical evaluation of 5G and Wi-Fi mesh interworking for Integrated Access and Backhaul networking paradigm
  6. Optimal allocation of distributed generation in active distribution power network considering HELM-based stability index
  7. Stress and streets: How the network structure of streets is associated with stress-related brain activation
  8. Associations between social networks and creative behavior during adolescence: The mediating effect of psychological capital
  9. Measuring node importance in air transportation systems: On the quality of complex network estimations
  10. Deep learning technology of computer network security detection based on artificial intelligence
  11. Evaluating energy harvesting from water distribution networks using combined stakeholder and social network analysis
  12. The use of artificial neural networks in modelling migration pollutants from the degradation of microplastics
  13. Quasi-synchronization of multi-layer delayed neural networks with parameter mismatches via impulsive control
  14. SNN6mA: Improved DNA N6-methyladenine site prediction using Siamese network-based feature embedding
  15. Multi-attribute decision-making based on data mining under a dynamic hybrid trust network
  16. Optimized EKF algorithm using TSO-BP neural network for lithium battery state of charge estimation
  17. RLUC: Strengthening robustness by attaching constraint considerations to policy network
  18. NeXT: Architecture, prototyping and measurement of a software-defined testing framework for integrated RF network simulation, experimentation and optimization
  19. The impact of geopolitical relations on the evolution of cobalt trade network from the perspective of industrial chain
  20. A social network group decision making framework with opinion dynamics considering opinion reliability

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