Computer Science Project Topics on Artificial Intelligence

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Software Security:

  • Susceptibility Detection: A tool that mechanically scans code sources for security vulnerabilities will be created which is based on a set of rules or using machine learning techniques.
  • Safe Communication: A secure messaging system is developed which employs end-to-end encryption and safety features.

Code Superiority and Maintenance:

  • Code Review Automation: Construct a tool that make use of machine learning or rule-based algorithms to automate parts of the code review process.
  • Technical Debt Assessment: Create a tool that counts and tracks technical debt within a software project over time.

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Development Process:

  • Automated DevOps Pipeline: To automates various aspects of software development, build a modular and easily configurable DevOps pipeline that commits code to deployment.
  • Project Management: A system will be developed which uses AI to forecast project completion times, classify bottlenecks, or propose resource allocations.

Software Testing:

  • Automated Test Generation: For existing code bases build a tool which automatically produces unit tests or functional tests.
  • Test Coverage Analysis: A visualization tool is created to represent test coverage in spontaneous and actionable manner.

Human-Computer Interaction:

  • Accessibility Checker: A tool will be built to check the availability of web applications or other software products and suggests improvements.
  • Code Collaboration Platform: A platform is created to allow real-time collaboration for coders with preliminary features like code suggestions, problem flagging, and automated explanations.

Data Management:

  • Data Version Control: Create a system that effectively handles version control for large datasets used in machine learning or data analytics projects.
  • Real-time Data Sync: Develop a system that allows real-time data synchronization across multiple databases or platforms.


  • Performance Profiling: To classify performance bottlenecks, we must create a tool which automatically profiles software applications.
  • Resource Optimization: To minimize cost while meeting performance criteria here we will create an AI-based system that allocates cloud resources for various tasks.

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Computer Science Project Ideas on Artificial Intelligence

Computer science project topics on artificial intelligence

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  1. Artificial Intelligence Approach for BAZNAS Website Using K-Nearest Neighbour (KNN)
  2. A Critical Review of Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Powered Technologies in the Financial Industry
  3. Development of a Trax Artificial Intelligence algorithm using path and edge
  4. Artificial intelligence reads battery state-of-health in three minutes
  5. An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Multi-dimensional Knapsack Problem Based on Small World Phenomenon
  6. 3D AND-type NVM for In-Memory Computing of Artificial Intelligence
  7. A methodology for the reduction of false alarm rates in artificial intelligence-based loss of consciousness monitoring systems
  8. Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce Design
  9. Benefits of Organizing Remote Education in the Design of a University’s Unified Information and Analytical Space Using Artificial Intelligence
  10. Soft sensors and artificial intelligence for nuclear fusion experiments
  11. Analogue layout synthesis based on a planning scheme using artificial intelligence
  12. Artificial intelligence techniques applied to design of logic circuits based on ternary quantum-dot cellular automata
  13. The new science of cause and effect, with reflections on data science and artificial intelligence
  14. Brain – Machine Interfaces in the Context of Artificial Intelligence Development
  15. Application of artificial intelligence for clinical decision making and reasoning
  16. Optimising the JIT methodology using distributed artificial intelligence techniques
  17. Study of Combined Approach Possibilities to Detecting Network Attacks Using Artificial Intelligence Mechanisms
  18. An Interior Decoration System via Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
  19. Solving for fun: The surprising and strange world of artificial intelligence game designers
  20. Failure Disposal by Interaction of the Cross-Layer Artificial Intelligence on ONOS-Based SDON Platform

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