Digital Signal Processing Topics

This page is about the most interesting innovation in the digital signal processing topics with its forthcoming research areas. Digital Signal Processing is shortly termed the DSP. Basically, it is intended to enhance the performance of digital telecommunication by applying different technologies. As a result, it assures the consistency and precision of digital data transmission. 

In another way, DSP is defined as the implementation of mathematical operations on real-world signals for synthesizing to improve their efficiency. As a signal, it employs voice, video, audio, temperature and etc. For instance: real SNR reduces due to full-scale input/output, noise in the raw signal, and other noise in the conversion of analog to digital.

Key Components of DSP

  • Program Memory: Collection of process or programs for data compress and operations
  • Data Memory: Once the data is processed, then stores the processed data into memory
  • Computing Engine: Program perform arithmetic and numerical operations on input data
  • I/O: Support different things used in DSP For instance:  timers, serial / external ports that link the outsiders

For the most part, DSP offers robust engineering techniques for mining collected signals from the sensor. In general, signals are classified into different forms as odd, even, aperiodic, periodic, power, energy, stochastic and deterministic. In addition, we have given the other DSP classification for your reference.

DSP System Classification

  • Time-invariant and Time-variant
  • Non-Linear and Linear
  • Discrete and Continuous
  • Non-invertible and Invertible
  • Unstable and Stable
  • Non-Causal, Anti-causal and Causal
  • Distributed and Lumped
  • Static (Memory less) and Dynamic (memory)

Next, we can see some key features of digital signal processing that spring a new dimension of research in current DSP exploration. Also, these features gain the attention of the active scholars and make everyone move towards DSP.

Trending Digital Signal Processing Topics

What are characteristics of DSP?

  • Linear phase
  • Auto-upgrade of System
  • Large-scale data storage
  • Zero drift (temperature and time)
  • Increased Scalability
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Reproductivity

In order to identify the system performance before directly deploying it in a real-world environment, we choose a simulation platform. Since it saves real-time implementation time, effort, and cost, here, this modeling technique motivates us to analyze the actual working process in DSP. Also, it helps to address the noise, signal, distortion, and measure quantity. Though it has so many benefits, it still has some limitations, which are given below,

Modeling Issues of Digital Signal Processing

  • Assess the simple and detailed model performance in following metrics,
    • Accuracy
    • Computation Cost
  • Complex modeling may affect the performance
  • Poor model will give inefficient performance

How to implement the Digital Signal Systems?

In the general implementation process of the DSP system, we follow three stages. And they are input, process, and output. At first, it gets the analog signal as input. Then, it converts the analog into digital format. After that, it performs some digital operations for the required outcome. At last, it gives the digital data as the output.

Before getting into the Digital Signal Processing Topics in detail, we need to know some key terms that are frequently used in DSP research. And, it is categorized into applications, hardware, and software.

Major Terminologies of DSP

  • Applications
    • Examining specific signal
    • System input and output
    • Developing particular process
  • Hardware
    • DSP, GPP, PLD and FPGA
  • Software
    • C, C++, Pascal and many more
    • Dedicated Technologies like Filter Design Software
    • Mathematical, Matlab, Mathcad and others

As a matter of fact, signal processing offers an interdisciplinary platform for performing smart operations of signal modification, analyzing, and synthesizing. Here, we have given the few processes involved in signal processing applications.

  • Signal Detection
    • For instance: RADAR and SONAR
  • Process in transforming signal from one format to other format,
    • Filtering
    • Denoising
    • Decomposition
  • Process in Coding and Error control
    • LPC
    • LDPC
    • Turbo Coding
  • Process in interpretation and extraction of digital data / signal
    • Speech / Audio Recognition
    • Biometric Recognition (finger print and Iris)
    • Computer / Machine Vision

Trending Digital Signal Processing Topics [Domain]

  • Polarization
  • Motion Artifacts
  • Analog Signal Processing
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Theory of Communication
  • Analog and Digital Electronics

Modules in Digital Signal Processing

Here, we have included the essential entities that we use in implementing Digital Signal Processing Topics using sophisticated simulation tools and technologies. In this, we have given basic components of DSP projects using python.

  • Filters
  • Amplifiers
  • Implantable Devices
  • Wearable Devices and Sensors
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Field

For illustration purposes, here, our developers have given some designing ideas for digital filers in DSP. More than this, we have numerous exciting novel ideas for modeling filters.  

Design of Digital Filters Ideas

  • Analog Digital Filters Design
  • FIR Frequency Transformation
  • Linear-Phase Filters (IIR and FIR)
  • Analog IIR Filters Design
  • FIR and IIR filters Comparative Study
  • FIR filters Design and Properties (using windows)
  • Digital filters Design (using least-squares)

Project Process Flow for Signal Processing

The quality of the research mainly relies on the workflow of the research idea implementation. Based on the selected research topic, the workflow may include some additional processes. Here, we have listed put the basic structure of the Digital Signal Processing project workflow. 

  • Measure the signal values and observe the inputs
  • Apply signal conditioners
  •  Signals Classification, Analysis and Processing

Further, our research team is willing to let you know few upcoming Digital Signal Processing Topics. Further, we also support you in other newly developed integrated research areas. If you have your own research topic, then we ready to give assistance in that topic also. Also, we suggest an appropriate research solution for any kind of research issue in spite of challenges. 

Research Ideas in Signal Processing

  • Modeling of Digital Hearing Assistance
  • EEG based Multiple Epileptic Seizure Detection
  • Multimodal Speech Recognition and Processing
  • Real-time Brain Activity Prediction and Analysis
  • ML approaches for Bio-signals Analysis

So far, we have discussed the signal processing fundamentals, classifications, techniques. Now, we can see the creative research ideas that our experts have recently handpicked from current DSP research areas.

Digital Signal Processing Project Topics

  • Modeling of Noise Channel
  • EVM assisted DTMF Decoding System
  • FIR Filter and IIR Filter Design
  • Touch Tone Signaling and Detection
  • DaDisp Software Development
  • EVM based Note extraction on Live Music
  • Soundcard based Sample filtering
  • Audio Noise Filtering and Reduction in Automobiles
  • Dynamic Signal Detection and Recognition
  • Design, Analysis and Signal Processing of Digital Filter
  • Enhanced Design of Sub-band Coder and Quadratic Mirror Filters
  • LPC based Adaptive Filter Applications
  • EVM based TMS320C30 Control System
  • Design of Digital Filter and EVM with Improved Operations
  • Modeling of EVM based PID Controller System
  • CDMA based Spread Spectrum Processing
  • Real-time Spread Spectrum Signals Detection and Applications
  • Analog and Digital Interfacing and Controlling
  • C/C++ based Fundamental  DSP Algorithms
  • TLC32044 -Texas Instruments Configuration System

On the whole, make use of this opportunity and hold your hand with us for choosing Best Digital Signal Processing Topics to avail the best research in your PhD / MS study career.  

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