How to prepare a research proposal for PhD?

The PhD research proposal has to contain the details of the research that we are going to do in our PhD. Many of us will not have the proper idea on writing a clean research proposal for PhD to undertake the research work.

In order to get an idea on how to draft a proper research proposal for the PhD work we have to make use of the following steps:

  • Firstly, we have to choose the field in which we are going to undertake our research work.
  • Next, by studying in the field of our interest we have to find out the topic for our research work.
  • We have to gather the references and identify the problem from the previously existing research works.
  • For the problem that we had identified form the previous research work we have to find out the solution.
  • We need to check in which aspect our proposed solution will bring development in the field of our research work.

Topic for research:

To write the PhD research proposal we have to decide the field or the area in which we are going to perform our research work for the PhD study.

The field of the research study can be in relevant of our previous study so that we will be having the knowledge in that specific chosen area.

We have to go through many reference papers or the reference journals of the recent years in relevant to our research and so with the reference we can find out the appropriate topic.

Introducing the research work:

In the introduction we have to write the basic details of our research work. We have to generally write about why and how we are going to make the research work.

The research work process is mentioned in the introduction as the initial pitch for the research proposal drafting.

Readers who read our research proposal should be able to get an idea of what kind of research that we are going to process for our PhD study.

Purpose of research:

We must write the purpose and the need for undertaking this research work. For writing this we have to think about the research questions and find out the answers for our questions.

Based on our observance we can state the purpose of conducting the research work. The research answers that we make should be properly written by reading the reference journal in the field of our research work.

We must ensure that having the proper proof for our research work in every aspect is important to bring out the proof reading.

Analysis of the literature work:

We should have the data of the recent year’s research journals that we refer for our PhD research proposal. The literature of the research journal should be written based on the referred journals.

The gathered information from the referred journals should be in relevance to the topic of our research work.

We have to refer only the standard journals for our research work form the MDPI, Scie, Sage, Sci, IEEE, Springer, etc.., all these research journals can be later cited for the reference in our research proposal.

We have to give the topic and provide the overall common data of the referred journals in relevant to our research topic. Along with the topic we should write what problem that we spotted in the referred research journals.

Problem statement of research work:

We have to group all the important journals that we referred for our research work and find out the major unsaid problem in the referred journals.

The problem that is critically analyzed from the referred existing research works can be mentioned as the problem statement that we are going to deal with our research work.

We should write the algorithm and the methodology of all the referred journals for the topic of our research work. The selection of the major research reference can also be made with the considerations based on the referral journal’s effectively conveyed algorithm.

Then with the referred algorithm and methodology we have to consider an algorithm and finalise the frame work of method for the PhD research.

Significance and contributions of research work:

We have to write about the successful accomplishment of the research work in getting the predicted solution that we have proposed in our research proposal of the PhD research.

We have to mention the data regarding the contributions that our research is going to make in the field of our research work.

Our research work contributions can be mentioned along with the details of which industry or the sector the development is going to be because of pursuing this project.

The contributions that our research work going to produce might face lot of challenged and so we have to guess the challenges and write about them.

Mission of this research:

We have to write the important goal that our research will be producing when it comes to set and provide the final outcome.

According to the mission of the proposal we should be able to achieve the defined problem solution that we had mentioned in our research proposal.

We should write the futuristic scope that our research work is going to provide in the field where we are conducting our research project.

Essential reference citation:

We must mention all the referred journal papers that we referred for our research work. The citations of the reference have to be mentioned with the years and author’s name.

By clearly mentioning and providing the proper reference citation we are able to make use of them in our research throughout the whole research process.

The cited reference is not only for the proof reading but also for the future reference. The proper reference will show the rich standard of our research proposal.

At the end of the research proposal we have to provide the information on how our final outcome is going to be for the research that we are undertaking and the final result will be useful for the research field.

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