How to Publish in Sci journal?

One can go through this article to produce an impactful paper by knowing about the problems it can produce and how to overcome from that. This article can be helpful for young scholars and doctoral students. There are many types of research articles like review papers, short communication and many more, but this article focus more on making full article like literature review. Researchers can follow these instructions and can take any methodology like quantitative or qualitative according to their discipline like education or social science or information science.

            One will face a heavy competition while writing paper for journals in academics, so you can be rejected for small mistakes also. Receiving peer-review is also very much for researchers before submitting, because you could not find all the potential mistakes from your article paper.

Don’t Rush in Submitting your Article paper for Publication

            It is commonly known that the researchers should begin writing their work as early as possible once they started their research work. But that will not work while submitting your manuscript for publication soon after identifying its conclusion. The author may have to make changes to their paper and even results after receiving feedbacks from reviewers or journal editors.

            By knowing about the error which may occur in future you can reduce the disappointments and chances of getting rejected. You should follow a logical flow for your research work and for writing work. Re-reading of your paper work is very important to correct mistakes which may arise in sentence framing or spelling. You can find some more errors also by re checking your paper it will help you in identifying common shortcomings and problems from your manuscript.

Select an Appropriate Publication Outlet

            To make your article approved and to take your article to meet more number of audiences you have to choose a journal which matches you. Make a list of appropriate journals in which you want to publish your article by marking the title, abstract and also the field in which you are going to do research. Researchers should submit their article to any one journal at a time, not more than one, which may lead to problems relate to copyright for the particular author, journals involved and university employer. Some scholars who are less experienced will do this which is against the research policies and ethics.

Read the Author Guidelines and Scope and Aims of your Targeted Specific Journal Carefully

            Once you are done with receiving feedback from colleagues, correcting it, rechecking several times, selection of the journal then now you have to go through the scopes and aims provided in the journal for your chosen field of research. And also you should take a look on the guidelines in the journal meant for authors. By following this you can improve the chances of accepting your article for the journal. The report produced by publishers says that one out of five papers is not following the format and style requirement specified by the journal which include requirements such as tables, references and figures.

            There are many kind of rejection which may arise at many forms and types. For example, may be the research motive chosen by you does not match the scope and aim of the journal you selected then your manuscript may be rejected by the journal editor before even sending it for peer review, this type is known as desk rejection. The desk rejection can bring discouragement for authors, they might think that they have wasted all of their time and also can make them lose interest for doing research work. 

Make Good your First Impression by your Abstract and Title

               How do you make your article impressive for journal editor at first look itself?  You have to make your abstract and title attractive.

>> The title you create should tell about the contribution you made for your research and also summarize the theme of your article.

>> Abstract should hold the scope and aim of your study, the theory about the problem you have addressed, methodologies used, data, key concepts or results, implications and limitations of your theory.

Have do a Professional Editing-Firm does Copy-edit to your Manuscript (not just by proofreading), including List of the Reference, Main Text, Figures, and Tables

            Clarity in your paper writing is the most important skill required to publish your manuscript in a journal. The manuscript is to be edited, firm copy-edit even before submitting your manuscript for publication. Before sending your article for peer review, it will undergo critical testing done by editorial board of the journal. The main reason behind the desk rejection, which is rejection of paper even before going to peer-review, is that because of the poor language used. A paper which is error free and can be understood by everyone will be well presented and edited paper, which creates a professional image. Tis will let others know how seriously you have worked for the research.

              Sometimes, the review which is done by the reviewer will lead to one more editing process. The authors should be very careful while editing their manuscript by making some precautions. The professional company for editing charges more money for editing your paper, so it is not appreciable to visit them every time for editing, instead you proofread yourself to check accuracy, finally send them for last correction before submitting it for publication. Check for grammar and spelling in your paper, this will be beneficial for you.

Submit a Cover Letter with the Manuscript

            While submitting your manuscript, attach a cover letter along with it to the editor in chief or the editor of the journal. Some researchers who are fresher will write the same thing in the cover letter which is written in the abstract, it should be avoided. While creating a cover letter, focus on its content which will be worth of your time. The cover letter should mainly talk about the theme of your paper then should state about the novelty of your research, and finally about the relationship between the journal and your research topic. You have to acknowledge about your colleagues and peers who helped you in giving feedback for your article before submitting paper.

Address Reviewers Comment very carefully

            After taking reviewers feedbacks, you have to make changes in your manuscript accordingly. First, you have to address all the revisions carefully then secondly make note on the comments received from reviewers, then at last you have to resubmit your manuscript after correction mistakes if any before the deadline issued by journal, the revision may happen several times.

            After the revision process is done you have to provide with two documents: one is the document which highlights the corrections made after receiving feedback and another one is the letter from author that they have acknowledged all the reviews.

            The competition for an article publication to a journal is very high, even though the process of conducting a research is very risky. The probability of acceptance of your article to a publication is ten per cent; if the topic is related to a serious issue then it has forty per cent possibility. If your article is rejected by one particular journal then you have to rework on it before submitting your manuscript to a different journal. 

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