How to publish research paper in Scopus?

Researchers can gain and collect more information regarding science in a specific area where they are doing research from Scopus. The Scopus is an analytical tool which is very much user friendly, it can help you with better analyse and visualization of the recent trends from any of their favourite apps and websites with the use of APIs. This can help researchers publish their manuscripts in developing as well as developed countries, by making their research increase in quality with the knowledge of emerging markets. The information or data provided in Scopus are updated daily, rather than updating it once a week unlike other competitors, so researchers can find the recent updates related to their field regularly.

Preparing for & Executing Manuscript Submission Flawlessly

            Once the researchers have chosen your journal in which you want to publish your paper, after complete formatting your paper based on the instruction provided by the journal, now it is time for them to actually submit it. To submit their work they need to follow some guidelines which is specified by the particular journal in which they want to publish their work. It will also help to find about any payment required while submitting. Nowadays, all scientific journals prefer the work to be submitted in online by the authors and co-authors of it.

            While submitting they should also add some details such as name and mail address. The below mentioned details are also required:

=> Topic of your study

=> Type of the study which you are doing

=> To whom you are doing it for any institution, university or company

=> Purpose and objective of your study

The researchers must ensure whether all the details provided by them are true and up to date, because any error in that will lead to rejection of your manuscript. If your paper got rejected because of incorrect information, then you should again start your work from beginning.

Taking License and Permissions Absolutely Serious

            When you publish your paper in any of the publication then you automatically grant permission to the “ORES Scientific Platform”. This will help you with dealing the third parties who come with an offer of re-printing your article. It will help your article to spread more widely to the world in an appropriate and effective way. By gaining copyright the author can use their paper in any other platforms, after mentioning the journal as original publication and then informing about it to the “ORES Scientific Platform”.

            The paper you submit for publication should be completely with new information which is not published earlier and not in the process of publication currently. If you need any already published tables, part of a text or any figures to be added in your paper then you should get a proper permission from the original copyright holder before submitting your manuscript.

Cover Letter

You should mention a statement defining that your article is not already published in any other journal or being in consideration by other journals.

The manuscript you submit should include a cover letter with details including:

=> Outline of your manuscript

=> Contact details of the author

=> All the attachments along with their format

Preparation and Formatting of the Manuscript

            The research article should be written only in English. Researchers can take help from any of the professional consultancy like IFERP who provides service for you to improve the quality of your written English for your research publication.

Formatting of Research Articles

            An article should provide with a new perspective and new approach on a specific problem about which the article address. The research article should give an original research solution for the question or hypothesis.

Formatting of Review Articles

            Writing the summary of the research conducted on a topic, by the researchers is known as review articles. Usually the author or their team collect information about the topic and bind the research state of it into the category in which it falls under.

Formatting of Short Communications

            The short communications will be formatted and filled with significant contributions which should be an independent and concise report. It will not just only define about the result of research study. The length of this section should be within 500 to 2000 words and it can also have two tables or images, and should have eight references minimum.

            To publish the short communications that have been written, the researchers should include the below mentioned sections to their paper:

=> Title of page

=> Information about author

=> Present Address

=> Abstract

=> Key words

=> Introduction

=> Methods and Materials section

=> Result

=>Discussion part

=> Note for Appreciation

=> Reference section

=> Figures

=> Tables

Getting the Tables Right

            The particular and same order should be followed for numbering and citing the tables in the body section of article. The tables should be numbered using Arabic numerals. Every table should have a title above it and footnote below it, which can be short and descriptive or in brief. They have to be in Microsoft word format and should not have any direct links which point to main document. The files provided by the researchers should be in the size appropriate to print.  

Nailing Formatting for Figures

            Researchers should make sure whether the electronic images used in their paper are in a readable size and high in quality. The figures that you use in your paper as electronic format should follow the mentioned same criteria for printing:

=> For combinations and line drawings it should be 600 dpi

=> For colour and grayscale it should be 300 dpi

=> The coloured images should not be in RGB colours, it should be in CMYK

Taking Care to Ensure a Flawless Reference Section

            At the end of your article, in the reference section, the literatures you used as reference in your article has to be mentioned in the alphabetical order. If you have two literatures with same author, then they should be mentioned in chronological order.

Within the Text

            While citing your references within the text the surname of author and year of publication should be mentioned within parentheses. If the literature has two authors then mention about them two. If it has more than three, mention one of them and add ‘et al’ at end. If more than one references cited inside same parentheses then name of authors should follow a chronological order, for same year follow alphabetical order. If it has a case like same year and author, then mention them by letters. 

Offering Comprehensive Proof of Findings

            Before bringing any information to the paper check the proof of it. After writing any information which was taken from a literature, send a PDF file of it to the respective author through mail to get verification from them. Must check and return the file within two days to avoid delay of work, the corrected file can again be sent in PDF format either in fax or mail. Changes in text can lead to charges for corresponding authors.

Undertaking Post Production Fixes

            Check for academic accuracy in the manuscript before submitting for publication. The changes will be related to peer – review then you can make the changes accordingly.

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