Information Systems Capstone Project Ideas

Manipulating recent technologies and resolving current limitations in the research domain, these projects can extend different research fields. Get the capstone ideas on basis of your interest from our top capstone writers who share valuable ideas for your work. The following are numerous IS capstone project ideas that are classified according to the field of research:

  1. Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Project Idea: In order to help decision-making in small industries, it is approachable to construct a dashboard for practical analytics and visualization of sales information.
  • Objective: The main goal of this project idea is to allow industries to track effectiveness against objectives, make updated choices according to approachable perceptions, and find patterns in rapid manner.
  1. Healthcare Information Systems
  • Project Idea: Mainly, for small clinics, aim to deploy an Electronic Health Record (EHR) framework to enhance patient data handling, appointment planning, and monitoring of medicine.
  • Objective: Because of this approach there are many benefits such as improving the effectiveness of healthcare delivery, enhancing patient care, and assuring the safety and confidentiality of patient data.
  1. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • Project Idea: Encompassing phishing simulation practices, formulate a cybersecurity awareness training module for workers in a firm.
  • Objective: Among workers, this project idea enhances the awareness of cybersecurity, decreases vulnerability to phishing threats, and facilitates best methods in security of data.
  1. E-Commerce and Web Technologies
  • Project Idea: An e-commerce environment should be developed in such a way for regional artists to exhibit and retail their items. It is approachable to present a suggestion model according to the priorities and activities of the user.
  • Objective: The major focus of this approach is to improve involvement of consumers by customized suggestions, offer a computerized marketplace for artists, and help regional economies.
  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Project Idea: Incorporating project monitoring, financial documenting, and donor management, aim to create a model ERP framework for non-commercial companies to handle its functions.
  • Objective: Through this idea, it is possible to update administrative procedures, enhance data perceptibility and documenting abilities, and improve complete effectiveness of operations.
  1. Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Project Idea: Creating an intended computerized marketing policy, focus on examining the information of social media to find perceptions and patterns for small industries.
  • Objective: The main goal is to be involved with the intended viewer in an efficient manner, enhance brand visibility, and drive sales with the help of data-based marketing policies.
  1. Cloud Computing and Services
  • Project Idea: Assessing the influence on effectiveness, scalability, and expense, it is approachable to move an IT architecture of small industries to a cloud-related approach.
  • Objective: Involving improved scalability, expenditure savings, and enhanced IT resource management, this approach presents the advantages of cloud computing for small industries.
  1. Mobile Applications and Services
  • Project Idea: Encompassing cost monitoring, budgeting, and financial management plan, formulate a mobile application that assists users to handle their individual finances.
  • Objective: The significant aim of this technique is to facilitate financial knowledge and assist users to attain their financial targets by better currency management.
  1. Sustainable IT Practices
  • Project Idea: The carbon footprint of an IT domain must be evaluated and it is better to create a sustainability goal to decrease e-waste and energy absorption.
  • Objective: Mainly, for decreasing carbon footprint and facilitating sustainability in IT methods, it emphasizes the ecological influence of IT procedures and suggests effective criterions.
  1. Data Governance and Privacy
  • Project Idea: Particularly, for small companies focus on applying a data governance system by incorporating strategies for data quality, confidentiality, and regulatory adherence.
  • Objective: Through keeping better data quality and adherence with confidentiality rules and guidelines, assure that the administrative data is handled in proper manner.

How to write Research Methodology for Information Technology Research?

Writing a research methodology is determined as difficult as well as a captivating process in the domain of Information Technology. It is appreciable to follow some necessary guidelines. Below we offer significant technique that assist you to write an effective research methodology chapters for an IT research project:

  1. Introduction to the Methodology
  • It is approachable to start with an outline of the technical method that you have selected for your study. Generally, it might be qualitative, quantitative, combined techniques, empirical, case study, etc. The reason why this technique is appropriate to your research query or aims should be described in short.
  1. Research Design
  • The complete formulation of your research must be defined. Specifically, for qualitative research, it is advisable to describe in what way you will collect and understand data in a manner that resolves your research query. If the study is empirical, describe the experiential arrangement and the attributes you will gauge or influence.
  1. Data Collection Methods
  • Quantitative Research: In this section, indicate the equipment or tools you will employ to gather numeric data like standardized tests, reviews, or software records. Specifying how contestants and datasets are chosen, it is significant to explain the sampling and population approach.
  • Qualitative Research: In what way you will gather text-based or media data should be explained. This might encompass interviews, focus meetings, observations, and concept analysis. For choosing situations or participants, focus on describing your sampling approach and measures.
  • Mixed Methods: Define the two groups of data gathering approaches and how they match each other, when you are connecting qualitative and quantitative techniques.
  1. Data Analysis Methods
  • Quantitative Data: The computational or statistical approaches that you will utilize to examine numeric data must be summarized. It is appreciable to specify any certain software equipment such as Python, R, SPSS that will be employed for exploration.
  • Qualitative Data: It is beneficial to define the methods for investigating text-based or media data, which might involve discourse analysis, concept analysis, or thematic analysis. You should describe how you will understand the findings to solve your research query.
  • Mixed Methods: In what way you will combine and explore data from both qualitative and quantitative elements of your research should be explained in an elaborate manner.
  1. Validity and Reliability (Quantitative) / Trustworthiness (Qualitative)
  • In this section, you should describe the procedures that you will take to assure the reliability of your qualitative data or the credibility and consistency of your quantitative data. Typically, pilot testing your tools, triangulation, mentor debriefing, or member verifying are encompassed.
  1. Ethical Considerations
  • Relevant to your study, explain any ethical problems and how you will solve them. Normally, gaining detailed consent, assuring confidentiality, and working with any possible vulnerabilities to participants are incorporated in this section.
  1. Limitations
  • Any challenges of your methodology that could influence the understanding of your outcomes must be declared in short. This process displays that you have essential knowledge of your research formulation.
  1. Summary
  • The methodology chapter must be concluded with an outline that strengthens the thoroughness and suitability of your selected approaches for resolving your goals or research query.
Information Systems Capstone Thesis Ideas

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  1. Development of electronic training materials at the Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  2. Designing a Multi-disciplinary Group Project for Computer Science and Engineering Students
  3. How changing technology should effect computer science and engineering education
  4. Mobile Learning Media for Computer Science Course
  5. On the use of robots in a PBL in the first year of computer science / computer engineering studies
  6. Integrating Learning Analytics in an Educational MMORPG for Computer Programming
  7. A Mobile Robotics Course for Undergraduate Students in Computer Science
  8. Experiences with the MacTester in computer science and engineering education
  9. A specialization in information and knowledge management systems for the undergraduate computer science curriculum
  10. Assessing the Integration of Parallel and Distributed Computing in Early Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum using Unplugged Activities
  11. Bridging Mathematics and Computer Science Through Threshold Concepts
  12. Revising Computer Science Networking Hands-On Courses in the Context of the Future Internet
  13. Promoting social networks among Computer Science students
  14. Altmetrics and Citation Counts: An Empirical Analysis of the Computer Science Domain
  15. Design Thinking: a didactic-methodological proposal for the training of computer science lecturers
  16. Toward a National Agenda for Broadening Participation of African Americans in Engineering & Computer Science: A Methodological Overview of Phase II
  17. μCRL: A Computer Science based approach for specification and verification of hardware circuits
  18. Mobile and personalized learning system for computer science students
  19. A Computer Science-Oriented Approach to Introduce Quantum Computing to a New Audience
  20. Learning analytics and evaluative mentoring to increase the students’ performance in computer science


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