M Tech Thesis Topics for Computer Science

Computer Science encloses a wide range of fields that every domain with the possible in captivating projects. So, getting the trending topics on computer science is very difficult as scholars daily update is necessary. As proper research in computer science makes the most beneficial use of technology. A wide range of M Tech Thesis Topics for Computer Science are guided by us. Even your thesis topics can also be customized so don’t get too much stressed as we are there to guide you. All our work is free from plagiarism we also promise that every piece of work is original.

  The below is a list of project strategies that we apply throughout several areas within Computer Science:

  1. Machine Learning (ML) & AI:
    • Facial Recognition System.
    • Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks.
    • Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Posts.
    • Predictive Analysis for Weather Forecasting.
    • Chatbot for Customer Service.
  2. Blockchain:
    • Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency.
    • Smart Contracts for Real Estate.
    • Cryptocurrency Transaction Platform.
    • Blockchain-Based Identity Verification System.
    • Decentralized Voting System.
  3. Web Development:
    • Educational Platform for Online Learning.
    • Social Networking Site.
    • E-commerce Website with Recommendation System.
    • Travel Booking Website.
    • Content Management System (CMS).
  4. Cloud computing:
    • Multi-Tenant Cloud-Based CRM.
    • Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery Solution.
    • Cloud Service Brokerage Platform.
    • Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Tool.
    • Scalable Web Application Hosting on Cloud.
  5. Data Science & Analytics:
    • Health Data Analytics for Disease Prediction.
    • E-commerce Customer Behavior Analysis.
    • Real-time Traffic Pattern Analysis.
    • Financial Market Trend Prediction.
    • Sports Performance Data Analysis.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT):
    • Remote Health Monitoring System.
    • IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking System.
    • Smart Agriculture System with IoT.
    • Smart Home Automation System
    • IoT-Based Weather Monitoring Station.
  7. Robotics & Automation:
    • Drone for Agricultural Monitoring.
    • Robotic Arm for Precision Tasks.
    • Warehouse Inventory Management Robot.
    • Autonomous Delivery Robot.
    • Automated Floor Cleaning Robot.
  8. Cybersecurity:
    • Malware Analysis Tool.
    • Cybersecurity Awareness Training Application.
    • Encrypted Data Storage Solution.
    • Network Intrusion Detection System.
    • Secure File Sharing Platform.
  9. Mobile Applications:
    • Fitness and Health Tracking App.
    • Restaurant Reservation and Review App.
    • Augmented Reality (AR) Based Interior Design App.
    • Personal Budget and Finance Manager App.
    • Language Learning Application.
  10. Game Development:
    • Multiplayer Strategy Game.
    • Augmented Reality (AR) Based Learning Game.
    • Educational Puzzle Game for Children.
    • Virtual Reality (VR) Adventure Game.
    • Mobile Game with AI Opponents.
  11. Software Development:
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.
    • Inventory Management Software.
    • Document Management and Collaboration Tool.
    • Ticketing and Event Management System.
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.
  12. Computer Vision:
    • Automated Number Plate Recognition System.
    • Virtual Dressing Room.
    • Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction.
    • Object Detection in Video Streams.
    • Real-time Facial Emotion Recognition.

What are some common challenges faced during the process of writing an MS thesis?

       It is challenging to write an MS thesis because it is always involved in a vast amount of difficulties.  To address these challenges, analyzing and interpreting are the major processes. Here are few general limitations that we face while writing an MS thesis:

  1. Narrowing down the Topic:
  • Most of us feel it is hard to straighten our study topic to a maintainable goal. A title which is very wide and enormous but one which is very direct contains inadequate data.
  1. Time Management:
  • We maintain thesis projects with all critical duties like coursework, employment and private involvements. Hesitation and miscalculating the duration needed for research and writing causes last-minute exhaustion.
  1. Finding & Handling Resources:
  • Using adequate and similar materials like educational papers, repositories and particular software becomes complex. It is also a general obstacle to handle and sort these materials efficiently in our work.
  1. Keep Continuous Inspiration:
  • Continuous inspiration across more and at times isolated tasks of thesis writing is hard to do. The process gets affected if we obtain less encouragement.
  1. Research Methodology Problems:
  • To organize separate research, choosing a correct study technique and utilizing it appropriately is particularly challenging for us.
  1. Data Gathering & Analysis Difficulties:
  • We gather the suitable data, certainly when it includes on-field tasks and practical tasks which are complicated and take more time. To design credible conclusions, observing the data precisely also depicts limitations.
  1. Writing Standard:
  • Handling a high quality educational writing that involves exact expression of thoughts, coherent formatting and appropriate citations is a major risk for us.
  1. Dealing with Feedback:
  • Retrieving and implementing reviews, particularly when it includes specific revisions leads to complexity. We need massive extra work for constructive criticism which is considered as important.
  1. Meeting Academic Regulations:
  • Following severe educational regulations and directions like those relevant to plagiarism, social implications in our research and significant styling guidance are essential and also difficult.
  1. Issues in Self-care: 
  • The effort to generate a high-standard thesis causes anxiety, stress and depression. It impacts the quality of the work as well as our welfare.
  1. Language & Communication Obstacles:
  • For foreign English speakers, language is a hurdle to describe the thoughts efficiently and accurately in our research.
  1. Technical Limitations:
  • According to the area of research we are stuck in methodological risks like learning novel software, coding and laboratory methods.
M Tech Thesis Projects for Computer Science

M Tech Thesis Topics for Computer Science

Best thesis topics will be shared from our team experts where novelty will be maintained. From international journals of that current year, we will share novel ideas and topics for M Tech on Computer Science we have all the domain experts to carry out the project well. For the below listed topics we have suggested best guidance so feel free to share your ideas we will navigate you to success.

  1. Performance Analysis of HRO-B+ scheme for the nested mobile networks using OPNet
  3. Multihomed mobile IPv6: OPNET simulation of network selection and handover timing in heterogeneous networking environments
  4. Using OPNET to evaluate Fibre Channel as an avionics interconnection system
  5. Research on “Real-Network-in-the-Loop” Simulation Based on OPNET
  6. Development of information-embedded power system using OPNET
  7. The Role of Simulation Software in Learning and Reminding (Case Study on MATLAB, Packet Trace, Pspice and Opnet)
  8. Implementation of a new propagation model for 5.8 GHz systems in OPNET simulator
  9. Extending OPNET Modeler with external pseudo random number generators and statistical evaluation by the limited relative error algorithm
  10. A comparative performance analysis of 6to4 transition mechanism over MPLS and frame relay using OPNET
  11. Rising up the performance of wireless local area network by varying fragmentation threshold using OPNET
  12. Enhanced DSR with optimized throughput using opnet simulator
  13. Performance evaluation for QoS guarantee in ATM networks with OPNET
  14. Choosing the best quality of service algorithm using OPNET simulation.
  15. Modeling and simulation of a Fiber Distributed Data Inferface Local Area Network (FDDILAN) using OPNET for interfacing through the Common Data Link (CDL)
  16. Improving project-based learning via remote opnet-based lab sequence in undergraduate computer networking curriculum
  17. Evaluation of ETCS performance with LTE as alternative railway communication network using OPNET
  18. Usage of OPNET IT tool to Simulate and Test the Security of Cloud under varying Firewall conditions
  19. An OPNET Modeler Based Simulation Platform for Adaptive Routing Evaluation
  20. Integrating SHAMAN management applications with battlefield OPNET simulations

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