Master Thesis Topics in Communication Engineering

Communication engineering is a popular domain which mainly concentrates on conveying the information from one place to another. Managing research based on communication engineering involves an extensive area of topics which indicates the fast growth and difficulties in the ever changing field. Explore all types of Master Thesis Topics in Communication Engineering where our technical experts guide globally using latest tools and share novel ideas. Go through the following points which are the main research problems in communication engineering that are described by us:

  1. 5G and Beyond:
  • We enhance the technologies for 6G and future communication networks.
  • The challenges which are faced by us in executing 5G networks like infrastructure requirements, spectrum allocation and energy efficiency.
  • For crucial applications, the authenticity and response time is improved.
  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity:
  • In the evolving amount of IoT devices, we assure the strength, protection and energy efficient connectivity.
  • To deal with the huge machine-type communications, the latest protocols and structures are created.
  • Within the various IoT systems and principles, the compatibility problems are faced by us.
  1. Cybersecurity in Communication Networks:
  • Opposing the evolving hazards and weakness by reinforcing the protection of our wireless networks.
  • For the purpose of data transmission, the cryptographic algorithms and security protocols are enhanced.
  • We verify the secrecy and data protection in progressively coordinated networks.
  1. Optical Communications and Photonics:
  • The ability and effectiveness of optical fiber networks is advanced by us.
  • Latest articles and techniques are explored for photonic devices.
  • The incorporated photonic circuits for different applications that involve quantum communication.
  1. Satellite and Space Communication:
  • In satellite communication systems, we enhance the authenticity and capability of satellite communication systems.
  • The difficulties which we are faced in deep space communication like signal attenuation and delay.
  • LEO (low-earth-orbit) satellite networks are created for our global internet coverage.
  1. Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting:
  • The effective wireless power transfer technologies are getting progressed for electronic devices.
  • The energy harvesting techniques in the environment for self-supporting the communication systems are explored by us.
  1. Machine Learning and AI in Communications:
  • AI algorithms are applicable in network optimization, traffic management, and predictive maintenance.
  • For dynamic source allocation and interference management, we deploy AI-driven solutions.
  • AI is being examined in cognitive radio and spectrum sensing.
  1. Signal Processing Techniques:
  • The algorithms are enhanced for the purpose of signal acquisition, advancement and compression.
  • We conduct a study on MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and beam forming technologies for developed wireless communication.
  • Signal processing techniques are evolved for developing applications such as virtual and augmented reality.
  1. Green Communication Technologies:
  • Energy consumption and carbon footprint of communication networks are decreased.
  • The renewable and carbon footprint of communication networks are generated.
  1. Quantum Communication:
  • In order to protect the communication, quantum cryptography is explored.
  • In quantum entanglement and quantum networks, we research its capability.
  1. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communication:
  • Vehicular communication systems are progressing to develop the management and road safety.
  • Incorporation of V2X with autonomous driving systems.
  1. Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking:
  • The creation of adaptable and measurable network architectures.
  • Supervision and instrumentation of virtualized network resources is explored by us.

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Master Thesis Projects in Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering Master Thesis Writing Services

Get tailored Communication Engineering Master Thesis Writing Services from as all our experts are renowned scholars. For these below topics we have shared best Communication Engineering Master Thesis Writing Services in explaining the research objectives clearly.

  1. Research on Auxiliary Content Distribution Based on OPNET on Campus
  2. RAT Selection and Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Networks-OPNET Modeler in Optimization Studies
  3. Modelling Mobile User Behaviour for Future Wireless Networks Using OPNET Modeller
  4. Expanding the COPAR Service using Mutual Exclusion, Optimization and C++ Threads in Opnet Modeler
  5. Map of the various configuration attributes from IPv4 to IPv6 networks for dual stack, 6to4 tunnelling and NAT: Modelling designs in OPNET modeller
  6. Implementation of Data Transmitted Network Base on OPNET
  7. Comparative Study of Ns2 and OPNET Simulator for AODV and DSR Routing Protocols in MANET
  8. Investigating the Impact of Simulation Time on Convergence Activity & Duration of EIGRP, OSPF Routing Protocols under Link Failure and Link Recovery in WAN Using OPNET Modeler
  9. Performance Comparison of OLSR and AODV Routing Protocols using OPNET
  10. Modeling of IEEE1588 on OPNET and Analysis of Asymmetric Synchronizing Error in Smart Substation
  11. Performance comparision of IEEE 802.11g WLANs with respect to increasing number of workstation using OPNET modeller
  12. Evaluation of optical packet switch as edge device using OPNET modeller
  13. Wireless Network Simulation Platform Based on OPNET and Simulink
  14. Performance Evaluation for Web Applications with Web Caching in a Distributed Wireless System Using Opnet™
  15. Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV, DSDV and OLSR Routing Protocols in MANET Using OPNET
  16. Traffic Flows Modeling of a Digital Center at ABU Using OPNET Software
  17. Modeling and Simulation of Space Self-organizing Network based on OPNET
  18. Performance Analysis and Comparison of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols AODV and OLSR on Video Conferencing using OPNET Simulator
  19. Configuration of WiMAX network supporting VoIP handover using OPNET simulator
  20. RSVP summary refresh extension in OPNET modeler: implementation and evaluation

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