Molecular Communication PhD Research Guidance

“MC” is an acronym of technology “Molecular Communication”. Mainly, it uses molecules as a medium to transfer information between source and destination points. On one hand, the transmitter distributes the information in the form of molecules to the destination. On other hand, a receiver acknowledges the information from the source.

By the by, this type of communication is largely addressed as Nano networks. Moreover, this molecular communication also has some technical constraints over encryption and decryption process of information.

Through this page, we can get significant research areas and trends details for Molecular Communication PhD projects!!!

How do molecules communicate?

Now, we can see in what way the molecular communication models are working. Molecular Communication utilizes different types of molecules such as Type A / Type B to encrypt the information in digital format. Once the information is encoded, then it transfers the molecules to the destination through any communication/transmission medium. For instance: water or air. Finally, the information molecules reach the destined receiver point. Here, the receiver can decrypt the received information to read the original message. 

One more special thing about Molecular Communication is that Molecular Communication signals are built by biocompatible which needs less amount of energy. Similar to other communication technologies, it also has a different range of communication-based on network connection mode. Here, we have given you some long-range molecular communication that is highly preferred for PhD projects.

Top 4 Trending Molecular communication PhD Research Domain

Long Range / Short Range Molecular Communications 

  • Wired 
    • Capillaries
    • Axons
  • Wireless 
    • Light Transduction
    • Pheromones
    • Spores / Pollen

In simple words, the molecules that work as carriers to forward information from the sender to the receiver are called molecular information. For this purpose, molecular communication undergoes five stages of operations such as 

  • Encoding
  • Sending
  • Propagation
  • receiving 
  • Decoding

Because of reliable transmission, molecular communication is extensively demanding in several real-time applications. For instance: cells health monitoring, medicine supply in intra-body, target detection, healthcare, and many more. 

Next, we can see some important components of molecular communications. All these elements are considered fundamental components for setting molecular communication infrastructure. Here, each element has some key functionality to perform in molecular communication. For your information, here we listed out the components along with their purposes. 

Once you connect with us, we provide all requirements of your project. Further, the components may vary or include more based on your project objectives. We ensure you that we design you’re advanced molecular communication model for your molecular communication PhD project.

What are elements used for molecular communication? 

  • Environment 
    • It usually deploys bio-nano machines in 3D space infrastructure
    • It is currently used in an aqueous environment (i.e., internal human body) for WBAN applications
    • It operates the functions on using energy sources and molecules
    • It is capable to enhance performance and distribute operations based on environmental flow
    • It also generates useful information and events
    • For instance: detect targeted cancer cells, create an event in the case of abnormal activities of the human body, etc.
    • For instance: engineering biological cells
  • Noise
    • It denotes the common thermal noise (first type) that occurs in molecular communication
    • It makes bio-nanomachine operations stochastic
    • It includes physical noise (second type) that generate physical force due to fluid / high environ viscosity
    • It creates an obstacle while transmitting molecules to bio-nano machines
    • It also contains noise molecules (third type) that caused by existing molecules in environ
    • It causes disturbance to molecular communications by affecting bio-nanomachine operations
  • Bio-nanomachines 
    • It refers to tiny actuators and sensors which is differentiated by size, functionality, and material
    • It is made up of biomaterials that are constructed in the presence or absence of non-biological materials
    • It has a size between macromolecule to biological cell 
    • It has the functionality to capture/sense particular molecule types based on application requirements
  • Sinks
    • It represents either a single bio-nanomachine or set of bio-nano machines (i.e., sources)
    • It is mainly used to acquire information from sources and process them according to the application requirements like injecting drugs in the case of emergency
    • It is also capable to support conventional processes i.e., wireless interaction
    • It acts as an entry-point to connect external devices with a molecular communication system
    • For instance: implanted medical sensors
  • Sources 
    • It is the deployed components in the environment to generate useful information
    • It represents either a single bio-nanomachine or set of bio-nano machines
    • It is mainly used to identify the target or create an event based on situations
    • It distributes the generated useful information through sink / bio-nano machines

To serve you in all aspects of molecular communication, our experts have collected various research issues/challenges from top-research areas. Based on your area of interest, we provide you with lots of research ideas that are waiting to meet the best problem-solving solutions. We assure you that we provide the fullest support until all difficulties in solving the problem through smart approaches. 

Since our development team is sophisticated with experienced global-level developers, so we are much capable of solving any level of complicated research issues. Here, we have given you some efficient research techniques that give the best results in the data dissemination process of the molecular communication PhD project.

Propagation Techniques for Molecular Communication

  • Diffusion through Opening Junction
    • Distribute a few molecules to a neighbouring cell 
    • Signaling molecules creation by the transmitter 
    • Distribute signal for long-distances cell
    • Signal amplification based on positive feedback response
  • Free Diffusion 
    • Random Motion of Molecules
    • Molecules Transmission Floods / Overflow 
    • Binding of Molecules at Receiver
    • Molecules Movements towards Receiver 
  • Bacterial Motors
    • Distribution of DNA data to bacteria from the transmitter
    • DNA data reached receiver based on contact
    • Bacteria rounds and flips in the direction of the receiver
  • Molecular Motors 
    • Opening of the container at receiver/destination point
    • Positing information molecule in a generic motor container
    • Transportation of container along with rail

In addition, we have also given you some more important information about the molecule diffusion task. Since it is an important task in the data propagation/dissemination operation of molecular communication. We not only provide efficient guidance in propagation operation but also on other operations like encryption, sending, receiving, and decryption. 

Let’s see a few important characteristics of the diffusion task in molecular communication. Further, if you want to know the processes and techniques of other operations then approach our team. More on Diffusion techniques, 

  • More molecules are collectively called as deterministic nature
  • We can set the value in approximation. Since it is not a constant value
  • For instance: set value between 10 to 11 m2/s for small biomolecules
  • For normalized random variable (2Dt variance), shift 1 molecule along with one dimension 
  • Although individual molecule motion is random but with known distribution 

Furthermore, we have also given you some important diffusion methodologies of molecular communication. Since all these methods are greatly utilized in the diffusion task of propagation technique. There exist more methods for this process, you have to choose the optimal one. For that, first, analyze the requirement of your project, then choose the one which gives the best outcome than the others. Our developers are smart to recognize the best method for glancing over project requirements. Since we have several years of experience in developing molecular communication. 

Diffusion Methodologies Used in Molecular Communication

  • Index Modulation
  • Supportive Relaying 
  • Spherical Boundary
  • Decode and Forward Relay
  • Multi-Absorbing Receivers
  • Adaptive Threshold Detectors
  • Asynchronous Recognition

So far, we have focused on diffusion functions, characteristics, and methodologies. Now, we can see in what way diffusion works in molecular communication. For that, we have itemized some importation tasks along with their key functions. Similarly, we also guide you to other functionalities of your project development. When you connect with us, we give you an implementation plan for your project. In that, we will mention a step-by-step procedure to implement your project with performance assessment metrics. 

How does diffusion work in molecular communication? 

  • Modulation
    • Pulse-Shaping
    • A and B Type Molecules 
    • Pulse Amplitude Modulation 
    • Molecules Release Timings
  • Release of Molecules
    • Information of Fusion Releases 
    • Fusion of Vesicles to Cell surface while Triggering 
    • Big-scale Vesicles (Container) Construction by Cells 
    • Fast Release of Information Molecules as an alternative
    • Transform Information Molecules to Vesicles through Biological Processes 
  • Acknowledged Signal Analysis Techniques
    • Weighted Sum Detector
    • Deep Learning
    • Machine Learning 
    • Maximum Likelihood Detection
    • Expectation Maximization
  • Important Consideration Factors 
    • Information Flow 
    • Co-efficient of Diffusion
    • State of Information Molecules 
    • Shape of Infrastructure
    • Transmit Modulation Technique 

Next, we can see the recent research trends of molecular communication. We usually collect recent trends by referring to current research journal papers, magazines, and articles. Also, we have a tie-up with global experts to make ourselves aware of up-to-minute research areas. We also encourage our customers to comes-up with their ideas and opinions to have a fruitful output. Thus, we maintain a healthy relationship with our clients which makes our clients hold our hands every time.

What are the current trends of molecular communication PhD? 

  • Internet of Bio-Nano Things
    • It is the advanced technology of existing communication technology
    • Primarily, it uses smart devices like wearable sensors to incorporate with bio-nano machines
    • Further, it is mainly used for inspecting biochemical signals using tiny on-chips
    • Overall, it connects the chips with Bio-Nano Machines through the internet
    • So, it is called as Internet of Bio-Nano Things or Internet of Nano Things
  • Sensing of Biomolecules
    • In the internal human-body environment, particular group of molecules work as biomarkers to monitor specific human states and disease
    • Mainly, it collects information of molecules spatial distribution for deep diagnosis investigation
    • Here, bio-nano machines sense the environment and capture the essential information for establishing molecular communication
    • At last, it transfers the captured information to external devices for further treatment of disease
  • Regeneration of Tissue 
    • Majorly, it uses producing growth factor of molecules through biological cells for tissue development
    • Then, it transfers the growth factor to receiver-side targeted cells to bind them to cell surface
    • Here, the growth factor type of molecules helps to create the structure of tissue utilizing target cell dissimilarities, proliferation, modulated migration, etc.
    • After that, it uses living human body cells for building tissue structure
    • Further, it uses molecules to interact with tissue-forming cells to support tissue structure construction

Further, we have given you some demanding molecular communication networks. All these networks are based on the development of real-time applications. In the following hybrid and supportive networks, we have developed an infinite number of molecular communication PhD projects. So, we have more than enough knowledge in guiding you on the right path of real-world research. Beyond this list, we also help you with other emerging applications/services. Also, we support you in developing your research ideas.

Molecular Communication PhD Research Guidance

Current Molecular Communication Networks 

  • Internet of Bio-Nano Things 
  • Nano-sensor for Intra Body Communication 
  • Bio-Nano Machine in Mobile Networks
  • Body Area Network with Nano Technology
  • And much more

Last but not least, now we can see a few important research areas that have a wide range of novel research molecular communication ideas. Also, these areas are considered current research directions of molecular communication. If you are interested in some other research areas and looking for the best research project topics and development support, then create a bond with us. We are here to give your requested services on your interested research areas of molecular communication. By the by, we also make you understand up-to-date research trends in your interested areas. 

What are key study areas in molecular communication? 

  • Advanced Localization Techniques
  • Forecast Responsive Hindrance 
  • ISI Mitigation and Demodulation 
  • Graph Theory Design and Cluster Formation
  • Power Adjustment and Consumption Evaluation
  • Channel Coding, Aggregation, and Allocation 
  • Interference Minimization Strategies for Co-channel Design
  • Channel Designing and Characterization
  • Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Communication 

Overall, we provide comprehensive PhD /MS study services as research, code execution, manuscript writing (proposal, literature study, paper, and thesis/dissertation), and paper publication. We assure you that choose only reputed research journals like Springer, IEEE, emerald, ScienceDirect, etc. As well, we give deep assistance in all our providing services to make you successful in your research profession. We guarantee you that we will be with you till you achieve your research ambition.

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