Fingerprint recognition (FR) is a technique of verifying the identity of a particular person by  two different fingerprints. MS thesis in Fingerprint Recognition helps to develop an entire area of fingerprint authentication by obtaining and matching trivia. Fingerprint recognition is a pattern recognition field that captures inter-class variability like Skin Warping, Noise and Distortion in Image Acqusition.

What is Biometric Fingerprint Identification System?                            

Fingerprint is unique for every individual. Fingerprints are very popular as biometrics measurements because it is too arduous to theft. It is largely used biometric measure for identification on automated devices comparing to other biometrics. In fingerprints, there are three types of layouts presented. They are the Arch, the Loop, and the Whorl.

  • Arch – Pattern of lines that slope upward at one side and ends in another side of the finger, and it’s like a curve or small hill.
  • Loop – Most ordinary pattern that originates from one side then it around a curve and ends on the same side where it starts.
  • Whorl – Pattern that forms a spiral-like structure at a mid spot of the finger.

What are Minutiae in Fingerprints?                                                         

Minutiae mean to precise plot point which consists of deep information about fingerprint. In FR, those details are a vital one. And it has three major features such as,

  • The Ridge Ending – the ridges pattern ending point.
  • The Bifurcation – the point where the ridge divided into two patterns.
  • The Dot or Short Ridge – a ridge that length is too smaller than the other two ridges.


  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Octantal Nearest Neighborhood Structure
  • Residual CNN (Slim-ResCNN)
  • Logistic Regression
  • PoreNet and AlexNet

With these important features and ideas in fingerprint recognition, MS thesis in Fingerprint Recognition has expressed many methods and software which helps to infrastructure a minutia extractor and matcher in FR.

Tools for Fingerprint Recognition


  • Free, open-source software.
  • Identifies and matches the individual fingerprint and displays his/her exact ID in FR.
  • Helps to register new fingerprint in the database.
  • Picks two dissimilar fingerprints and it takes out detailed characteristics that store the database. Supports any number of images for training, testing and validation.

FingerPrint (Python)

  • Python-based tool for FR supports more libraries for optimum detection.
  • In FR, it helps to study the random lists of records and stored its unique features in Swirl format.
  • Assist with swirl and the provided software it does organize the tracked software with the help of Rocks cluster.
  • Mass tracking capacity that uses to opens collective files.


  • Library to execute Fingerprint detection projects.
  • Catches the picture in fingerprint base and then uses its algorithms in updated data in FR.
  • Supports various feature descriptors as ORB, SIFT, SURF, etc.


  • Image processing software
  • Scan and examine the images above 100 chief file set-ups with TIFF, BMP, PNG and JPEG.
  • Features supported – image sorting, corner identification, blurring, sectioning, figure testing, and image detection.

These are the primary software, which plays a vital role in FR. As a result, the MS thesis in Fingerprint Recognition has a specialist who implements fingerprint algorithms in real-time, for further progress in terms of competence and exactness for improving image perfection techniques.


Consequently, we move on to the general topic, thesis writing. The thesis writing is not only getting knowledge within you but also it gives knowledge to others by answering some questions. Those questions show the efforts you faced at researching period. And, in our way of thesis writing, we must give answers to those questions. Those high-priority questions are,

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  • How many practical or theoretical analysis found?
  • What are the upcoming works preferred in your thesis?

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