Open daylight or ODL is an open platform that used in customization and automation of software defined network projects. It is also used in monitoring network devices and centralized control.

  • Adapting to the needs of applications deployed is the aim of software defined networks
  • It should not allow for constraints over the content posed due to the network limitations
  • Opendaylight provides for virtualized network functions, flexibility for entire network functioning and implementation of Hadoop (requires agile)

This article is an overview on opendaylight projects especially in software defined networking.

Before getting deep into this aspect let us understand the common SDN use cases.

  • Orchestration, managing and monitoring the network in a centralized approach
  • Traffic engineering and proactive management of networks
  • Service function chaining for chaining channel packets via various virtual machines
  • The network architectural concept called network functions virtualization is provided by service function chaining which is useful in connecting, chaining together and building blocks for creating communication services

Therefore opendaylight is considered to be one of the best frameworks for SDN project control are SDN controller. Network of virtual hosts and switches can be managed using this tool. Virtual SDN networks based on opendaylight are created using mininet network simulation in many cases. Now let us have an overview on SDN controllers


SDN controller can be commonly called as the brain of SDN networks as it is the central point of control. It provides for the following

  • Intelligent network deployment
  • Managing business logic and application through network bound API
  • SDN controller domain federations are commonly used today
  • Open virtual switch database and openflow interfaces are also used
  • Pluggable modules are used by various SDN controller
Implementing opendaylight projects

In this regard opendaylight is one of the best SDN controllers preferred by researchers. Now let us define opendaylight

What is Opendaylight?

Opendaylight controller uses open northbound APIs as used by various kinds of applications. Controllers are used in these applications for the following purposes

  • Collecting network data
  • Conducting analysis by running various algorithms
  • Establishing new regulations in the network

As we have delivered many successful projects using opendaylight we are highly skilled and qualified to help you do the successful opendaylight projects. Now we will give you the reasons for choosing opendaylight simulation.

Why OpenDayLight?

  • It is a well-known and true SDN platform
  • The approaches open and standard based
  • Physical fabrics are easily managed
  • Cloud computing and networking are enhanced
  • SDN for NFVI are also established
  • It can be executed in software with its own Java virtual Machine (and in all platforms supported by Java)
  • Maven (automation), Java interfaces (specifications and formation of patterns along with event listening), OSGIs (JAR file packaging and dynamic bundle loading), Rest APIs (management of topology, tracking host, static routing and flow programming)

So for these reasons stated above opendaylight is chosen actively by researchers. For practical explanation regarding any aspect of the platform you shall reach out to us. Now let us understand the major goal of opendaylight.

OpenDayLight Goal

Decoupling the application API from the protocol plug-in (Southbound) in PCEP, OVSDB, Openflow, BGP, NETCONF and SNMP. This is the major aim of opendaylight.

How to achieve the Goal?

Service abstraction layer called SAL are used in abstraction layer to achieve the goal stated above. You can interact with our technical research experts regarding the detailed steps involved in achieving these goals. Now let us look into the recent trends in opendaylight

What are the current trends in OpenDayLight?

The following are the major trends involved in recent day opendaylight projects

  • Dynamically altering the control policies by changing the traffic control policies based on the results of analysis automatically
  • Optimization of resources in management of cloud resources; considering optimization use cases in smart device applications and SDN controllers (Intelligent)
  • Awareness about network status based on the network information about time series
  • Routing optimization and traffic control (Congestion Control and Predicting Traffic Pattern)
  • Decision making about changing the traffic control policy on the basis of machine learning concepts and advanced analytics
  • Detecting the anomalies in security system like mitigation of DDoS attacks, self healing and troubleshooting mechanism

Both in general and in specific aspects of the entire topic mentioned above we are providing project support. Talk to over technical support team at any time regarding any queries in your network security opendaylight project ideas.

What are the functions of OpenDayLight?

  • Management of switch and router flow control
  • Device investigation in a network
  • Understanding the device capacities
  • Collecting network statistics data
  • Advancements by extending towards various functions like routing algorithm and performance analysis, new network rules orchestration and so on
  • Load balancing installation of static and dynamic flow along with simple forwarding techniques
  • It provides support for multiple protocols which includes SNMP, LISP, PCEP, OVSDB, BGP and NETCONF
Research Innovative Opendaylight projects

For a more detailed explanation on this functioning connect with our engineers. As they are involved in the field for many years they are capable of solving all the networking problems instantly. Now let us understand the different applications of opendaylight

OpenDayLight Use Cases

The following are the important use cases of opendaylight platform

  • Integration with software defined networks by aggregating the control of different is DNS with centralized control and global networks
  • Visualization of network functions bye converging PNFs and VNF networking control chaining service function and unified orchestration approach for or managing lifecycle, installing and assurance services
  • SDN can also be involved as a coding approach by bringing in agility and DevOps for the management of networks. It also provides for inclusion of networking into the CD and CI pipeline
  • Discovery of topology over various physical and virtual domains
  • Providing automation of networks with overlay and underlay correlation by assuring services, troubleshooting, diagnosis, monitoring and analysis
  • Providing proper isolation and security features bye forwarding and controlling planes, decoupling and supportive to TLS, AAA and SSH
  • High availability, scalability, clustering and persistence of information
  • Enforcing enhance the policy mechanism at the levels of groups, applications and services
  • Centralized control and logical programming of virtual and physical devices
  • Network device control mechanism using open and standard protocols
  • Advanced abstraction of network capacities eloping the creation of novel and customized application, administration and network setup

For all use cases and other advanced applications involving opendaylight, we are here to support you. We insist upon building the best foundation knowledge regarding the field experiences which include both better performances and limitations of the research topic. This would give you motivation to carry out your research efficiently. In this regard let us now understand the technologies involved in open daylight

What are the Technologies behind OpenDayLight?

  • Programming and modeling language – Java and Yang respectively
  • Maven building systems
  • OSGi powered Karaf platform for hot deployment, dynamic configuration, remote connections and loading module
  • Container of blueprint for analyzing the dependency of injection over OSGi framework bundles

Technically our developers will give you practical demonstrations, explanations and implications of these technologies involved in open daylight. We are one of the few reputed research guidance facility in the world especially due to the dedicated efforts of our experts in keeping themselves updated. Now let us see how mininet is involved in SDN opendaylight projects


Mininet provides for building various kinds of topologies suitable for SDN projects. It consists of two virtual switches and hosts for supporting openflow. Opendaylight is the best remote SDN controller. Consider the following mininet commands used for different purposes.

  • The following are the protocols used in creating Network and adding controllers
    • $ sudo mn — topo linear, 2
    • — Mac — controller = remote
    • ip =
    • port = 6633
    • –switch ovs
    • Protocols=OpenFlow10
  • For adding host you can use h1 h2
  • For addition of switches – s1 s2
  • In order to add links – (h1, s1) (h2, s2) (s2, s1)
  • You can configure the host by – h1 h2
  • Controller can be started -c0
  • For the purpose of starting two switches – s1 s2 …
  • Starting CLI – mininet>

You can also install open daylight in one virtual machine and then make connections to the Mininet Network Emulator which is running on a different virtual machine. We will provide you all the practical demonstrations on the different open daylight features and help you understand the ways of capturing open flow messages that are exchanged among immolated switches and controllers.

Even though different northbound compatible applications and features are present in open daylight there are many other alternative to it like SDN architecture, RYU, FloodLight, NOX and so on

SDN Project Ideas Using OpenDayLight

The following are the major and trending project ideas in opendaylight.

  • Networking processes like controlling, monitoring, managing the network security and privacy aspects
  • Virtualized network functions like system for detecting intrusion, load balancers and firewalls along with other network visualization techniques
  • Methods for detecting and mitigating threats; policies for specifying and managing security features via NFV and SDN
  • Deployment of network for various applications like Internet of Things, Content Distribution Networks, Home And Enterprises, Wireless Cellular Networks and so on

Currently we are rendering research support on all these latest opendaylight project ideas. Connect with our experts’ team at any time regarding the guidance for your research project.

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