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Lift up your paper quality with you get personalized editing service and you can be 100% satisfied with our service. Here we check out for overuse of passive voice, if there is any inflated language and irregularities. Basically, the process of editing the journal papers is considered as challenging work which assures that the project is consistent, explicit and with effective educational standards. While we are editing your paper we assure that the research ideas are clearly depicted. The following is an extensive procedure that we implement to edit the journal papers:

  1. Understand the Journal’s Requirements
  • Style & Format: By incorporating the reference format, structure and all unique aspects, we make ourselves proficient with the format directions and layout needs of the journal.
  1. First Read-Through
  • Overall Structure & Content: To interpret its entire concept continuity, sequence and debating layout, we read the paper thoroughly.
  1. Macro-Editing (Structural Editing)
  • Check the Structure: Confirm that every phase like introduction, literature survey, methods, solutions, conversations and conclusion supports its objective and is presented in a high-structured manner.
  • Logical Flow: Assure that analytical flow with every passage and phase appropriately transforms to the next one which is adhered to by the paper.
  • Argument Strength: Validate the clearness and effectiveness of the debates and thesis statement. With the suitable proof check the specifications are assisted well.
  1. Micro-Editing (Copy Editing)
  • Language & Clarity: For educational spectators, we make sure that the language is brief, exact and applicable. Aim at the grammar, vocabulary and structure of the phrase.
  • Consistency: Across the paper, ensure the continuity in employed theories, points and descriptions.
  • Eliminate Redundancies: We remove the repeated phrases and unwanted terms.
  1. Technical Details
  • Figures & Tables: Assure that all the tables and diagrams are accurately represented, explicit and cited in the content.
  • Mathematical Equations: Verify the structuring and correctness of the mathematical derivations when necessary.
  1. References & Citations
  • Citation Check: Make sure that the references follow the citation format of the journal. Confirm that all references are full and precise.
  • Reference List: To verify the coherency and thoroughness, we compare the citation list with in-text references.
  1. Style & Tone
  • Academic Tone: For an educational distribution, check whether the style is official, focused and appropriate.
  • Avoid Jargon: We neglect extremely difficult language which makes the reader unclear about the paper and if required, employ technical statements.
  1. Conformity with Journal Standards
  • Adherence to Guidelines: In terms of certain regulations and necessities we verify twice that the paper meets the criteria.
  1. Feedback Integration
  • Reviewer Comments: Implement all the feedback and recommendations which is gained from the reviewers when we edit after the peer-review process.
  1. Final Proofreading
  • Spelling & Grammar: To capture all grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, we do proofreading at last.
  • Formatting: According to the journal guidelines, we confirm that the headings, margins, spacing which are involved in the whole report are aligned.
  1. Seek External Help if Needed
  • Professional Editing Services: Generally when English is not our first language we determine utilizing experienced editing services for language editing if there is a need.
  • Peer Feedback: For extra viewpoints or approaches, receive reviews from supervisors and team members.
  1. Final Review
  • Author Review: Particularly when making important alterations, we give back the paper to the author for the last review, while we are editing other’s papers.
  1. Prepare for Submission
  • Submission Guidelines: Based on the journal’s submission directions, we check that the paper is created and organized.

How can I effectively edit and revise my manuscript?

       In academic works, editing and revising the tasks plays a vital role. There are few steps to be followed to edit and revise your manuscripts effectively. Below, we provide some ideas and methods which assist you in this process:

  1. Take a break
  • Distance Yourself: Take an interval from the work, once your writing is completed. By this you can get a relaxed viewpoint when you are back to work.
  1. Initial Read-Through
  • Read for Overall Structure & Flow: To evaluate the entire format, sequence, and consistency of your debate, you should begin with reading the manuscript thoroughly.
  1. Macro-Editing (Structural Revision)
  • Arrangement & Structure: Confirm that every phase such as introduction, literature survey, methods, solutions, explanations and conclusion are dedicated to the whole objective efficiently.
  • Logical Flow: Verify that every passage and phase conversions are correctly aligned with the next one. Ensure the analytical progression of strategies.
  • Thesis Consistency: Check that your major study query or thesis statement is described properly and served coherently across the process.
  1. Micro-Editing (Copy Editing)
  • Clarity & Language: Make sure that your writing is brief, accurate and explicit. Aim at the grammar, format of phrase and word options.
  • Consistency: For verifying the consistency, assure the utilized spellings, structuring and terms.
  • Eliminate Jargon: By reducing the idiom and discussing the required technical points with clarity, create your manuscript reachable.
  1. Technical Details
  • Tables & Figures: You need to check that all diagrams and tables are illustrated, precise and cited explicitly in the text.
  • Citations & References: Make sure that the citations stick to the needed referencing format. For clarity and entirety, ensure all of them.
  1. Seek Feedback
  • Peer Review: To find the unnoticed domains and get beneficial knowledge, you have to receive comments from the supervisors, teammates and other educators on the process.
  1. Address Specific Elements
  • Introduction & Conclusion: The introduction phase must prepare the initial stage for your manuscript and the conclusion should paraphrase the main results and their significance shortly.
  • Argument Strength: Assure that the arguments are highly-aided with proof and observations to enhance your controversies.
  1. Style & Tone
  • Academic Tone: For your domain, keep an official, educational style which is suitable.
  • Active vs. Passive Voice: Get clearness by giving priority to active voice in manuscript.
  1. Proofreading
  • Grammar & Spelling: To detect grammar mistakes, faults and punctuation errors, you must proofread the manuscript cautiously.
  • Formatting: The structure of your manuscript consists of footnotes, headings, page numbers and entire format and all of these must be verified twice.
  1. Revision Iterations
  • Multiple Revisions: Every level of revision must aim at various sectors like content, language and layout. So, be ready to undergo many iterative levels.
  1. Address Reviewer Comments (if suitable)
  • Respond to Feedback: Tackle all feedback and recommendations given by the reviewers, when revising next to the peer review process. Highlight in what way you applied their comments properly.
  1. Professional Editing Services (optional)
  • External Editing: Think about incorporating skilled editing services specifically when English is not your native language. This is only for extra assistance.
  1. Final Review
  • Overall Assessment: To make sure that your manuscript demonstrates a consistent, high-debatable, effectively written research, review it, once you finish the revisions.
  1. Formatting for Submission
  • Submission Guidelines: Confirm that your manuscript follows the intended publisher’s or journal’s styling and submission regulations.
Paper Editing Assistance

Research Paper Editing Guidance

Editors at have more than 19+ years of experience at research and development. We have successfully edited more than 8000+ papers we look forward for spelling error, grammatical mistakes, if the research key word is mentioned correctly. Step by step guide will be given, various time we edit you paper and check in high end software tool for checking its clarification. Some of the trending topics that we have carried on perfect editing service are shared below.

  1. Deployment of electric vehicles in an adaptive protection technique for riding through cyber attack threats in microgrids
  2. Optimal Reliable Electrical Vehicles Charging Stations Applying Grey Wolf Technique
  3. The Impact of Charging Battery Electric Vehicles on the Load Profile in the Presence of Renewable Energy
  4. Real time power optimization control of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle based on fuzzy control
  5. A study of battery power for a different electric vehicle propulsion system
  6. A low cost energy usage recording and billing system for electric vehicle
  7. Analysis and comparison of voltage dependent charging strategies for single-phase electric vehicles in an unbalanced Danish distribution grid
  8. Design of Transformerless Electric Vehicle Charger with Symmetric AC and DC Interfaces
  9. Sliding Mode Design Control Applied to the Battery Electric Vehicle Ultra-Fast Charger Using a Vienna Rectifier
  10. Applicability of Electric Vehicle LV Auxiliary Battery for Emergency Use
  11. Simulating a Charging Station for Electric Vehicles (EV) Based on the Concept of the Markov Chain to Analyze the System Performance
  12. The slip ratio fault-tolerant control of electric vehicles based on sliding mode control
  13. SCA Based Load Frequency Control Incorporating Electric Vehicle Using Cascaded Controller
  14. A novel configuration of regenerative braking system to improve the energy efficiency of an electric vehicle with Dual­Stator Dual-Rotor BLDC motor
  15. Research on Novel Concept of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Removable Engine-Generator
  16. Performance Comparison of Two Structures of Electric Vehicle Permanent Magnet Machines
  17. Evaluation of the charging effects of electric vehicles on power systems, taking into account optimal charging scenarios
  18. EMC and EMF safety issues in wireless charging system for an electric vehicle (EV)
  19. Operation Area Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Under Active Grid Support Condition Considering Battery Peak Power
  20. A Non-Cooperative Game Based Charging Power Dispatch in Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Charging Effect Analysis

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