PhD Projects in Wireless Communication

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‘For years, smart devices are coming into being.’ We need to adapt to the recent wireless trends such as LTE5G/6G, and beyond. We have also helped out 3+ lakh of PhD pupils through our prime project work. Our R&D team is at work in 6G, which will also give excellent results for the near future.

Implementing PhD Projects in Wireless Communication Engineering


  • AI empowered Edge-Cloud
  • Computation Offloading
  • Caching and also in Storage
  • Deep Reinforcement for also in Edge Intelligence
  • Resource Scheduling and also Orchestration
  • Resource Optimization
  • Big Data and also Learning Fusion
  • Network Traffic Prediction and also Control
  • Service Discovery and also in Mobility
  • Greenness Performance Tradeoff
  • Blockchain Technology for Security
  • Highlighting Potentials of Use Cases and also Applications

To survive with this, PhD projects in wireless communication has enlisted significant research domains here,

Wireless networking
  • New radio access technologies
    • C-RAN
    • F-RAN
    • Also in SD-RAN
  • Hybrid wireless in technologies
  • Antenna propagation and also signal processing
  • Green wireless networking also in technologies
Internet of things
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Massive data acquisition and also transmission
  • HeteNet communication also for IoT
  • IPv6, 6LoWPAN, RPL, and also in 6TiSCH, W3C for IoT
Role of computational intelligence
  • Artificial neural network
  • Fuzzy control theory
  • ML and also DL techniques
  • Swarm and also in evolutionary computation
  • NS-2.35 and NS-3.39
  • OMNeT++ 5.5.1
  • GNU3 2.2.0
  • Opnet 18.8.0
  • JSim 2.18
  • QualNet 9.0
  • NetSim v12
  • REAL 5.0

In other words, we have done many projects that got a good score for most of the pupils. We will also act as a PhD projects in wireless communication medium amid you and your PhD work. It will be hard for a rookie to do a project all of a sudden in this area. Owing to the many standards, antenna designs, and signal treating methods.

ROUTING PROCESS followed in your PhD projects in wireless communication
Path Establishment – Make use of optimal routing protocol
  • Proactive
  • Reactive
  • Also Hybrid
Network Structure – Type of the network formation
  • Flat
  • Hierarchical
  • Location Based
Protocol Operation
  • Multipath
  • Query
  • Negotiation
  • QoS
  • Coherent and also Non-Coherent

When doing your report, we will give a clear wireless communication block diagram using the newest tools. The top research websites, including also IEEE, Springer, and Elsevier, are ready to post special issues on new wireless trends. Alongside, we will give a first-hand PhD projects in wireless communication definition in your thesis.

SIMULATION PARAMETERS from PhD projects in wireless communication
  • Throughput
  • Execution Time
  • Packet Loss
  • Delay
  • Energy Consumption and also in loss
  • Simulation Area and also Duration
  • Data Packet Size also in bytes/packets
  • MIMO
  • Multi-user MIMO
  • Single-user MIMO
  • Massive MIMO
  • And also in Hybrid Beamforming

We have also made so many wireless communication devices in the past years for PhD pupils. To get a project in this field, call us at your time of ease. Our experts looked on to your plea and got set to help you.

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As a wireless communication conclusion, following new project ideas are prepared by our team for you,

An effective mechanism for Subdividing One Channel of 5GHz Wireless LAN into Narrow Channels for Factory IoT

A new scheme for Foundation study on wireless big data function of Concept, mining, learning and practices

A novel mechanism for Design and Implementation of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication System with High-Speed and Full-Duplex by Blue/Green Light method

An innovative mechanism for Link Impairments used by Wireless LANs in Factory Environments

A novel technique for Generalized SDN Structure aimed at Optical Wireless Communication Networks

An inventive mechanism for Optical Wireless Communication Channel Measurements and Models

The new technique for Energy efficiency and spectrum efficiency in underlay device-to-device communications enabled in cellular wireless networks

An evolution of efficient Energy process of Virtual-MIMO Communication intended for Cluster Based on Cooperative WSN

An effective function of Beamforming in Wireless Energy Harvesting Communications Systems

Modern mechanism for Clipping Noise and Power Allocation intended for OFDM-Based on Optical Wireless Communication By Photon Detection method

A novel mechanism for Wireless Communication in Medical Devices

A new system for Radio propagation and wireless coverage of LSAA-based on 5G millimeter wave in MCSs

Innovative methods for novel hybrid architecture in industrial wireless sensor and actuator networks system

A new mechanism for Sensitive Network Architecture Algorithm based on LED Optical Wireless Communication

A new-fangled mechanism for Novel 3D nonstationary MmWave Massive MIMO Channel Models deliberate for 5G High Speed Train by Wireless Communications

An effective mechanism for Full-Duplex Relaying for Optical Wireless Scattering Communication With On-off Keying Modulation system

The novel function of Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm used for Underwater Wireless Optical Sensor Network

An innovative mechanism for Underwater Wireless Optical Communication with High Modulation Level Based Stream Cipher method

Using a novel mechanism for Quadrature 3 dB Coupler based on Full Duplex and Pattern Reconfigurable Scheme Antenna towards Design meant for 5G Wireless Communications Methods

A novel mechanism for Mathematical Modelling of Underwater Wireless Optical Channel methods

PhD Projects in Wireless Communication

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